Sellfy update: Stripe & Paymill integration


We are happy to announce that we have finished Stripe & Paymill payment gateway integration and now you can start to accept secure credit card payments via your product pages on Sellfy.

Stripe is the most simplest way to accept payments online and allows users to accept online credit card payments without the need for a merchant account or gateway. Stripe currently works with US/Canada merchants and to start accept payments you only need a valid bank account.

Paymill is the way to go for European merchants. They are active in 32 countries and offer the same simplicity as Stripe and the account activation process it the easiest among other alternatives in Europe.

You can enable one of these payment gateways by going to payment options menu in Sellfy settings page. Just like in case of PayPal, after each purchase you will receive money instantly into your Stripe/Paymill account – it’s fast, reliable and secure!

Thank you for reading!
Maris Dagis

Founder and CEO at Sellfy.

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  • Vallee

    Hi thanks for the info!
    I do have a question …is there a shopping cart option for the product download? I hope to sell multiple products in a transaction and don’t see in in the system.

  • Hello Vallee,

    Thanks foe checking out Sellfy!

    Shopping cart option will come later in February or early March.

    • Osu

      Hi Maris,

      Thanks for setting this service up, looking forward to integrating it into a website I’m building to sell my music with a composer friend of mine.

      Do you have an ETA on the shopping cart side of things? Or is there a way I can integrate something into WordPress (the system we’ll be using)? Trying to think about the best way to offer multiple downloads in one purchase if possible.



  • I sell my music as WAV & MP3. Would be great if you could add a feature that lets customers preview a small part of the file in a low quality just so they know exactly what there getting. As right now im having to wait till peopole ask me for the track so they know what there getting…Les cash comming in haha

  • Got it Mark,

    Will see what we can do. We have video previews in our pipeline and maybe we can add and audio as well!

  • Looking for shopping cart integration so paypal doesn’t get such a big chunk of my downloads. Any ETA yet?

  • Roi

    Hi Maris,

    Just signed up with Sellfy, and am getting to grips with selling things this way… is there a way of re-arranging the icons/images/products on my profile? I don’t really like the order in which I uploaded things, and would like to alter this so it makes more sense for me and any potential buyers etc.