29 Best 404 Pages on The Interwebs

best 404 pages

Fact: simple 404 pages look like they’re from the Altavista-era Internet. This leaves a scar on user’s experience with your website. Modern users want smart, witty and actually helpful ‘not found’ error pages.

Don’t be the guy who says ‘you broke something’ on his 404 page. User shouldn’t feel guilty about you or your machines not being able to find what he was looking for. More often than not, this is actually your fault – moving things around and not accounting for some pages linking to the content.

Say you’re sorry, explain why the user is here, add some links for a way out that does not involve clicking the red button with a cross in it and entertain your user in a way that will overpower any negative feeling they might have after learning that the page they’re looking for does not exist.

Without further ado – the best 404 pages on the interwebs.

10 Designers You’re Still Not Following on Dribbble (But Should)


I’m sure by now even those of you far from web design have heard about Dribbble. This treasure chest full of creative talent, where best designers from all over the world post snapshots of their current work.

We know how hard it is to find someone good to follow, especially if you’re just looking for some inspiration and don’t really know where to start. So we hand-picked these awesome creators and your fellow designers, who (it just so happens) sell their design assets on Sellfy market.

9 Tips on Creating an Effective Graphic Design Portfolio

online portfolio blog image

Potential client will probably make up his mind about hiring you within the first half-dozen items of your graphic design portfolio. Thus your first order of business is to make sure that you show your best work at the very beginning. If it is buried deep inside your portfolio, the employer will inevitably have questions about your own understanding of the work.

Read on to find out 8 more easy to implement high output tips on creating an effective online portfolio.

Creator Spotlight: Gjorgji Domazetov

Gjorgji Domazetov

This week on creator spotlight our guest is a 19-year-old graphic designer Gjorgji Domazetov from Skopje, Macedonia. He’s currently attending his final year of high school and spends most of free time working with clients, as well as attending graphic design internship. Read on to find out more about his journey.

How to make product images that capture viewer’s attention?

Product Image like a pro

Most of the people who see your designs will spend less than 5 seconds deciding whether they are interested in it or not.

You spent months brainstorming what your next design project should be, weeks making the project come to life and then the same amount of time promoting your designs. And yet it all comes down to these 5 seconds.

Why not spend a little more time and effort on making a good first impression? Especially when it’s so easy once you know where to look.