23 best Instagram growth services and platforms in 2024

By Connie Benton read
11 Mar, 2024
23 best Instagram growth services and platforms in 2024

You’ve picked a profitable niche, you gathered post ideas and created a post schedule. The only thing you lack is people who are going to be liking the posts and converting.

If the plan for monetizing your Instagram page lacks only the number of followers, you may need an Instagram growth service. They come in all shapes and sizes, but the outcome is the same. Your social media following is growing, and you can monetize it faster.

23. Ingramer

Here are 22 companies that help you do that:

Ingramer is focused on providing services for small and medium brands, bloggers, and influencers. 

Together with automated interactions with the target audience (likes and Stories viewing), it offers services like full-fledged Scheduled Posting and Instagram Chat with CRM features and auto-messaging. It’s a web service, so you can use it from any device. 

On top of all, Ingramer offers extra tools for convenient and effective Instagram presence: Al hashtag generator and analyzer, Instagram Downloader, Profile Analyzer, Instagram Search, and anonymous Stories Viewer. 

The prices for different modules vary from $18 to $57 per month.

22. Instazood


If you want to grow your Instagram followers without paying for ads, just using the right hashtags may not be enough. Your post will show up on the hashtag search, but with millions of posts already displayed on that hashtag, it’s unlikely to be anywhere near the top. You may be on the top of a low-traffic hashtag, but since it doesn’t attract a lot of people, you won’t be getting many subscribers per month.

So what do you do? You expose your account to the people who are interested in your content. Like, follow, and view stories of your potential customers and many will look at your account and subscribe.

Doing that on your own would take up half your day. With an Instagram bot like Instazood, you can do it automatically. Set the type of people you want to be following, set the number of likes a day, and start the bot. It will do all the work for you, while you can focus on the more important tasks like creating content. Apart from that, this app lets you schedule posts and manage comments on the page.

Instazood has flexible pricing. You pay only for the features that you’re using. The bot costs $14.99 a month, so does the direct message package. Post scheduler and comment tracker cost $9.99 each.

21. Insta Captain


Insta Captain is another bot growth tool. It allows you to do every task that leads to organic growth. Find the right user profiles to follow and like, like them automatically with a bot, and schedule posts. You can do all of that for $19.99 a month. If you go for a yearly subscription, you can get 2 months for free.

The app also gives you the ability to manage more than one Instagram profile. The price is $29.99 a month for 2 profiles. If you want to manage 8 or more profiles, you’ll have to pay $99.99 a month.

You should be aware, though, that this app is still in the beta version, so you can expect to see upgrades in the future.

20. AI Grow

AI Grow Me is your typical Instagram growth bot but smarter. You have full access to all the growth tools like liking, following, and unfollowing. On top of that, the app will automatically pick the best hashtags and influencers to work with for you. This feature is powered by an AI, and the accuracy of matches will only improve over time.

This finesse comes at a price. You’ll pay $49 for a medium-priced and $99 for the top tier account. The post scheduler feature is free.

19. Head Copilot

This Instagram growth tool is also powered by machine learning. You can configure the bot to like, follow, and view stories of a certain demographic that follows a hashtag or show interest in a related topic. The AI picks up from there and will select the users that are most likely to interact with you.

The AI will also find posts with human faces on them and automatically generate a comment with emojis to increase engagement. Head Copilot leverages the opportunity of VPN service and offers proxies for the Instagram bot you run. This ensures it won’t get noticed by Instagram and will be interpreted as human behavior.

The company offers two pricing options: $59 a month for all the features save for the mass story viewing and a premium option that costs $99 a month.

18. Kenji

Working out what type of following you need may be a long process, not devoid of mistakes. If you’re not feeling like cracking the secret to finding the right people to follow and like, let Kenji do this for you.

You can show this app the Instagram profile you want to copy, and the AI will figure out what people to target on its own. Configure how many likes, follows, and story views do you want to be done a day, and you’re good to go.

You’d think this service would be expensive, but it’s actually surprisingly cheap! You can get the premium plan for only $29 a month, which is unprecedented for an Instagram growth tool that good.

17. Social Flight

The problem with bots is that they can be blocked by Instagram. You’ll have to undergo the process of recovering the profile and will be set back a couple of days. The solution Social Flight offers is to grow your profile manually.

All you have to do is to tell the company your intended audience, and Social Flight employees will find those people, like, follow, and engage them in the comments.

Sure, this would cost you more than just buying a bot. The minimum price for the services is $59 a month. If you pay $149 a month, you get access to the premium services that include a better analytics dashboard and scheduling DMs.

16. Firing Table


Firing Table offers similar features to what Social Flight does, but for cheaper. Describe your audience to the team, and Firing Table will work on getting you organic followers and show detailed reports.

For $79 a month, the team will DM every new follower. For $29 a month, Firing Table will do the regular organic growth package.

15. Social Runner

Social Runner doesn’t offer much, but what the company offers is enough to get your account promoted on Instagram. All you have to do is to communicate your audience to the employees, and they’ll take it from there.

You can narrow down the audience by location and interests. If anything goes wrong, Social Runner employees will be there to answer all your questions fast as the only plan this company offers includes 24/7 email support. The price tag is $79 a month.

14. Kicksta

Kicksta is an AI-powered Instagram growth tool. It allows you to choose the best audience with the help of AI, and automatically get exposure to the accounts you choose. It works within the Instagram guidelines, so you can be sure you won’t get banned for suspicious activity.
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The minimum price you’ll pay for Kicksta is $49 a month. If you upgrade to the premium plan that costs $99 a month, you’ll get access to premium support and advanced targeting.

