7 best digital products (+ how to sell in 2022)

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7 best digital products (+ how to sell in 2022)

We live in a time where people can run small businesses anywhere in the world. For some creators, selling digital products can provide extra income in addition to their main job. For others, it becomes a full-time business. 

What these cases have in common is that they both leverage the undeniable benefits of selling digital products. And, the most appealing reasons are the high-profit margin and huge potential. Plus, they’re infinitely scalable!

So, if this is something you’d like to try, read on to learn more about how to create digital products. As a bonus, I’ve also included a list of digital products to sell.

What are digital products?

Digital products are electronic goods, content, or pieces of media that can be stored in a file, or sold and shared online. For example, eBooks, audio files, website templates, PDFs, etc. are all digital products.

Why sell digital products?

Selling digital products is one of the easiest ways to earn passive income. You can literally make money while you sleep! You’re also never limited to how many products you can sell online.

Here are a few more reasons to sell digital products:

  • Cost-effective business—you don’t have to financially invest in stock or product manufacturing.
  • No logistical issues—no concerns about keeping inventory, packaging, or shipping saves time. 
  • Endless possibilities—you can always create new digital products for any market or audience.

Digital vs physical products

Not only is selling digital goods a great way to earn passive income, but it’s also a less challenging business model than selling physical ones.

Comparison of selling digital vs physical products:

  • Online delivery—unlike physical products that run the risk of running out of stock, digital products can be sold infinitely.
  • Budget-friendly—digital assets don’t come with shipping fees the way that physical products do.
  • Higher profit—since there normally aren’t any recurring costs, you end up with more money in your pocket.

7 popular digital products to sell online

To help you pick a digital product to sell online, I’ve put together a list of seven different digital product ideas. You can use this as a source of inspiration, or put your own unique spin on a product to sell. Regardless of what you’re selling, remember that the key is to always provide value to your audience.

1. Educational downloads

Educational downloads are digital products that teach your audience something valuable or give them information. Creators and influencers who sell educational content will usually cover a specific topic that they’re knowledgeable about. 

For instance, Sellfy creator Ashley Renee started writing and selling keto diet cookbooks (eBooks) after going viral on TikTok with her food videos. The high demand for her recipes gave her the motivation to self-publish. And, now, she’s able to finance her lifestyle as an entrepreneur.

sellfy creator Ashley Renee

Then, there’s Amel Aitouche—another Sellfy creator who started selling eBook guides on relocating to Dubai after her YouTube channel about the city grew exponentially. 

Both Ashley and Amel have been able to sell thousands of eBook copies, sharing their expertise with their fans.

sellfy creator amel aitouche

So, if there’s something you’re really good at, why not create and sell an eBook? In fact, according to Statista and Google Trends, eBooks are one of the top information products that people spend their money on. 

Besides, eBooks are easily consumable, and a great way to bring in leads. For example, you can distribute the eBook for free in exchange for website visitors’ emails. Plus, eBooks are great for building credibility.

More examples of educational downloads to sell: 

  • How-to guides
  • Academic research
  • Presentations
  • Meal-prep plans
  • Nutrition plans
  • Skincare and beauty
  • Workout information
  • Repair manuals
  • Reports
  • Informational PDFs
  • Checklists
  • Educational audiobooks

2. Art or music

If you’re an artist, graphic designer, or illustrator, your skillset is constantly in demand, and people will grab anything you have to offer. Moreover, design has become a heavily digitized and profitable industry—the sheer number of Instagram artists is proof of that.

Take Sellfy creator SilverLyons, for example. This California-based digital artist offers premade emotes and bit badges—some for sale and some as freebies—for streamers on Twitch. If you love graphic design and gaming or streaming, you could sell something similar. 

silverlyons store

Another great idea, especially if you have strong musical skills, is to sell sheet music, song files, or even entire albums. For instance, successful English guitarist Thomas McRocklin sells his albums on Sellfy instead of streaming services like Spotify or Apple Music where they’d have lower quality.

sellfy creator mcrocklin

Besides graphic design and music, are you good at creating Procreate brushes? Since the popularity of Procreate has skyrocketed during the past few years, there’s an increasing demand for unique brushes. Why not earn some extra money as a little bonus?

More examples of digital art and music products to sell: 

  • Instagram Highlights covers
  • iPhone screen app icons
  • Digital paintings and posters
  • Stock photos
  • Digital wallpapers
  • Business cards
  • Branding kits
  • Mockup images
  • Clip art
  • Fonts 
  • LUTs

3. Templates and tools

Are you good at photography? Then, here’s an excellent digital product idea for you: Lightroom presets. A Lightroom preset is a specific setting configuration for giving a photo a certain look and feel. By installing presets into Lightroom, anybody can easily apply them to photos just by clicking on a particular preset. 

