Change The Order Of Products On Your Sellfy Store Page

Sellfy Product Reorder

Great news everyone! You can now change the order your products appear in on your store page. Reordering your products is really easy. Here’s a quick guide on how to do it, step by step.

But first, here’s a quick demo of  how the product reorder feature works.

Sellfy Product Reorder Demo

Awesome, right? Here’s how you can do the same with your Sellfy store.

How To Reorder Products 

You start by logging in to your account and going to the profile page. You can do this by clicking your avatar in the upper right corner. In the dropdown menu, simply select “My Profile“. This will open up your profile page. From here, you can click the “Customize profile” button.


Clicking the “Customize profile” button will let you make changes to the information displayed on this page. Apart from changing the order of the products on your store page, you will be able to do the following:

  • Upload the cover or profile picture;
  • Change your store name;
  • Add social network accounts;
  • Add your website or blog URL.

Customize Profile Options
For those of you with hundreds of products, don’t worry – you can reorder your products too, but you may be asked to “load page 2 of your products” at some point. Once you do this, you’ll be able to move your product from page two up to first page.

What do you think about the new product reorder feature? Do you think you’ll be using this a lot? Is there anything we can improve about it? Let us know in the comments section below. 

Thank you for reading!
Yuri Burchenya

Yuri is Marketing Lead at Sellfy. He's focused on growth, CRO, copywriting and inbound. You can reach Yuri on Twitter.

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  • Julie Gaulke (pianomom66)

    I’m happy to be able to order my products now! Ideally, I would love to just have them alphabetical (I sell sheet music PDFs). It would be lovely if you could incorporate some preset options in a drop down menu such as “alphabetical, newest to oldest, oldest to newest, price low to high…” etc. I am happy to re-arrange my products, but it’s cumbersome to drag them into alphabetical order, especially when they are completely random right now, and dragging from the bottom of pg. 2 to the top of pg. 1 takes quite some time! But thank you for making progress. I love your site! 😀

    • Yuriy from Sellfy

      Hello Julie,

      Thanks for your feedback.

      It does sound like a good store page improvement. We’ll definitely consider adding such an option in the future.

  • Jason Baskins

    Thanks this was a big help, I was thinking just a couple of days ago it would be nice to arrange my newest products to the first line on first page as i’ve uploaded a few older products from my you tube channel. But yes drag and drop from page two might get a little hectic especially for those who have lots of products. I do find the product title line to be a bit short and my product name often gets cut off so therefore i have to shorten the title on some products may be adding extra spaces at least across the entire product image of 1024/768 would help, I thank you for all that you do.

    • Thanks for the feedback, Jason.

      I will pass your concerns about the product name being cut off over to our dev team.

  • Shelly Marshall

    Hi Yuri–went to google plus but could not see a way to reach you–became a follower. I have relatives from Riga. Taht said–on my “store” i have 3 products–digital downloads for peole in homeonwer associations. it’s simple and I like that but I have one serious problem that Selfy doesn’t want to address. there are the tabs on stop of the store that say “following” and “followers”. My delimna. this is not for my customers–it is a selfy insider thing where other sellers can follow and are following other stores on selfy–has nothing to do with my store. My customers ahve no idea what this is and it looks like no one likes if they click on it it comes up with blank boxes that do nothing if they click them. It makes it look like no one likes me–but I am with homeowners who want help to fight their boards–absolutely no other “store” on selfy addresses this–they don’t want to follow me and I don’t want to follw them–all my customers see is that no one is interested in me and it is hurting sles–but I like the store and sales set up EXCEPT this horrible feature. Is there a way I can use css to make the tabs white so they “dissapear”?

  • Isaac Rivera

    I love this new feature”