5 Exciting Beauty YouTube Video Ideas That Can Earn You Money

You’ve heard about different beauty vloggers making money on YouTube. You’ve might even considered running ads on your videos. But you don’t want to overwhelm your viewers with ads and you’ve heard that AdSense pays little to nothing if you’re low on subscribers. I have good news for you. There’s a way you can earn … Read more

Skyrocket Your Income by Selling Subscriptions!

Digital products tend to have a much higher margin than physical ones. We know it, you know it. But, what if we told you your digital product sales income can be grown substantially even more? That’s where subscription sales come in! Why should I sell subscriptions? Selling subscription-based products present you with the following opportunities: … Read more

Helping your customers is now as easy as chatting with your friends: introducing Facebook Live Chat

What could be cooler than taking care of your customer inquiries from within the service you already use daily (we guess) anyway? Our new addition to the integrations family: the Facebook Live Chat now lets you engage with your customers in a straightforward and natural manner. It’s just like talking to your friends. How will … Read more

Privacy policy update and tools for GDPR

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the new set of guidelines for handling personal data of European Union (EU) citizens that comes into effect on May 25, 2018. The upcoming changes impact companies based in the EU, or those processing the personal data of EU citizens. This new legislation is about improving data safety, greater … Read more

Automate your marketing workflow with Zapier

You might recall we launched the so-called private beta version of Zapier integration back in September and introduced it in this article. You might ask, what has changed now. Well, this time we are making the integration more accessible and user-friendly by offering ready-made templates or zaps. Just to refresh your memory, Zapier is an … Read more

Sell More With Upselling and Cross-selling

Increase your store’s average purchase amount this holiday season with the new Upsell feature. Offer related products with a discount and earn more from your buyers. Right in time for your Christmas promotions. What is Upsell? With the Upsell feature, you can offer an additional (discounted) product to the buyer as soon as they add … Read more