10 Designers You’re Still Not Following on Dribbble (But Should)

I’m sure by now even those of you far from web design have heard about Dribbble. This treasure chest full of creative talent, where best designers from all over the world post snapshots of their current work.

We know how hard it is to find someone good to follow, especially if you’re just looking for some inspiration and don’t really know where to start. So we hand-picked these awesome creators and your fellow designers, who (it just so happens) sell their design assets on Sellfy market.

1. John Cafazza

John Cafazza

John Cafazza is product/ui designer from Phoenix, Arizona. Currently he’s working at Infusionsoft as a Product Designer, where he creates beautiful and thoughtful user experiences. John is also an avid hobbyist photographer, who enjoys taking pictures with his iPhone or Nicon SLR.

2. Matija Sundalic

Matija Sundalic

Matija Sundalic is a UI/UX graphic designer from Croatia, with more than five years of experience in creating dynamic graphic designs, user interfaces and web layouts.

3. Michal Langmajer

Michal Langmajer

Michal Langmajer from Czech Republic is user interface & experience designer with a strong focus on functionality & great-looking appearance.

4. Jakob Treml

Jakob Treml

Jakob Treml is a very secretive icon designer, illustrator and graphic designer from Weiden, Germany.

5. Justas Galaburda

Justas Galaburda

Justas Galaburda is a graphic designer from Lithuania, who specially loves web design! Those are some very nice icons, good sir.

6. J ø rgen Grotdal

Jorgen Grotdal

Jørgen Grotdal is a passionate logo and typography designer. He enjoys everything related to vintage, typography as well as a good looking piece of wood. You can read our interview with Jørgen, where he explains this and more peculiar details about his path towards designing logotypes and typography.

7. Nick Botner

Nick Botner

Nick Botner is a photographer, illustrator, UX/UI designer and lover of all aquatic life. He’s also a visual designer for Google.

8. Vincent Le Moign

Vincent Le Moign

Vincent Le Moign is an interface designer, icon crafter, and an entrepreneur. He’s currently busy creating several design-oriented web tools in Thailand.

9. Patrick M.

Patrick M

Patrick is a passionate icon, theme and template designer from Germany. He enjoys creating designs with high attention to detail, that manage to pleasantly surprise his clients and their customers.

10. Bogdan Rosu

Bogdan Rosu

Bogdan Rosu is a graphic designer, illustrator and icon maker from Germany, who makes things for both web and print. He also produces music and mixes, but that’s a whole different story.

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