Pay What You Want: Increase Your Sales and Revenue with This New Pricing Structure

pay what you want

Sellfy is announcing something very special today. At first, it might sound like a crazy new pricing structure, that nobody in their right mind would use. Yet it really works.

Introducing Pay What You Want

pay what you want

When you first hear the words “pay what you want” you probably think that buyers can pay whatever they like. Or even not pay you at all. Yet with Sellfy pay what you want feature, you can be sure that every purchase will bring in some revenue.

Imagine that your product is priced at $5+ and has pay what you want pricing enabled. Potential buyers won’t be able to offer less than $5, yet if the product is really valuable to them, they can offer the price above that.

Why would I use pay what you want?

For two main reasons:

  1. it removes the barrier of entry. Yes, your fans in Eastern Europe might still think that $10 for an ebook is too much.
  2. it removes the upper limit of contributions. Let your fans name a fair price and see how it can transform your business.

How do I start using pay what you want?

Pay what you want is currently available on all Sellfy plans.

It’s very simple to set up for both new and old products. Just flip the switch on product edit page and enter the minimum price. This price will be shown as default suggested price buyer can enter to purchase your products.

pay what you want setup

Over to you

If you never considered using pay what you want pricing, I encourage you to try it with some of your products. Pick something that is relatively cheap or free and see how it works for you. I think the results might surprise you.

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments about pay what you want feature. If you think you know a surefire way to improve it, let us know in the comments section below.

Thank you for reading!
Yuri Burchenya

Yuri is Marketing Lead at Sellfy. He's focused on growth, CRO, copywriting and inbound. You can reach Yuri on Twitter.

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  • Lewis Dodkins

    Does it work with the embed button?

  • NimaVisual

    It would be nice to be able to add it to free products, so people can choose to -share on social media – or -pay what they want- . But right now it can’t be set for products that have a social discount.

    • We’re looking into this option. In the meantime you can choose what is more important for you. More exposure through social discounts or increased revenue with pay what you want.

  • That is a neat feature which I will be trying out shortly. I am working on adding new products, but will try it with the lower priced items I currently have. Thank you for giving us more options and opportunities to get our work into the hands of others. 🙂

    • Zane Skuja

      Hi Diane, I’m glad you like it! Good luck creating & selling!

  • Kade Markoux

    Awesome! I was really hoping you’d add this feature! Thanks a bunch!

    • Zane Skuja

      Hi Kade! Thanks for your appreciation! Good luck! 🙂

  • Never thought of that the only draw back I see is that if your minimum is what you want anyway why would someone offer more?

    • Hey Rey. It’s all about the value of your product to the buyer. The same 10$ ebook might be worth $5 to one person and $100 to another. By eliminating the ceiling for contributions you allow the people who get that extra value to name their own fair price.

  • OK, I’ll get rid of the ceiling, I just lowered everything to the bottom floor just to see if your theory is correct. I am even going to blog about it on my website and offer a product of mine in the same fashion to see what happens, I will let you know the outcome.

  • Xandercom

    Too little, too late.
    Customers can now type in random values starting from zero until the system will let them pay.
    Dumb move.
    Spent £3k moving away from you because you don’t offer the most basic of online multi vendor tools such as site-wide discount codes on all the products we upload to your system.
    No thanks.

  • Jere Krischel

    Discount codes seem to break on pay-what-you-want.

  • Сейчас попробую плати сколько хочешь.

  • Àlex

    Could you please remove the “minimum price” feature if using PayWhatYouWant? 99% of users will just pay the minimum thinking thats the actual price, rendering the actual function of “paywhatyouwant” useless.

  • master

    muy buen sitio se los recomiendo

  • Kaz Nishimura

    The new feature is marked PRO on your pricing page. Are you planning to disable it later for the Starter plan?

    I like the idea but $15/mo isn’t affordable to me since I sell my products for audiences with special interests. I’d just like to offer an option for customers to voluntarily pay more money for my products.

    • sellfy

      Hi Kaz,

      Thanks for asking!
      We are not planning to disable the Pay What You Want feature for Starter plan, so you can keep using it charge-free.

      Let us know if you’ve got more questions!