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7 best digital products and how to sell in 2022

7 best digital products (+ how to sell in 2022)

We live in a time where people can run small businesses anywhere in the world. For some creators, selling digital ...
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How to make and sell custom merch in 2022

Are you a YouTuber, influencer, musician, or creator looking to expand your business? Or perhaps an aspiring entrepreneur with a ...
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10 Best Gumroad alternatives in 2021 (Free & Paid)

10 best Gumroad alternatives in 2021 (free & paid)

If you are an artist, blogger, writer, or any other type of creator, you must have heard of Gumroad. But, ...
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Product updates

Store Customizer updates: Introducing Sellfy store themes and more

Designing a Sellfy store is a fun and effortless process thanks to our Store Customizer. We absolutely love the fact ...
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Recover lost sales with Sellfy’s cart abandonment tool

Here at Sellfy, we are continuously working on making life easier for every store owner. That’s why we are proud ...
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Expand your business with print on demand

Have you ever thought how cool it would be to sell merch right from your Sellfy store? Nothing stops you ...
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