13. SocialCaptain

Casey Neistat and Kylie Jenner probably won’t follow you like this ad above shows, but a lot of regular people will. Target the people who are the most likely to follow you with competitor tracking and AI optimization, and automate your actions to get maximum exposure to the chosen audience.

For $99 a month, Social Captain will provide you with a Smart Growth AI that adjusts your campaign automatically based on how effective the previous actions were. If you can handle it yourself, you’ll pay $39 a month.

12. Instamber

It seems like there’s nothing another Instagram bot can impress you with. Every bot out there can find the right users to like and follow. This one offers a feature that will make your Instagram growth so much faster.

Instamber lets you A/B test bot strategies to see which performs best. This will help you figure out the optimal strategy for organic growth in a couple of months and move forward. You’ll also get frequent insights sent to your mobile app.

Instamber offer per feature pricing. Instagram bot costs $15 per month, all the other features cost $10 per month.

11. Ninja Outreach

Liking and following user profiles that may be interested in your account is a great way to expose yourself to like-minded people. But why would you spend your time liking the followers of a profile you want to copy if you can collaborate with them?

You can connect with influencers in your niche and ask them for promotion. That’s what Ninja Outreach excels at. This platform helps you browse Instagram to find the most promising influencers and outreach to them.

Filter influencers by topic, location, niche, and reach and you’ll end up with a list of people you can contact. It’s not just their Instagram handles. You can see the engagement rate and their email to add to the automatic outreach campaign.

You can get all of that for just $49 per month if you buy a yearly subscription. A subscription for agencies costs $150 a month.

10. Jarvee

Jarvee is more than just an Instagram bot. It has all the features you’d want to see in your Instagram growth tool and offers to help you grow on any other popular social network.

For just $29 a month, you get access to 8 major social media platforms and the ability to promote up to 10 accounts at once. If you update to the premium plan that costs $69 a month, you can promote 70 accounts.

9. Mahergram

This tool has everything a beginner Instagram business needs. Mahergram lets you schedule posts and stories as well as provides an Instagram bot to auto-follow the right users and auto-like the right posts.

It may not have the precise targeting some other tools on the list have, but it’s pretty good. It’s only $49 per month, too.

8. Crowdfire

Crowdfire doesn’t have an auto-like feature, but this Instagram growth tool helps your account attract followers in another way. It’s one of the most potent content curation and posting platforms.

You can find articles to share and images to post from all across the web. Create an editorial calendar with scheduled posts and consider your content marketing taken care of. The best thing about Crowdfire is that you can do that for free. Just for $7.48, you’ll get access to some enhanced features like advanced analytics and multiple image posts. For $37.48, you’ll get hashtag suggestions and tracking mentions.

7. Iconosquare

Iconsquare is a great fit for SMM agencies. It allows you to manage multiple accounts, do research, schedule posts, and run analytics on your results. It’s not a tool that can replace your regular Instagram bot, but it will be a good addition for those entrepreneurs who need advanced analytics.

The cheapest plan would cost you €29 a month. If you need access to promoted posts analytics or more profiles, you’ll pay €59 per month.

6. Social Blade

Social Blade is a must-have Instagram growth tool in your arsenal if you’re doing influencer marketing. This platform lets you search the most popular social media platforms and find the right people to work with.

The platform is completely free. If you want to see more data on influencers, you’ll pay $3.99 per month.

5. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a great all-in-one solution. It gives you powerful analytics, a CRM for handling all social media interactions, and the ability to create custom bots to grow your Instagram profiles.

Of course, this comes at a price. The cheapest plan costs $99 a month.

4. HypeAuditor

If you want to get into influencer marketing, this tool may be the right one to use. It gives you an infodump of information on any social media profile you look up. The views history, the subscriber gender and ethnic data, the estimated post price, you name it.

You can track your own account for free, but advanced competition analytics is pricy. It starts at $299 a month.

3. RiteTag

RiteTag will help you get the most out of hashtags for maximum Instagram growth. You can get suggestions for related hashtags and even see what hashtags would work best with the image you post.

On to of that, you get a scheduling extension and have the ability to integrate RiteTag with the other software you use.

2. Later

If you’re a solopreneur who wants to grow their Instagram on a budget, Later is a great addition to the other Instagram growth tools. It’s a scheduling and analytics platform that lets you take care of the content for free. If you want analytics, you’d have to upgrade to the $19 plan.

1. Sellfy

Sellfy is a platform that helps you monetize your Instagram account. It doesn’t just provide you with the monetization opportunity for the time your account has the subscriber count that would make it an effective marketing tool. It helps you grow it as well.

Sellfy helps you make the most out of the only link you’re able to post in the bio. It’s not one of those like-page deals, you get a full-fledged storefront that allows you to sell digital products from.

If you’re doing influencer marketing, the platform will come in handy too, since you can form coupon codes to send to the influencers.

One of the best ways Sellfy helps you grow your sales is by taking them outside of Instagram. For the medium-priced plan that costs you $29 a month, you can form email lists and contact your former clients automatically to close upsales. Email marketing has one of the best ROIs, so it’s a great deal.

Finally, Sellfy offers analytics software. That’s one of the most potent things you need to make every other app on this list work effectively.


Wrap Up

When it comes to growing your Instagram account, the pool of tools is endless. Choose the right one form the toolbox we provide you with in this article, combine them, and you’ll see the subscriber list grow organically in no time.

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