Using presets improves film and photography quality while saving time. So, if you’ve received compliments on how cinematic your photos or videos look, you can definitely turn this into a business. 

Take a look at German-based photographer and Sellfy creator Christian Mate Grab who’s made his Lightroom presets available for purchase. 

sellfy creator christian mate grab

It’s also possible to sell other types of digital tools such as drum kits online. Thanks to the ability to send audio digitally through MP3s and other formats, there’s a huge market for it. Do you have experience in music production, and know how to make a great beat? Then start selling beats or drum kits online—it’s a great way to earn some extra cash on the side. TV shows and the film industry are constantly on the lookout for fresh tunes to use in their projects! 

Take the Pilgrim Kit Store or Skypierr, for example. Both Sellfy creators made their sample packs and drum kits available for sale in their shops.

sellfy creator pilgrim kits

Not a musician or photographer? Then, how about selling digital planners? Digital planners come in all shapes and forms—from calendars to illustrated journals and notebooks. There are huge markets for these products and they’re in hot demand for anyone who wants to earn passive income. 

More examples of templates and tools to sell: 

  • Canva templates
  • Instagram filters
  • Notion templates
  • Excel sheets
  • Cheatsheets
  • Worksheets
  • Cover letters
  • Creative brief samples
  • Portfolio and résumé templates
  • Copywriting templates
  • Website templates
  • InDesign palettes

4. Entertainment products 

Entertainment products are engaging forms of content that capture your audience’s attention. These types of products can range from silly to serious—the key is to ensure that your audience is thoroughly entertained, inspired even.

For example, Sellfy creators Nils and Kaspars made a short inline skating film in just 30 days. In the film, they take their viewers through a journey of spectacular locations in Thailand while highlighting their daily lives as athletes. Needless to say, their skating stunts definitely sparked interest among their audience. Their film is now available for purchase in their Sellfy shop.

sellfy store xcclusive

More examples of entertainment products to sell: 

  • Comedy and prank videos
  • Reaction videos
  • Short films
  • Product comparisons
  • Video games
  • Entertaining mobile apps
  • Exclusive vlogs
  • Behind-the-scenes footage

5. Courses and tutorials

Do you have vast knowledge on a subject, but would rather not do one-on-one teaching? In that case, you can sell online courses or tutorials, and package your knowledge into a premade digital product. 

There are many ways to facilitate knowledge transfer online: 

Begin by choosing a course format (e.g. video, audio, or a handwritten product), and then create exclusive content on a subject you know a lot about. It can be any type of content that provides a solution to a problem or teaches your audience new skills.

For example, the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) sells dance lessons in various formats like eBooks, DVDs, and CDs in their Sellfy shop. Then there’s Sellfy creator Noah Qehzy who sells graphic design tutorials. 

sellfy store qehzy

Why limit yourself to in-person lessons, when we have the technologies available for creating online courses? Even fitness programs can be sold as digital products. For instance, fitness instructor Ron Jones has successfully brought his personal training online by selling a 5-week program in his Sellfy shop. His $197 program provides gym as well as home workouts to beginners of all age groups.

sellfy creator Ron Jones

More examples of online courses and tutorials to sell: 

  • Setup tutorials
  • Music lessons
  • Training courses
  • Astrology courses
  • Cooking courses
  • Art tutorials
  • Business courses
  • DIY tutorials
  • Language lessons

6. Online services

Online services can range from technical to creative, to anything in-between. For example, software is an ever-growing industry, and it goes without saying that now is the best time to consider this niche. 

If you’re into web design, you can turn that skill into a product and sell web design. This can get you anywhere from $500 to $30,000 a month. There are nearly 2 billion websites online at the moment, and the number is growing by the second. With every page needing its own unique look, this is definitely a promising business. 

Alternatively, you can also sell graphic design services such as custom logo design, YouTube channel banners, or digital portraits. 

sellfy mbdstore

Did you know that there’s even a market for custom vocal track production? Take Sellfy creator Soundlabs who’s made it possible for people to order ghost production from their shop.

sellfy store soundlabs

Or, say, you have a background in copywriting, and a portfolio of previous works. You could use that to promote yourself as an authority and offer copywriting services online. There’s a growing need for creators who can think outside the box and come up with a clever copy.

