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Yuri Burchenya
Yuri is a Content Crafter at Sellfy. He's focused on inbound marketing, copywriting, CRO and growth.

Morning Routine For Feeling Great And Supercharging Productivity

It doesn’t matter if you’re a morning person or not,** a well-crafted morning routine can improve anyone’s life**. Don’t be like most people, who hit snooze half a dozen times before rolling out of bed and going about their day

Can I Use Images From Google?

When searching for images in Google, you’ll often be tempted to use the first beautiful picture you can find. It’s a good idea to stop and think for a second: “But can I use images from Google? Is it legal?”

Get Your First Paying Customer Today

You don’t need to be popular, have a big audience or be an expert to sell your products. All you need is a product (some) people want and a relentless attitude towards figuring out how to clone these people fast

These Tools Will Promote Your Products While You Sleep

When you first launched your product, you probably noticed that a lot of the time is spent out in the field making 1:1 connections with your audience. Once you start to grow, it’s harder to maintain these 1:1 relationships with

Best Practices for Email Subject Lines

What is the most important part of sending any email? I’ve been doing this exercise of noticing which parts of the email I am paying attention to. So far the pattern is pretty clear. Here are the top five things

These IFTTT Recipes Will Help You Save Time And Automate (Almost) Everything

I think you’ll agree with me when I say that every content creator wishes he had a small army of virtual assistants. To help with research, marketing, customer support and social media tasks. Luckily, modern tools can help you scale

Creator’s Guide to Google Alerts

Google Alerts is truly one of Google’s well hidden treasures. It’s a really powerful tool not only for staying up to date on news from far away or following a trending story. It can be also used for anything from

Formula For A Highly Successful Product Launch

Let’s start with the basics: Launch for your audience. Search for a product that will fit your audience needs and wants. I’m sure you noticed how this contrasts with the usual approach – searching for an audience for your product. Understanding

Facebook Store: 6 Actionable Setup And Promotion Tips

Over 1 billion people visit Facebook every single day. If you’re selling digital goods online and still haven’t created a Facebook store – you’re missing out on a ton of action. #1. How to Sell on Facebook? Set up a

9 Actionable Tips To Write A Better Sales Letter

Nobody cares about you, they care about themselves. If there’ll be only one thing you remember from this article, remember that. Always think about it when you write your sales texts. Don’t write how many hours you spent making your product.

Analytics Twitter: 5 Quick & Easy Wins

For the past 8 years Twitter had us communicating in the dark. No way to see how many people saw your tweet. No way to see how many people engaged with it. No more. Twitter has finally** released the analytics dashboard** to the