37 creative YouTuber merch examples you’ll love

By Hristina Satalova read
12 Mar, 2024
37 creative YouTuber merch examples you’ll love

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when your hear “YouTuber merchandise“?

T-shirts, Caps, an autographed basketball? Or maybe… a meatball dinner?

Turns out all of this can be sold as a merch. Below are 37 creative examples from YouTubers that sell their own merch.

1.  Exclusive 368 Shirt

Casey Neistat is a popular filmmaker and photographer with a huge personality and 10 million followers. With several wildly popular product launches, Casey is somewhat of an expert when it comes to merch. His Exclusive 368 Shirt features his signature glasses across the full spread of the shirt as well as the numbers 368 across the sleeve.

2. CrazyEyed Pug T-Shirt

Topping off our list is DanTDM’s CrazyEyed Pug T-shirt. DanTDM is a famous gamer with over 21 million subscribers, which is no mean feat! DanTDM knows that nobody can look over an adorable “crazy-eyed” pug and has used this cute image to draw attention to his own brand by pairing it with his logo.

3. Coffee Beans

Who says merch can’t be delicious? One of our favorite Youtubers on the list is Peter McKinnon, a photography and cinematography expert. With close to 3 million subscribers, Peter McKinnon knows what it takes to create a sustainable brand. Apart from selling digital presets and sound packs through his Sellfy store, McKinnon also makes money through his brand merchandise.

A coffee enthusiast, McKinnon teamed with James Coffee Co. to create a signature golden hour blend to sell to his fans. A signature coffee blend is a great unique merch idea–after all, who doesn’t drink coffee?

4. Trishyland T-Shirt

When it comes to T-shirt designs, there’s no shame in drawing inspiration from other creative brands. Trisha Paytas, a vlogger and internet celebrity with over 4 million followers figured this out and used this to her advantage. Her Trishyland T-shirt is based on the Disneyland logo and she uses this to her advantage, using it to evoke the same fun and childlike atmosphere associated with it.

5. Throwback Generations Tee

FBE is composed of two brothers, Benny Fine and Rafi Fine, who produce, direct, and narrate several successful Youtube web series. With over 18 million subscribers, they have their fingers on the pulse of what subscribers like to see.

They designed their Throwback Generations Tee in the vein of the popular trend of t-shirts that feature several words separated by “&”.

6. Stain Shirt

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A Youtube personality and actor, Jason Nash has more than a million followers and utilizes his humor and wit to keep them entertained. You can see his clever sense of humor in play on his Stain Shirt, a plain white tee-shirt that displays the word “stain” in a spot where a stain would typically happen, complete with lettering colored in brown reminiscent of an actual stain.

The tagline: “If your shirt doesn’t look like this after Thanksgiving did you even do it right?”.

7. Deep Sea Constellation T-Shirt

VSauce is a Youtube channel focused on educational videos that focus on topics such as philosophy, culture, and science. VSauce has reached over 14 million subscribers and knows that their fans are curious and interested in learning more about the world around them.

This sense of wonder is embodied in their Deep Sea Constellation T-Shirt which features an explorer exploring a tree underneath a starry sky.

8. Stationery Set

Want to give your fans something neat to write you fanmail with? Check out Dan and Phil’s galaxy stationery set! A stationery set is a neat merch option for your subscribers, especially if your channel has anything to do with writing. You can stamp your set with your logo and let your fans do some free advertising for you!

Dan and Phil are 2 British gamers with over 3 million subscribers on their Youtube channel. Well known for their Let’s Plays, Challenges, and Reviews, Dan and Phil are well-versed in the art of making money off of Youtube, something that all up and coming Youtubers could learn a thing or two about. You can check out more of their merch here.

9. Swedish Meatball Dinner

No list would be complete without the king of Youtube himself, Pewdiepie. Pewdiepie rose to the top of Youtube through his Let’s Plays of popular and indie horror games, although he has since expanded to other video types such as reaction videos and vlogging. Known for his outrageous and over-the-top antics, Pewdiepie has extended his gregarious personality to his merch.

