15 brilliant physical products you can sell

By Ritvars Lauza read
27 Feb, 2024
15 brilliant physical products you can sell

With the new physical product feature, Sellfy aims to make your solo enterprise booming with increased sales and revenue. Perfect for sellers operating on both micro and macro scale, the platform provides a unique ecosystem for the creatives of the most different caliber.

Merch items, one-off novelties, knit-work, or even a new record pressed on vinyl – using Sellfy as your platform for selling physical goods broadens your creative possibilities and paves the way to the acquisition of new audiences.

Following, are 15 amazing physical product ideas that you can turn into reality and sell with Sellfy.

1. Vinyl records

Want to celebrate the release of your brand-new EP? With the ongoing renaissance of vinyl records, selling your music in a limited-edition physical format is the right way to catch the attention of your existing and future fan bases.

Having a run of limited-edition vinyl pressings is a surefire way to earn more with the initial sales, as the most hardcore fans will be eager to get their hands on a physical, perhaps even signed copy of your brand-new album.

Nothing compares to the sensation of putting a freshly unwrapped vinyl on a turntable for the first time. From the cover art to the design of liner notes – create an artwork that organically complements your music, offering your fans a complete audiovisual package.

Take your vinyl records to the next level with these mockups by superunknown.

2. Books and planners

Sellfy has always been a great platform to sell PDF-format books featuring your original stories, poetry, and any other type of literary fiction. Now, next to your digital books, you can list the physical versions of your work as well.

Feel free to experiment with the format and content, whether it’s a multi-part novella, beautifully illustrated children’s book, or a uniquely branded pocketbook with specially curated motivational lines.

You can even build an entire merch universe around the book you’ve released. A case in point – the creative approach by Sellfy user Gerard Leiser who released a coin of fictional currency alongside his book. The list of merch ideas is nearly endless and can vary with each unique storyline.

3. Tote bags

Going hand in hand with the sustainable lifestyle ethos, tote bags are a great way to avoid the use of plastic bags while sporting an eco-friendly attitude with style. But more importantly – according to Google Trends, the interest in tote bags is constantly high for years, which means that this practical accessory just never goes out of fashion.

Tote bags are also a frequently utilized tool when it comes to raising brand awareness and self-promotion. Think about it – totes are reliable allies both on a grocery store visit and festival grounds, making them genuinely practical items as much as they’re accessories.

4. Custom mugs

Create and sell the much-loved personalized mugs – whether you go with all the colors of the rainbow or a simple, irresistibly funny one-liner. Releasing your line of creatively designed mugs is likely to catapult you into eCommerce heaven.

The wildly popular lifestyle accessory can now bear your unique design making it a perfect collector’s item. Create a line of collectible mugs and make your followers go wild from hype with every new release on the line. When it comes to tried-and-tested merch ideas, it’s hard to miss it with this one.

5. Stickers

Stickers – who doesn’t love them! With sticker-covered laptops seemingly forever in vogue, the medium is a cheap and cheerful way to personalize your everyday accessories.

Moreover, they’ve become one of the most effective and widely used ways to carry out DIY promotional activities. Although Guerilla marketing campaigns with stickers distributed in a variety of odd spots have been around for a long time, the medium hasn’t lost any of its former power. As such, it’s still widely used to promote brands, events, and many other types of creative projects.

Selling bundles of unique sticker designs is a clever way to promote your artistic output since every laptop bearing your insignia brings your name to new audiences. And that happens every time the owner enters another co-working office space or coffee shop!

6. Slipmats

Anyone with experience in the world of DJing will attest – having unique slipmat matters big time. So, why not distribute your unique take on the theme to selectors and DJs across the world?

Providing a smooth and delightful spinning experience and ensuring your equipment stands out from the rest of the bunch, slipmats are a niche product that’s highly sought-after among the industry professionals.

Don’t overlook the opportunity to tap into a small albeit active and dedicated market niche of DJ accessories!

7. Pin badges

An increasingly popular way of clothing customization, pin badges are known as a tiny accessory with a great impact. Just look at all the folks spearheading the current wave of urban fashion – pin badges are the mainstay of the next generation wardrobe.

Just recently, Pinterest looked at the biggest trends in search and found that the interest in retro, pop culture pins has increased by 800%. If that doesn’t mean this accessory is experiencing its comeback, then we don’t know what does.

Additionally, it’s another ingenious way to popularize your brand. Your logo or mascot is a perfect material for a pin-badge makeover. Having a group of individuals wearing your brand’s insignia is bound to raise interest in your creative output.

8. Socks

Long gone are the days when socks were worn purely to support and warm up your feet. Today a pair of flashy, highly-personalized socks is a crucial element to the look of every fashion-savvy individual out there.

