This Seller Used to Fail Miserably at Blogger Outreach Until He Learned These 3 Techniques

After many hours of blood, sweat, and tears, you’ve finally made it..

Whether it is a beautiful ebook, designer font, inliner video (or ANY digital product really) is beside the point.

The point it that now you’re** ready to sell** it.

But to WHO, and HOW?

These are the questions you should have asked before ever sitting down to write your first draft.

No worries though, you’ll have the chance to do things properly next time.

Right now, let’s make things work with what we have..

The fact is, few of us really have a thriving audience in our back pocket waiting with their wallets wide open.

After all, we’re creators first, and marketers second.

Luckily, even if you haven’t already unleashed your inner marketer into the wild, there are many channels you can pursue.

Today I’m going to talk about ONE channel in particular – BLOGGER OUTREACH.

The most successful blogger outreach campaigns that I’ve seen are all structured around ONE of the THREE basic techniques..

Technique #1: Guest Posting

With guest posting, you’re essentially asking the blogger to allow you to publish stuff on his blog.

To increase your chance of getting a reply on that pitch email, you need to ensure that your email does 3 things:

**Thing #1**: Clearly identifies what the project is;**Thing #2**: States the benefits to participate for the blogger;

Thing #3: Provides clear steps on how to get started.

Remember this and don’t skip any parts.

Really, don’t.

Now let me show you a template I commonly use for guest posting requests:


Looks long, but this is the approach that has worked for me, so it might as well work for you too.

Here are the EXACT steps I take when crafting a new outreach email.

Follow them and you’ll be able to replicate my success:

**Step #1:***Define the relationship*. Let the blogger know that you are a long-time subscriber, tell him that you left comments on his posts and shared them on social media. Obviously you should only say that if it’s true. Otherwise, work on these things before sending in your pitch.**Step #2:** *Post the ASK on a separate line*. Request to guest post on a separate line, so it would stand out at a quick glance.

Step #3: Show your research. Show that you really know the blog and it’s audience by mentioning the articles that performed well in terms of social shares.

Step #4: Pitch the idea for the post. Pitched the idea for a similar type of article.

Step #5: Explain the value. Explain the value to the audience of the blog.

Does it look like some if these steps require hours of your work?

It doesn’t have to be that way.. but more on that later on.

Technique #2 Product Review

You don’t always want to write a dedicated post for a blog yourself.

What you can do instead is offer your product for review to the blogger, who will then write the content FOR YOU.

How to convince the blogger to review your product?

Offer it to him for free.

Better yet, offer some copies for his audience for free too.

If that doesn’t convince the blogger to review your product, offer him a cut from the sales he will refer by inviting him to an affiliate program.

This way it’s a WIN = WIN = WIN.

Blogger gets happy audience and cut from sales.

Audience gets a free product.

You get new customers.

This is certainly they way I was thinking when Tony Campidonica reached out to me about his latest book “Outsmarting The System”.

Here is the script Tony sent me, which got me to say yes and review his book on my personal finance blog:


Why did this cold email convince me to agree for a product review?

Let’s see..

Probably it has something to do with the fact that Tony followed this 4 step framework:

**Step#1: ***Write a “you-email”, not “me-email”*. Don’t start the email by writing about yourself, rather write about the recipient. Sooo much more pleasant to read these emails for.. anyone really!**Step#2: ***Keep it short and to the point*. Seriously, don’t write a 800 word long email.

**Step#3: **Follow the Give Sandwich Formula. This one is easy. First you give a free copy. Then you ask for a review. And give something else, like a free copy for readers.  Give – Ask – Give.

Step#4: Include social proof. Show that there are people who loved the product. It doesn’t have to be Amazon reviews. Testimonials from you customers or some stats about how many times your products have been shared on social media will work as social proof just as fine.

## Technique #3 Giveaways

You don’t always want the blogger to review your digital product.

Frankly, it doesn’t always make sense..

If your product isn’t among the best selling digital products on the internet

A more suitable way to cooperate with bloggers would be to just give your premium product away.

But how do you give away your product and maximize the number of emails you’ll get?

And how do you maximize the chances that bloggers will be interested in what you have to offer?


Organize a giveaway that is targeted ONLY to the readers of that one blog.

Now, in the past this was done using a comment-to-participate system.

The problem with that is that it’s not very effective when it comes to spreading the word about your giveaway.

There are two solutions that you should look into, if you’re serious about your giveaway.

First, it’s the Giveaway WP Plugin by KingSumo. Second, there’s a tool caller Rafflecopter.

How are these tools any better than the comment-to-participate system?

They provide what’s called a viral giveaway.

The participants are encouraged to share their referral links to get more entries.

It looks something like this:


Depending on how well does your product fit the target audience of the blog you’re hosting the giveaway on, and how much effort do you put into promoting this yourself, you’ll see anywhere from 100 to 1000+ emails.

Over to You

You won’t get more sales by just reading these blogger outreach techniques.

You need to take action.

So here’s what I need you to do:

**Step #1**. *Find a dozen bloggers in your niche to contact*. Gather their name, contact information, and blog URL in a spreadsheet. Use Google, or pro tools like [NinjaOutreach]( ([free giveaway link]( or [Buzzstream](**Step #2**. *Write an email template to send out*. Make your email about them. As Seth Godin put it: **people want to receive “ME-MAIL”, not “YOU-MAIL”**.

Step #3. Head over to their blogs and engage with them via commenting and social media chattering.

Step #4. Send out that email blast! Make sure it’s personalised, though (and don’t just change the name, be smarter than that..)

There are tons of techniques on how to get your sales going, read our proven framework to sell products online.

Yuri is a Content Crafter at Sellfy. He's focused on inbound marketing, copywriting, CRO and growth.