Offering a Swedish meatball dinner using a recipe he developed himself, Pewdiepie used his Swedish heritage as a neat way to offer his fans a memorable merch experience and it shows. As of now, the $50.00 plate is sold out.

10. Stickers

Stickers are one of the best merch options out there. Easy to mass-produce at a cheap price, stickers are affordable for your fans and act as a semi-permanent method of advertisement. Just imagine if your fans all bought one sticker and stuck it on their laptop! They’re practically paying you to advertise.

Just ask Shane Dawson, one of the most popular faces on Youtube. Making a living as a vlogger on Youtube, Shane Dawson is known for his many catchphrases which are short and easy to put on stickers.

11. Tote Bag

Are your fans environmentally conscious? Consider offering them a tote bag for the next time they go grocery shopping!

Emma Blackery, a singer-songwriter and vlogger with over 1 million subscribers, has done just that. Offering a tote bag printed with her name on it to raise awareness for her new album, Blackery has created a useful piece of merch that advertises her brand wherever her fans go.

12. Art Box

If you have an artsy Youtube channel, consider offering an art box! You can fill it up with anything you want, as long as it’s art-related. Guava Juice, a Youtuber who creates videos showing how to create your own fun, offers charming trinkets like collectible figures, fluffy slime, and a bouncy ball in his kit. If your fans like to get hands-on with their merch, an art box can be a great way to give your audience merch they can engage with.

13. Cell Phone Case

With over 19 million subscribers, Jenna Marbles knows what her audience wants. And with so many iPhone users in her core fanbase, Jenna Marbles gave them a product that they want and need. She offers several iPhone cases with different designs such as popular sayings on her videos, her dog, and even her own face!

Cell phone cases are an excellent source of free advertising. Think about where you take your phone. Pretty much everywhere, right? That’s constant brand advertising right there! Additionally, because people always need cell phone cases, you’re sure to sell them.

14. Journal

If you have the right fanbase, selling branded journals can be a lucrative business move. Just ask Markiplier, a gaming comedian with over 22 million subscribers and nearly 5,000 videos! Arguably one of the biggest names on YouTube, Markiplier knows his fanbase is made up mostly of young teens and adolescents and has created his merch accordingly.

Not only do journals create brand awareness when carried out and about, but they also have the added benefit of boosting fan loyalty. Fans who journal will begin to associate that brand with the important life events they write about, putting your brand first and foremost in their mind.

15. Plushes

Nothing says you love your fans like a cute little plush! Ryan Higa, one of Youtube’s earliest stars with over 21 million subscribers, utilizes the adorable nature of plushes to give his fans something cute to cuddle with at night.

Plushes are a great choice for merch because they’re a very intimate item. When your fans are lonely at night, who are they gonna cuddle up to? That’s right, your brand.

16. Fragrances

When people first interact with someone, their scent is often the first thing they notice. That’s why Rhett and Link decided to offer their own signature fragrance! As talk show hosts whose Youtube channel has over 14 million subscribers, Rhett and Link know how to stand out from the crowd and get noticed.

Though custom fragrances don’t normally come to mind when you think about merch, they are actually a genius way to gain some new fans. With so many ads and brands in the world, people have become desensitized to all of the logos and brand promotions they see every day. However, they will notice a scent they love!

17. Psychobabble Tee

Tyler Oakley is a comedic Youtuber who frequently commentates on topics such as queer politics and pop culture. With close to 8 million subscribers, he’s coined several popular phrases, including the memorable “psychobabble”. He’s capitalized on this with his Psychobabble Tee, a shirt that spells “It’s not just crazy talk it’s psychobabble” in spaghettis across a plate of red sauce that stands out among the white background.

18. An Autographed Basketball

Is your channel sports related? Are your subscriber’s avid fans? Consider offering them an autographed basketball! That’s exactly what Dude Perfect decided to do as a way to give their fans something memorable they can use. Self-described as “5 best friends and a panda”, Dude Perfect creates hilarious sports videos that have earned them over 38 million fans on Youtube!

