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Introducing New Analytics Dashboard


With new improved Sellfy analytics dashboard you can keep track of all your product metrics, including views, sales and revenue in one place. Track the combined metrics of all the products in your store, our dive deep into stats for individual products. Check how well have your products performed this month or any other period since you joined Sellfy.

Get 8% of Your Blog Readers to Give Up Their Email. Here’s How. [+ Case Studies]

email list building tips

Ok, so you just started a blog on molecular gastronomy.

People love your great content filled with recipes, including your latest hit – “Chocolate-covered Strawberries Dipped in Pop Rocks”.

Your friend Jarry (his real name may be Garry) who is a seasoned blogger, suggested that you start collecting email addresses from your visitors.

That sounds like a good idea, but you have no clue where to start.

Start here.

Creator Spotlight: Hal Gatewood


Today on creator spotlight we have Hal Gatewood, a web developer from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I’m sure you’ve seen his awesome device photopacks around. Let’s ask Hal how did this idea came to him, but first..

How to Start a Blog (That People Will Actually Read)


If you’re reading these words, chances are you’re connected to the Internet (unless you’re reading this from your Pocket).

And as every human being who has roamed the realms of the Interwebs, you thought about starting a blog at some point.

Which means that you have asked one (or more) of these questions:

  1. How to start a blog?
  2. What to blog about?
  3. How to get people to read my blog?

Well, turns out there’s a good answer for every single one of these questions. Read on to find out what it is.

Ways Your Peers Lied to You About Working Remotely


You’ve been lied to, manipulated, and deceived. The iWorkRemotely revolution is not what it seems to be.

As office rent prices continue to soar globally, employers all around the world have reached a secret agreement to encourage their employees to work remotely.

What does this mean for you personally? Who can you trust in this quest for sanity? Let’s debunk the myths you’ve been told about working remotely.