Turn that pattern you’ve been sketching in your notebook into a stylish, real-life entity with a series of limited-edition socks. With numerous brands tackling the socks market with unique and often hilarious design patterns, it’s the right time to contribute with your creations. 

Still doubtful? Happy Socks is a great example that proves – you can build a successful, highly profitable business by just selling socks!

9. Greeting cards

Whether it’s your friend’s birthday, the Holiday season, or any other festivity on the line – a funny and original greeting card that pokes fun at the traditional greeting card formula is what saves even the worst last-minute gift ideas out there. People are aware of this and, as a consequence, unconventional greeting card designs have become a highly sought-after commodity. 

Have a set of quirky one-liners and original design concepts up your sleeve? Can you turn your existing digital products – like poster print files or photos – into postcards? Do it and revolutionize the greeting card game for good!

10. DIY VR Headsets

With VR making waves for a couple of years now, the groundwork for selling branded, ready-made cardboard VR headsets is already there. Google Cardboard Viewer proved that technology can be playful and affordable. There’s nothing that can stop you from repeating the same simple and super successful formula.

Google Cardboard

Create and sell your own uniquely-branded VR headset – whether coming already folded or offering your audience a kit of all the necessary components. Cardboard VR glasses are sure to find a high demand thanks to their accessibility and simplicity of the premise.

Have you developed an app or mobile game that supports VR format? Looking for product ideas to brand it more uniquely? Sell both the game and the headset for an unstoppable bundle of goods.

11. Cassette tapes

Is there anything more vinyl than the vinyl itself? If your sole being is dedicated to staying out of the mainstream waters as much as possible, you’re probably already informed about the next big thing – the resurgence of cassette tape records.

A nod to the era of home-made mixtapes, and early Walkmans, the renewal of interest in the medium has resulted in increasing numbers of musicians releasing limited edition runs of their latest drops in the cassette format along with vinyl and digital releases.

Jump on the hype train and don’t miss the opportunity to earn some money off it!

12. Canvas prints

It’s hard to imagine a true millennial apartment without one of these things hanging on the wall. Whether bearing an inspirational quote, quirky illustration or reimagined movie poster, canvas prints and other types of individualized wall art have become the go-to option when it comes to cost-effective and stylish means of customizing your living space.

Sellfy already has plenty of visual artists who use different types of wall décor items to popularize their artworks. For example, TheErvinM brings his knowledge of LUTs to the masses in the form of aluminum wall art prints.

His use of wall art prints shows that it’s a great way to give passion and talent a physical form. 

13. Beanies

Continuing with all things trendy, we’ve arrived at the most beloved headcover type in the world. We’re talking, of course, about beanies.

No matter the size, color or the person wearing it – the particular type of headwear is an unstoppable force in the world of woke clothing. And with Sellfy’s physical product feature, you are now free to sell your unique brand of the ever-popular hat.

Whether as a standalone item or as a part of a merch box, a beanie is guaranteed to receive love from your followers. And make you money – beanies are one of the merch products with the highest profit margin, according to research by one of the largest merchandise providers Jakaprints.

Beanies come in all sizes, take a look at these newborn beanies by Jenbot

14. Wooden tabletop decor

Ecommerce websites such as Etsy revolutionized the market for original, hand-crafted wooden décor items. As a result, the market potential is looking pretty good for these wooden novelties.

Compatible with most types of interior design, and just generally pleasant to look at, wooden tabletop décor makes for a perfect gift item and a nice way to personalize your home office.

You also have quite a room when it comes to deciding on the type of product you want to sell. Whether it’s a pencil container, a set of cubes with alphabet letters or a minuscule globe replica – it’s an evergreen accessory that will always find its audience.

15. DIY card games

The success of Cards Against Humanity and its knock-offs is a clear sign that there’s an untapped market potential for DIY card games. They also don’t require a great investment, except for that of a clever or irresistibly funny idea. So why not giving this one a shot? 

Try thinking of something that’s not yet there – occasion-specific card games, something that can be played or makes the most sense to be played only at the wedding, during the bachelor party or on a girl’s night out. There’s plenty of room for experimentation!

Likewise, your card game can also be an extension of your creative universe, coming together with an epic fantasy book, comic book or mobile game. There are no limits to how you can make your product more appealing.

Final words

Do not be afraid to go bold and experimental when conceptualizing your future product. Sellfy is your gateway to a massive and diverse audience so you can be sure that there will always be somebody interested in your catalog. 

Whether you’re a battle-hardened industry vet with thousands of followers or a casual hobbyist, selling your items in a physical format alongside your digital goods extends the reach of your online enterprise, vastly increasing the probability of scoring sales and conquering new market grounds. 

Ritvars is the marketing lead at Sellfy. With over 6 years of experience in online marketing & eCommerce, Ritvars shares his knowledge in Sellfy blog. He is inspired by the success of Sellfy creators and is passionate about finding new ways how he can help them succeed.