Customize Your Store (Like a PRO)


With advanced store customization (available for PRO and PRO Plus users) you are in full control of your store’s looks. It doesn’t have to resemble any other store on Sellfy. You have the tools to totally change the look and feel of your shop.

You’ll be able to change the colors of all texts, buttons and backgrounds. These changes will be applied to your store page, product page, checkout and download pages. Additionally, now you can choose the layout style of your store page, number of products per page and number of product columns per page.

As before, all Sellfy users will be able to drag&drop the product cards to change the order of the products and upload store cover image. With this update, all Sellfy users (even on Basic plan) will get the ability to set store headline and add a short store description displayed on top of the cover image.

How to enable advanced customization?

The advanced store customization is available to all PRO and PRO Plus plan users. Sellfy users on other pricing plans will be able to change basic branding options, like cover image, headline and store description.

What’s next?

This is the first step in making it possible to customize your store as you see fit. Advanced customization will help you achieve consistent branding on all your marketing channels. A lot of Sellfy users have requested this functionality in the past and some of you already tried new features in action. Here are some great examples of what you can achieve with advanced customization.




P.S. Advanced store customization is currently available as part of Sellfy PRO and Sellfy PRO plans. If you value branding consistency across all channels – upgrade now.

Over to you

Have you already tried the advanced customization? What do you think about it so far? Are there any crucial settings missing? Let us know in the comments section below.

Thank you for reading!
Yuri Burchenya

Yuri is Marketing Lead at Sellfy. He's focused on growth, CRO, copywriting and inbound. You can reach Yuri on Twitter.

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  • Im into video sales. Video players need to be available on the display pages instead of static images. Also you need to have pixels availability. Like yesterday. Spotify already has it. Ive been with you guys a while and dont want to switch up but…..

    • sellfy

      Working on it next!

      • A pixel comes in the form of a ID number from Facebook Ads. I think it’s about 13 numbers long. Each customer who wants to use this feature would place the code in one place on their store like placing a Google anylitics code. The Facebook pixel takes a record of who visits your store and what specific product pages they visited. When you boost ads on Facebook you can place your ads directly in the news feed of ALL the people who visited your Sellfy store or you can target the news feed of people who were interested in a particular item and visited that product page. Now your ads can be much more granular and tailormaid to the interest of your visitors. Pixels is the evolution of the Subscribers button because you dont need visitors to opt in. You can retarget the Facebook newsfeed of your visitors for up to 180 days. This is the front line of Online promotion guys. The heavy hitter retail stores use this to make millions. Once you implement the pixel capability you can boast in your promotion. I have 3 levels of training for FB pixels the first level is free and is suffice to help you get a general understanding.

        P.S. The subscribe to our store button should not be at the bottom of the page, IT SHOULD BE AT THE TOP. I

  • Alltyn InImvu

    Невозможно редактировать вторую и далее страницу с продуктами. В режиме редактор видна только первая страница. Нет возможности найти мои ранние подписки. Я делал множество закладок (подписался). В связи с этим я не могу делать покупки((((((. Я попросту не могу их теперь найти.

    • sellfy

      Our developers will take a look what’s going on there and release a quick fix. Thanks for the feedback and sorry for inconvenience!

  • socialmedia90210

    Instead of customization that are mostly cosmetic, what you need to do are things that are really important: 1) mass upload tool such as using excel files 2) search function within dashboard 3) Images for PDF products automatically generated from pages of the file (may sites do this), etc. and most importantly, a real shopping cart where a customer can place more than one product from your “store” and buy it in a single transaction (this also creates basic marketing opportunities like upsell). I have been at the forefront of ecommerce since 1998 (when most of you were teenagers). Feel free to tap me to improve your marketplace/platform.

    • sellfy

      Hi, thanks for your feedback!
      We are working on the shopping cart right now and it will be live pretty soon. As for the rest of the features, we will take a look and see what can we do about them.

  • sellfy

    Thank you for your feedback, Alexandre! We’ll be working on improving customization tools in the future. Many people have asked for a feature that would enable sorting by category, so we’ll definitely seriously consider it, but we can’t make any promises at the moment.

    • Alexandre Boucher

      I am looking forward to using this feature in my new pro store.
      But I still have to be patient 😉

      Thanks again for everything you do for us…

  • Now I can customize my store easily. Thanks for the information.

  • D i s t r i 🏮

    I can’t use “style”