The complete guide to outsourcing for digital creators [+ 68 things you can delegate]

Look, I know: Managing your online business is not at all a piece of cake. Especially, if it’s your side business. And it’s your first time. And you’re a one-person-team. Been there, done that. And found a way to stay sane, find time for myself and not file for divorce. The secret? Outsourcing. Outsourcing definition: … Read more

How To Get 1,026,826 Views – and 75,001+ Email Subscribers – From Your Next Product (Case Study)

Important message: Social discounts are no longer available on Sellfy. We recommend using pay-what-you-want pricing instead. Here’s why. Today I’m going to show you how one designer used Social Discounts Technique to attract 1,026,826 visitors to his store. That’s 8,557 unique visitors a day. Every day. For 4 months. Oh, and he accomplished it despite: … Read more

Introducing New Analytics Dashboard

With new improved Sellfy analytics dashboard you can keep track of all your product metrics, including views, sales and revenue in one place. Track the combined metrics of all the products in your store, our dive deep into stats for individual products. Check how well have your products performed this month or any other period since you … Read more

Introducing Sellfy Market

I’m very excited to announce our next step towards helping self-publishers to make a living doing what they love. Today we are launching Sellfy Market! A place where we feature best creators on Sellfy and people discover great content that matches their interests. Sellfy has grown to a community of 175,000 self-publishers, authors, musicians and digital … Read more

Creator Spotlight: Jucke & Olly from Hand-Drawn Goods

Super pumped to have Jucke and Olly from Hand-Drawn Goods with us this week! We’ll discuss their super popular Jolly icons set, their source of inspiration, promoting digital products, and why kids love their stuff. Who built Hand-Drawn Goods and why? Hand-Drawn Goods was created by Olly and Jucke, the team members of Hatchers. Few years ago we started … Read more