Basketballs (or any sports equipment, really) are a great way to get the most out of your merch. Not only are they a unique gift, but their nature makes it certain that new people will find out about your Youtube channel. After all, who do you play basketball with? Other people!

19. Bobbleheads

If your fans can’t get enough of you, consider adding a line of bobbleheads to your merch. That’s what comedic sketch duo Smosh decided to do and it’s one of the biggest sellers in their store. With over 23 million subscribers, Smosh has really nailed what it is fans do and don’t like.

Bobbleheads tend to be placed where they can be seen, so they serve as a memorable piece of merch that can attract more fans to your Youtube channel. Not to mention they’re a fun conversation starter!

20. Hair Ties

Hair ties aren’t just for girls anymore! Just ask Liza Koshy, an up and coming Youtuber with over 16 million subscribers. Liza managed to build up her fanbase with only 148 videos through the use of her comedic talent and hilarious videos.

Koshy offers branded hair ties on her website using this neat line: “Every girl/guy has a matching friendship bracelet… they’re just called hair ties.” While they may seem inconspicuous, hair ties can be a great way to get your Youtube channel out to the world since most people tend to wear them on their wrists when they’re not using them.

21. Mason Jars

Scroll down the homepage of Pinterest and you’re bound to find a recipe or DIY project that calls for a mason jar. Hannah Hart decided to capitalize on this new trend by offering branded mason jars that can be bought exclusively through her website. As a blogger and food enthusiast, Hart knows that her fans are the type to use mason jars in their everyday life and used this knowledge to offer her subscribers a useful merch item.

22. A Branded Clock

If anyone knows how to be successful, it’s Lele Pons. An internet personality, actress, singer, dancer, and talk show host, Lele Pons has 13 million subscribers on Youtube and knows how to give them what they want.

Branded clocks make great merch items since they are usually hung where everyone can see them. Not to mention they’re a great accessory for the house!

23. An Exclusive Ring

Give your fans something stylish to wear with a signature ring. Lilly Singh did just that with her exclusive Team Super Ring, a ring that signifies the wearer is a part of her team. Lilly Singh is a successful comedian and actress who focuses on spreading a message of positivity and female empowerment, something that she embodies through her merch.

Fans love to wear their favorite Youtuber’s merch and nothing is as easy to wear as a ring. Stylish and suitable for all kinds of situations, signature rings are a great way to catch the eye of future fans.

24. So Fluffy Cloud Tee

PopularMMOs creates content around the popular building game, Minecraft. They have over 16 million subscribers and more than 4,000 videos, making them one of the more prolific accounts on Youtube.

PopularMMOs uses popular trends on the internet to create their content, as evidenced by their So Fluffy Cloud Tee. Building off the net’s obsession with cats, the t-shirt features a gamer cat complete with a mouse, keyboard, and headset.

25. Slides

Nothing says comfortable like a pair of new slides! That’s why David Dobrik, a popular Youtuber who vlogs about popular trending topics, decided to create his own signature pair. Paired with a logo or catchphrase, slides are a fun way for fans to promote their favorite Youtubers while staying comfortable.

26. Makeup Bag

With beauty blogs swiftly becoming one of the most popular channel genres on Youtube, it’s safe to say that your fans will jump at the chance to buy a branded makeup bag. That’s why James Charles, a makeup artist with over 13 million subscribers, decided to create one for his online store. The bag was an instant hit and even now is currently sold out!

27. Socks

Although clothing is a popular merch item, people usually associate it with garments such as shirts and sweaters. However, the Dolan Twins have identified the emergence of the sock as a fashion statement and added their own signature pairs to their online store. As a comedy duo signed to AwesomenessTV with over 8.8 million subscribers, it’s important for them to give their fans on demand merchandise, so you can be sure that socks are a trending item right now.

28. Travel Mug

The world’s busier than ever before and everybody’s always on the go, go, go. So, go with them! Emma Chamberlain did just that with her “juice” travel mug. A lifestyle vlogger with over 6.6 million subscribers, Chamberlain spreads messages of healthy living and veganism, as evidenced by her wholesome travel mug.