More examples of online services to sell: 

  • Religious or spiritual
  • Financial consultations
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Proofreading and editing
  • Career consultations
  • Tutoring and virtual assisting
  • Essay-writing
  • Translations
  • Website setup
  • Mobile app creation

7. Subscriptions and memberships

Are you a creator with many followers? Then, creating a membership site or selling subscription-based products is a great way to monetize your audience. For example, if you’re great at public speaking, you could start doing subscription-based podcasts.

Selling memberships or subscriptions will allow you to collect recurring revenue and build customer loyalty. Just take a look at Sellfy creator This French Life. This creator sells digital magazine subscriptions that cover everything you need to know about French culture or traveling and relocating to France.

sellfy store this french life

Another industry that has taken over the internet in recent years is the spiritual wellness and self-help industry. For instance, Sellfy creator Attune to the Moon offers seasonal subscription packages and recordings of live astrology lectures for their members.

sellfy creator attune to the moon

More examples of subscriptions and memberships to sell: 

  • Digital newsletter subscriptions
  • Monthly fitness challenges
  • Weekly meal plans
  • Weekly motivational quotes
  • Meditation and yoga subscriptions
  • Software licensing and updates

How to sell digital products?

There are four steps to creating and selling a digital product: market research, validation of product ideas, launching a store, and promoting on social media. Let’s start with the first two.

1. Research and validate your product ideas

Deciding on the product can be the hardest part, but it doesn’t have to be. All it takes is some research and validation. 

The easiest way to go about it is to analyze your competitors and check in with your fans. After all, your audience follows you for a reason—there must be something that they love about your brand; something that gives you an advantage over your competitors. My suggestion is to find out what that is, and then build your product around that. 

For instance, when we look at the many success stories of Sellfy creators, there’s one thing that stands out: 

Their fans were vocal about what types of products they were hoping to see from the creators, and the creators heard them.

Sellfy Tip
Get direct feedback—you’d be surprised by the number of digital product ideas you could get! So, go ahead and ask your followers what type of product they want you to sell, and then deliver.

2. Create an online store with Sellfy

Sellfy store theme for selling digital products
Sellfy creators can choose from a vast selection of premade store themes.

Once you know what type of digital product you want to sell, it’s time to launch an online shop! What if I told you that you can sell online completely hassle-free with the easiest user interface ever? Because that’s exactly what Sellfy was created for. So, if you’re looking for an affordable eCommerce solution to sell products, I’ll show you how to build a fully functioning store in less than 5 minutes.

A Sellfy store will give you:

  • Mobile-first design
  • Full store customization
  • Instant payouts
  • Discount codes
  • Advanced VAT & tax settings
  • Multiple payment options
  • Excellent customer support

And, what’s more, you can even sell physical products and print-on-demand merch alongside your digital goods and subscriptions!

Ready? Let’s get started:

  1. Choose a subscription plan (Starter, Business, or Premium) and set up an account with a valid email address, or start a free trial. Keep in mind that you can always upgrade and get access to additional features.
  2. Customize the look with the Store Customizer tool, or use one of Sellfy’s premade themes to get a beautiful design. 
  3. Optional bonus: download Sellfy’s mobile app in the App Store or Google Play to keep track of your performance and receive notifications of new orders.

3. Add your digital products

After you’ve created an account with a verified email address, you can start uploading your products to the store. Sellfy has unlimited bandwidth and large file support, so you’ll never have to worry about storage. 

add digital products to your Sellfy store
With the ability to upload files as large as 10 GB, you can sell just about any type of digital product imaginable!

Here’s how to add your products:

  1. Go to your dashboard’s Products section, choose Digital products, and click Add new product.
  2. Upload your digital products.
  3. Add relevant product images.
  4. Add some info in the Product description section so that potential customers know what they’re buying.
  5. Hit Save product and your digital items will appear live in your shop!

4. Share your store link on social media

Last, but not least—don’t forget to add your shop link to your social media profiles (Instagram bio, TikTok bio, Facebook Page, etc.). This is important because whenever a new follower finds your social media account, they’re likely to go to your bio section and see your link. So, having it up there at all times will encourage traffic to your online shop from both new and existing followers!

4 great marketing tactics for your digital products

While sharing your store link can bring in a lot of traffic, it doesn’t always guarantee sales. So, you’ll have to use marketing strategies to get more people excited about your product. To give you some ideas, let’s take a look at four different marketing tactics.

Promote on social media apps like TikTok

Sellfy creator Messy Eats on TikTok
Sellfy creator @itsashleyrenee__ promoting her keto food recipes on TikTok.

The simplest and most straightforward way to get sales is by creating promotional content on social media. My personal recommendation? Create as much video content as possible. Video is one of the most powerful tools for promoting anything online. 

