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It’s nothing better than see you recommending Sellfy to your friends and fellow creators. To encourage you even more we decided to give you a little reward for doing so.

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Introducing Sellfy Marketing

Today we proudly present Marketing section (beta) of Sellfy where you can set up promotional campaigns, discount codes, affiliate offers and other things related to marketing and promoting your products. This section helps you to manage all these activities in one place for all your products.

sellfy marketing

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Six Places Where to Sell Digital Goods

The beauty of digital sales is that all it takes is a link — a single link to cash in on sales from anywhere. And you don’t have to sell from one single place. In this article, we’ve laid out six of the most lucrative places to sell your goods.

where to sell digital goods

What follows is your no-frills, straightforward skinny on blowing through a sales clog by using all the means at your disposal. Your goal is sales. Therefore, put on your pragmatic face, and sell everywhere you possibly can.
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6 Reasons to Sell Digital Goods

When TIm Ferriss released his book Four Hour Work Week, the world became full of muses, dreams, and search queries for “private Caribbean island purchase.” The world of digital sales also began to grow. Coincidence, or positive correlation? It’s hard to tell.

Not every entrant into the digital revolution is currently tanning on a Caribbean beach holding a limonada (with obligatory toothpick umbrella). As mavens of the industry, we know that it’s not that easy. But we also like to sing the praises of this industry. Limonadas or not, there are plenty of immensely motivating reasons to move into the digital space.


Here are some of the most appealing reasons to go full-throttle selling digital stuff.

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Introducing – ‘Save to dropbox’ feature

Today we are introducing our newest feature – ‘Save to Dropbox’ button which now is placed on all product download pages – existing and coming.

The Dropbox save button is the easiest way to save files directly into your Dropbox. With just a two clicks buyer can download his purchased product into his Dropbox, making that product available on all his computers and devices as soon as the download completes.

save dropbox

The main advantages are:

  • Once downloading files are instantly available on all your devices;
  • No more interrupted downloads;
  • No need to worry about file download while using Sellfy not on your own computer;
  • Button works both on PC and mobile.

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Seller’s story: Tinsel Tokyo Magazine

Lets meet our awesome seller- Tinsel Tokyo Magazine. Digital magazine is based in Los Angeles, it connects talanted photographers, stylists and models. They use Issuu as publishing platform for magazine preview and Sellfy to sell full issues.

The Five Best-Selling Digital Items on the Internet

Today, people pay good money for something that has no smell, taste, weight, or volume — a product with no physical presence. We live and work in an era of digital downloads, which are an enduring mark of our information age. The buying and selling of such intangibles is commerce as we know it today.

Best-Selling Digital items

Entrepreneurs, business leaders, technocrats, and startups alike need to keep a pulse on this vital stream of revenue. In this article, we’ve identified the five top-selling digital items on the Internet today. This ever-expanding industry is the lifeblood of e-commerce, and it’s crucial to know how to cash in.

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PayPal Micropayments with Sellfy

Many of our customers face a problem with micropayments when trying to sell songs, comics or other low cost products. The typical problem is fixed per-transaction costs that can range from $0.25 to $0.45 but usually are $0.30. This fee is applied to every transaction/purchase and when you are selling something for $1 it’s a huge cut in your earnings.


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Sell Downloads on Tictail With Sellfy App

We are happy to announce our first 3rd party integration that will bring our service to other platforms and apps. Even more excited we are that this first partner is Tictail, a platform offering truly awesome experience for anyone who want’s to launch an online store.


They just launched their app store and Sellfy is among first apps you can get there. We will power everything related to digital goods so if you want to sell ebooks, designs, videos or music and go ahead and install Sellfy app for your store.

From other side, Sellfy users who want to build fully functional online store can use Tictail to do that and use our solution for digital product delivery. Tictail is a free-to-use e-commerce platform based in Stockholm with over 24 000 stores up and running. A small and dedicated team work on making it the easiest way of opening your online store. They offer beautiful, fully customizable design and together with super slick setup process it’s a way to go for anyone looking for e-commerce platform.

I should also mention that by installing Sellfy app you get 30-day free trial so go check it out!


Introducing Sellfy Profile Pages

Boom, Sellfy profile pages are here! Today we are announcing seller profile pages that will allow you to create a dedicated place to list all your products. As you can imagine many of our sellers have several products on sale but until now they didn’t have a place to show them all.

With the launch of product pages we are creating your personal product catalog on Sellfy and in the same time providing more information to the end customer about the awesome person/company behind each product.

Sellfy profile

Hare are the main features we release today:

Your profile page
Profile page gives ability to list all your products in dedicated page ( and increase product discovery. Your customers now can navigate to your profile page to see all products. And of course profile page is search engines friendly, so you and your products will be more visible in search results. This is just the first step in creating better shopping experience for customers so stay tuned!

Seller info
Together with profile page launch we are also adding your basic seller information to all product pages. It will increase buyer confidence and result in higher conversion rates.

Follow option
Last but not least, we have added brand new “follow” option that will help you to grow your audience. Follow option will be displayed both in your product page and profile. Later you can communicate with each follower using our email updates page.


Here is how to get started:

  1. You can create your Sellfy profile page by entering basic details in the Account settings page.
  2. After you create your profile, head over to Products section and enable your products to be shown on profile page.

Let us know if you have any feedback regarding profile pages!

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