29 Must-Have Cheat Sheets for Web Designers

By Yuri Burchenya read
09 Dec, 2014
29 Must-Have Cheat Sheets for Web Designers

Cheat sheets. A simple way to remember something or help you learn. There’s always a useful shortcut to forget, a command you fail to remember, a newly introduced function that slips your mind or element you cease to think of.

I know you switched to Sketch years ago, but just today you need to edit this psd file and you can’t for the love of God remember the shortcut for art history brush tool.

Wouldn’t it make your life so much easier if all the cheat sheets you need would be stored in one place?

Well fear no more, this collection of 29 must-have cheat sheets for web designers has got you covered. With everything from CSS&HTML to Sketch and Photoshop cheat sheets, you can save yourself a lot of time googling later and just bookmark this page.

Feeling lazy? Just grab this cheat sheet of cheat sheets for web designers and get all 29 items (plus two more items that are not covered in this article) in one place. GIMME!

CSS – Cascading Style Sheets

#1. CSS Cheatsheet via OverAPI.com

CSS Cheat Sheet

#2. Media Queries Cheat Sheet

CSS 3, Media Queries Cheat Sheet

#3. Responsive Web Design Cheatsheet

Responsive Web Design Cheat Sheet

4. Check Compatabilty of Default Local Fonts


HTML – HyperText Markup Language

#5. HTML5 Tag Cheatsheet

HTML 5 Cheat Sheet

6. HTML Elements Index

HTML Elements Index

#7. HTML5 Cheat Sheet by Antonio Lupetti

HTML 5 Cheat Sheet by Woork

JavaScript & jQuery

#8. jQuery Quick API Reference

jQuery Cheatsheet

9. Javascript Cheatsheet via OverAPI.com

Javascript Cheat Sheet


#10. Printable Markdown Cheatsheet

A Printable Markdown Cheat Sheet

Popular CSS Frameworks

#11. Master Cheatsheet for Bootstrap 3

Bootstrap 3 cheat sheet

12. Complete Font Awesome Icon Reference Cheatsheet

Font Awesome Cheatsheet

13. Bootstrap 3 Glyphicons Cheatsheet

Bootstrap 3 Glyphicons Cheat Sheet

14. Foundation 5 Cheatsheet

Foundation Cheat Sheet

WordPress Cheat Sheet

#15. WordPress: What You Need to Know in One Sheet

wordpress cheat sheet.pdf

#16. WordPress Cheat Sheet

WordPress Cheat Sheet

#17. The Ultimate WordPress Development Checklist

wordpress Development checklist infographic

Browser Dev Tools

#18. Chrome Devtools Cheatsheet

Chrome Devtools Cheatsheet

19. Firebug Keyboard Shortcuts and Mouse Actions Cheat Sheet

Firebug Cheat Sheet

Git & GitHub

#20. Git Cheatsheet

GitHub Cheet Sheet

Sublime Text

#21. List of commonly used sublime-text commands (WIN)

Sublime Text Cheat Sheet Win

#22. Sublime Text 3 OSX Cheatsheet

Sublime Text 3 OSX Cheat Sheet

Email & Newsletters

#23. MailChimp Merge Tags Cheatsheet

Mailchimp Cheat Sheet

24. Campaign Monitor Template Cheatsheet

Campaign Monitor Cheat Sheet

Social Media

#25. Social Media Dimensions Cheatsheet

Social Media Cheat Sheet


#26. The Web Developer’s SEO Cheatsheet by Moz


#27. Perfect On Page SEO by Backlinko

Perfect On Page SEO

Graphic Editors

#28. Sketch 3 Visual Cheatsheet

Sketch Cheat Sheet

#29. Adobe Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts

Photoshop Shortcuts

#30. Adobe Illustrator Keyboard Shortcuts

Illustrator Keyboard Shortcuts

Over to You

So what do you think of this collection of cheat sheets? Did you find it useful? Is there anything else you would like to see in this collection? Do you have a cheat sheet you have developed and want to share? Let me know in the comments section below.

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