Hello, be-mag.

Hello, be-mag.

As promised, here’s a list of 16 video promotion techniques that worked so well for our sellers here at Sellfy.

Tip #1

Release a series of 15-20 seconds teases on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Side note: it’s not that important to hang out in all the social networks, focus on 2-3 where you see the most traction.

Tip #2

Setup interviews with industry news sites. You’d be surprised how willing to help they are.


Tip #3

Debut the product early to certain industry professionals and tastemakers to get their initial reactions. Turn their reaction to your film into shareable quote photos.


Tip #4

Use call to actions within all your videos to encourage people to like, rate, comment and share your videos. Use Sellfy Social discounts to encourage your customers to share online.

Social Discount

Tip #5

Upload your teasers on Wistia. Use Wistia’s turnstile feature to pause your video in the middle and ask viewers to provide their email address to view the rest of it. Promise to send them something on that address, so they won’t enter some rubbish just to watch the video.


P.S. These tips are best used when you have your videos uploaded to Sellfy Market. You can learn more about why selling on Sellfy is the right choice for youhere.

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