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Yuri is a Content Crafter at Sellfy. He's focused on inbound marketing, copywriting, CRO and growth.

How to Sell Digital Products Without a Large Following

You are locked in a basement with nothing but your tools of trade. Forget about bathroom, hunger and all other distractions that may come your way. You spend there enough time to produce the best product you are capable of
How to Start to Write an eBook and Actually Finish it in 30 Days

How to Start to Write an eBook and Actually Finish it in 30 Days

Here’s the brutal truth about writing an eBook: There are WAY too many authors today who believe that writing what they think their audience cares about is enough. If only it were that easy… If you’re serious about attracting an

Seven Places Where to Sell Digital Goods

The beauty of digital sales is that all it takes is a link — a single link to cash in on sales from anywhere. And you don’t have to sell from one single place. In this article, we’ve laid out

6 Reasons to Sell Digital Goods

When TIm Ferriss released his book Four Hour Work Week, the world became full of muses, dreams, and search queries for “private Caribbean island purchase.” The world of digital sales also began to grow. Coincidence, or positive correlation? It’s hard
The Five Best-Selling Digital Items on the Internet

The Five Best-Selling Digital Items on the Internet

Today, people pay good money for something that has no smell, taste, weight, or volume — a product with no physical presence. We live and work in an era of digital downloads, which are an enduring mark of our information

6 Tips to Stand Out With Social Media

An active social media presence with diversified update type will engage customers and boost your sales. This idea is so well worn, that it’s quickly become the most boring marketing advice you can give. But as important as it is

Do it right: How to Write, Publish and Sell E-books

They are the easiest way to get published and the most frequently sold item on Sellfy. Its no wonder e-books are so popular! And we are right here to help you every step of the way to creating a bright

4 Reasons to Give a Product Away for Free

When we build products, whether those products are musical compilations, software plugins, workbooks or other things entirely, we do so in order to get paid. It’s incredibly rare that anyone builds a product with the sole plan of giving it

Should You Create Your Product First or Start Marketing?

When I launched my first ebook, I wrote thirty-one posts promoting it on my blog before I even started to create the product. I did most of the marketing before I had the product ready (although I did know exactly

How to Create an Editorial Calendar that Will Market Your First Product

When you’re building and marketing your first product, you have to juggle a lot of moving parts. Even setting aside getting the product ready to sell, you’ve got to think about the emails you’ve got to send out to your