How to Create Lightroom Presets That Sell Like Hotcakes

What comes to your mind when you think of the profession “photographer”? Let me guess. Trendy photoshoots, fancy equipment, exciting travels and beautiful images to show to the world? Certainly not the endless nightly hours spent on raw footage editing. In truth, a big part (maybe the biggest!) of a photographer’s job consists of these … Read more

How Photographers Can Earn More With Social Media

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Write the Perfect YouTube Description (Templates & Examples)

YouTube descriptions are not mandatory. Many YouTubers actually leave them blank. That said, there’s an incredible power in them. Use them correctly and you will increase your video views, get more followers and make way more money (if you monetize your channel.) Today I’ll briefly describe some core principles that you should keep in mind … Read more

How Many Subscribers Do You Need to Make Money on YouTube in 2018?

There are plenty of people without millions of subscribers that do good numbers on YouTube. Which makes many of us wonder how many subscribers do you really need to start earning an income. In this post you’ll learn about YouTube’s partner program and their requirements and other means of monetisation that are far more lucrative. … Read more