22 More Ideas for Content to Share on Social Media

Setting your Buffer full of articles they recommend in Daily for as long as two weeks forward is sure tempting. All the hard work has been done and the results are almost handed to you on a silver platter. Set it and forget it. No more wondering what to share on social media.

But how long do you think people will read your social media updates before unfollowing? That’s what I thought.

By diversifying the type of content you share, you’ll be able to attract more followers, increase engagement and reverse the flow of mountain rivers. Just kidding. I’m not promising you more followers.

This list of 22 ideas for social media updates will get you through a whole month.

1. Polls

Creating some kind of a poll is probably one of the very first ideas anyone managing a community has come up with.

Unfortunately, some of the social networks have removed straight-forward ways to do this (I’m looking at you, Facebook), but you can still ask a simple question of course.

Ask easy questions, that don’t require a lot of brain power for those answering early in the morning or during their daily news feed scrolling marathon. Simple choices that require only one word to respond are the best.

Not only does this allow you to engage your followers and fans, but it also provides you with means to learn more about your audience (provided that you ask the right questions).

Ask Questions

2. Brand specialty

Make it a habit to post some kind of branded content on a specific date. For example, 8fact football posts “did you know that..” facts every Tuesday. Fans anticipate this and repay with higher levels of engagement.

Branded Specialty

3. Visual content

Visual content gets shared a whole lot better is what they teach you. Luckily creating eye-catching images is not a problem these days, with a lot of tools and services that make the heavy lifting for you.

You heard about Canva by now. But did you know that they just rolled out their very own Design School? If you’re not as good with Photoshop, you might as well try it out. Here’s a quick guide on creating images with Canva I created specially for you.

Visual Content Gets Shared

4. Lists

Writing list posts is a sin that every blogger has made. Yet few of us turn to posting lists on social networks.

Why is that?

If they are so effective as a blog post, maybe the same applies as a social media update? Given that you can tag anyone relevant (you do know you can tag people on Twitter, when posting from your smartphone, right?) this is at least worth a try.

Lists Social Media Updates

5. Thank people

How often do you see someone genuinely thanking other person on social media? I’m not talking about “Thanks for being top member of my community this month @user1 @user2 via commun.it” type of posts. I’m talking about you extending appreciation for someone’s help to social media.

Special Thanks

6. Share third party content

If you want people to look up to you as an expert in your field, you *must *post world-class content from others. Become an expert by association and build strong relationships with people whose content you share.

Failure to do this will look like you only care about self-promoting. Obviously, there’s no general rule here, but keeping the 3:1 ratio will do the trick. Post three pieces of your own content, and one that is produced by someone other than you.

Share Third Party Content

7. Reply to comments

Sticking to that editorial and social media calendar can be challenging, especially in the very beginning. Replies might fall through the cracks unnoticed, when there’s no clear division of the responsibilities.

But you really should make time to respond to all the comments and replies. Isn’t this the reason you post social media updates in the first place – to spur discussion and engage your fans? If comments is not something you see very often at this point, you still can thank people for fav’ing, retweeting or simply liking your content.

Reply to comments

8. Ask questions

Don’t be afraid that there’ll be no response. You can always ask some of your peers to reply something in case the post is a total flop and there are no responses. Better yet, you can ask your friend or two to be the first to respond. Others will follow.

Coca-Cola Facebook Question

9. Promote yourself and your business

Don’t leave your followers wondering what it is you’re actually selling. Make it exceptionally clear, set expectations and provide specific steps to take. Less ambiguity means less people will get lost along the way.

Promote Yourself

10. Show the human side behind your brand

Did you catch some silly typo just in time before clicking that send button? Did you restart the server and accidentally send out the same email campaign two times in a row? Humans make mistakes. Prove that you’re human too.

When you want to be seen as more likable, do something embarrassing and smile at yourself. Don’t try to ignore it or pretend it didn’t happen. Self-deprecating humor is a terrific way to ingratiate yourself with everyone.

– David J. Lieberman

11. Shoutout for other people in your industry

People are always looking for someone new to follow. If they follow you, that probably means that they’re interested in what you have to say. Or you have a complex followback partnership going on.

Either way, you certainly know someone else they might benefit from following. You’ll show yourself as someone in the know, and the person you mentioned will surely return the favour later.

FollowFriday ff example

13. Post jokes

Have a little fun. Everybody wants to have a reason to smile at the office.

Post Jokes

14. Interview members of the team

People just see this big or small (but still scary) brand. Showing the real people behind it makes the followers so much closer to it. Hey, these are good people working in there, I should really think about doing business with them. I’m exaggerating of course, still you get the idea.

Interview with staff

15. Answer industry-specific questions

Monitor the related keywords to find good questions to anwer. Advanced search in Twitter and Tweetdeck are your best friends in this. You can filter your search in a way that will only display the tweets that contain a “?”. Then jump in the conversation and give your best answer to the question asked. Instant expert status achieved.

Tweets with questions

16. Organize giveaways or contests

Doesn’t have to be big with prizes worth hundreds of dollars. Can be as simple as giving away a book. If you’re smart about it and use kingsumo plugin or rafflecopter, you’ll capture a number of emails (here’s a list of 21 tips to collect more emails) from your audience too.

Keep in mind that ideal length for this kind of contests is 2 weeks.

Pro tip: the email reminder that you send out a day before the giveaway ends is the one that brings the most traffic.

Sellfy Giveaway Example

17. Evergreen content

You spent time writing content that would be relevant for years, so it’s only logical that you would want to re-post it on a schedule. A good way is to use Buffer for this. It allows you to share the same post with different messages that only needs setting up once.

Buffer Sharing Tool

18. Celebrate weird and funny holidays

There’s a simple website to help you stay on top of all the wonderful holidays, like Learn Your Name in Morse Code day.

Weird Holidays Day

19. Celebrate company milestones

Five years in business? 10,000$ in recurring monthly revenue? Or simply a new employee joined your team? Let. Them. Know.

Candy Japan

20. Book recommendations

The year has just begun. Resolutions were written. Goodreads accounts were created. Reading goals publicly announced. Now people are looking for books to read. Seize this opportunity and give them a list of best books you’ve read in 2014.

Pro tip: if you’re not much of a reader, you can suggest books you haven’t actually read by researching Amazon reviews and using that insight.

Book Recommendations


Everybody seems to be using quotes. Are they overused? Perhaps. You can still get away with posting one or two quotes per week. Though some may say that you don’t have anything original to say. We don’t want that, do we?


22. Cats and babies

I know, I know. Posting cats and babies is the worst-kept secret of increased engagement on social meida. But how many people do it right? Shopify is surely killing it.

Cats are not dogs

Over to You

Are you guilty of posting only one type of content on social media? Do you have other tips for content to share on social media? Which tips did you like the best? Let me know in the comments section below.

Yuri is a Content Crafter at Sellfy. He's focused on inbound marketing, copywriting, CRO and growth.