Brilliant product ideas

15 brilliant physical products you can sell

With the new physical product feature, Sellfy aims to make your solo enterprise booming with increased sales and revenue. Perfect for sellers operating on both micro and macro scale, the platform provides a unique ecosystem for the creatives of the most different caliber. Merch items, one-off novelties, knit-work, or even a new record pressed on … Read more

How to sell on Instagram with PayPal

Millions of people scroll through beautiful photos on Instagram everyday. They see dozens and dozens of products they want to buy, courses they are inspired to take, and services they need to invest in presented in an enticing way that makes it nearly impossible to resist. Instagram could be perfect for selling. There’s only one … Read more

How to set up an online store with PayPal

Today I’m going to show you how to create a PayPal-enabled online store. Why PayPal? First, it’s one of the most popular online payment providers in the world. PayPal has over 254 million active users worldwide and it’s used by millions of merchants of all sizes all over the world. A well-known and familiar payment … Read more

12 best shopping carts for WordPress in 2021

If you want to turn your WordPress site into an eCommerce site, then you probably know that WordPress alone isn’t enough. But don’t fret! With the right software, WordPress can become a professional-looking storefront. To get there, you’ll want a shopping cart. This type of software and its themes define how the storefront looks, what … Read more