Travel mugs are great merch items because they were specifically made to be used while out and about. If your fans spend a lot of their day traveling or interacting with people, that’s quite a bit of free advertising for your Youtube channel!

29. Cross Body Fanny Pack

If there’s anybody who knows how to build a cult following, it’s Jeffree Star. Star is a makeup artist with a popular makeup line and over 12 million subscribers on Youtube. As a Youtuber, Star knows it’s important to capitalize on popular trends and he does just that with his cross-body fanny pack, an item in his store that is currently sold out.

Keep on eye on popular trends, because these will often be your best selling merch. Crossbody bags are currently in fashion now with celebrities including Kendall Jenner and A$AP Rocky, making them a popular item.

30. Fuzzy Slippers

What’s as cute and cozy as a fuzzy pair of slippers? Not much! That’s why Jacksepticeye sells them through his online store, jacksepticeye.fanfiber.com. Jacksepticeye is a gamer with over 21 million subscribers and he knows just what his fans want. Not only are they comfy to lounge around the house with, but they also make fun gifts that your fans can give to family and friends.

31. Crystal Wolf Onyx Hoodie

Joey Graceffa is a Youtuber who has two active Youtube channels, one that focuses on gaming and the other that focuses on lifestyle videos. With close to 9 million subscribers, Joey knows how to create unique content and it shows in his merch. The Crystal Wolf Onyx Hoodie features a vintage look with a geometric fox head and lettering down the sleeves, a fashion that is popular among millennials and centennials.

32. Pins

A popular item in the ’90s, pins have since made a comeback! Safia Nygaard, a popular vlogger, and comedian with 7.1 subscribers on Youtube, has capitalized on this comeback with her own line of signature pins.

Whether they’re on a jacket, backpack, or tote, customized pins are stylish ways to get your name out there to some new fans.

33. Backpack

As a multi-billion dollar industry, backpacks are in high demand and many YouTubers are using this to their advantage, including Ninja. A popular Twitch streamer and gamer, Ninja offers a custom “Blackout Bag” for his 21 million fans on Youtube.

By creating a backpack of your own, you can effectively use your fans to market your channel anytime they leave the house!

34. Lanyard

Whether it’s for the house, your car, or the office, everyone carries around a set of keys. Give your fans something to carry them with a branded lanyard! That’s exactly what Let Me Explain Studios did with their custom lanyard set which also features a key chain and a badge holder.

Let Me Explain Studios utilized their position as an animation studio to give their fans a useful piece of merch that also leaves them feeling like they have backstage access to the studio.

Lanyards are another one of those items that go everywhere your fans go, making it useful for brand awareness.

35. Not Your DIY Babe Hoodie

Embracing the rising fashion trend of minimalist graphic designs, LaurDIY has created a sparse hoodie that still manages to catch eyes with its baby blue color and candy heart featuring the slogan, “Not Your DIY Babe”. LaurDIY, a DIY Youtuber with over 7 million subscribers has figured out her audience is made up of a mature, independent woman and has designed her merch accordingly.

36. Throw Pillow

What’s the one thing you can never have enough of? That’s right, throw pillows.

Reaction Time knew this and used this to their advantage, creating custom throw pillows they could sell on their online store. A Youtube channel that specializes in (you guessed it) reaction videos, Reaction Time knows that their 11 million fans want high-quality merch that they can use.

Throw pillows are a fun merch idea because you can print virtually anything on them. Throw on some of your fans’ favorite images and catchphrases and then watch the sales orders roll in. Throw pillows are also great for brand awareness because they tend to be put out on couches where guests can use them.

37. Calendar

Okay, now your fans know what time it is but do they know what day it is? Help them out with a branded calendar! That’s what Wassabi, a travel and entertainment vlogger decided to do when he created his famous “Wassabi Calendar”. Wassabi knows a thing or two about selling to his subscribers–he did just buy his parents a mansion, after all!

Calendars are a great merch item because they provide immense value. Your fans can keep track of the date and important events in their life, all while looking at your smiling face!


Hristina is Customer Success Manager at Sellfy. She is enthusiastic about bringing people together and helping others succeed in their entrepreneurial endeavors.