It’s an engaging form of content and a great form of storytelling that makes information more understandable. In fact, video accounts for 82% of global Internet traffic. And, now, the rise of TikTok has made it even more popular.

TikTok has recently become the leading social media platform for short-form video content creation. Its incredibly user-friendly algorithm has made it possible for creators to gain up to 1M followers in as little as a few months. This is why so many creators prefer TikTok over other apps for product promotion—even creators who don’t have any followers. All you need to get started is a smartphone with a good camera. And, if you’re camera-shy, you don’t even need to show your face. You can just do product videos with voiceovers in the TikTok app.

And, the best part about TikTok is that your content will always keep on showing up on people’s feeds. In other words, you don’t have to post new content every time because your existing ones will do the job for you. So, even if you don’t have a TikTok account yet, it doesn’t hurt to try!

Sellfy store baredex TikTok
Sellfy creator @baredex promoting melody packs on TikTok.

Here are a couple of tactics for increasing engagement on TikTok:

  • Create a branded hashtag or ask your followers to tag you in their reviews. 
  • Use relevant hashtags to make it easier for people to find your products.
  • Enable the Q&A section in your TikTok profile so followers can ask questions.
  • Incorporate social proof by sharing customer feedback in your content.
  • Give product sneak-peeks or go Live to build excitement.
  • Ask family and friends to spread the word and share your product.
  • Share behind-the-scenes content to give viewers a personalized experience.
  • Do free giveaways to keep fans happy.

To learn more about TikTok, head over to how to make money on TikTok.

Use email marketing to connect with fans

send emails with Sellfy
You can send emails to fans with Sellfy’s email marketing tool!

Email is another powerful tool for promoting your business. It’s the quickest communication channel for reaching out to your audience without social media. Email marketing helps maintain a profitable relationship with your customers and acts as a source of leads and higher engagement. Luckily, if you’re a Sellfy creator, you can use our email marketing feature!

With Sellfy’s email marketing tool, you can:

  • Send out newsletters
  • Collect a list of subscribers
  • Announce big launch dates
  • Promote upcoming products
  • Get feedback via surveys
  • Share important news
  • Talk about shop updates
  • Surprise fans with free giveaways
  • Let customers know about special offers

Create time-sensitive sales campaigns

Sellfy coupons and discounts tool
You can create time-sensitive sales campaigns with Sellfy’s coupons and discounts feature!

There’s nothing like a time-sensitive campaign to drive urgency and FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)! Many creators use such promotional campaigns during special events or international holidays (Christmas, Halloween, Black Friday, etc.). 

To stay up-to-date with the holidays, it’s best to follow a marketing calendar and mark the days that you want to use to announce special campaigns. Just type in ‘marketing calendar’ and the current year in Google, and then click Google Images to find one.

But, how do you create a successful campaign? 

From what I’ve seen in the success stories of Sellfy creators, the most successful sales campaigns usually involve discounts on products that are considered fan favorites (if you’re selling more than just one digital product). 

A good way to find out what people love is to use the Sellfy Analytics tool. This tool reveals your best-performing products and even gives you insight into traffic channels, among other things. Aside from Sellfy Analytics, you can also check Instagram Insights, TikTok Analytics, and Google Analytics.

When you’re ready to launch a campaign, you can use Sellfy’s built-in marketing tools to create one.

Take advantage of Sellfy’s built-in marketing tools

Sellfy marketing tools
An overview of Sellfy’s marketing toolstack.

Our users absolutely love Sellfy’s built-in marketing tools! And, if you’ve just recently started using Sellfy, I’m pretty sure you will, too—they’ve proven to be very effective. 

Here’s a list of our creators’ favorite features:

  • Coupons and discounts—add a discount for any number of products, run a holiday sale with a start/end date, drive urgency with flash deals, or offer freebies to potential customers.
  • Cart abandonment—see stats of unfinished orders and set up emails with special offers to recover revenue from missed sales.
  • Upselling—offer additional discounted products as soon as a buyer adds your product to the cart.
  • Embed options—embed customizable Buy Now or shopping cart buttons, single products, or your whole shop page anywhere on the web to attract sales.
  • Pay-what-you-want feature—increase customer engagement and maximize your sales by giving your fans the option to choose how much to pay for a product.

How to fight piracy of your digital products?

Fighting piracy is a big issue when it comes to selling digital files online. Theft can happen to almost anyone, so it’s very important to take the necessary steps to secure your products.

If you’re using Sellfy, I have good news for you—we do our best to fight off piracy! While we cannot guarantee 100% safety, we do have anti-piracy tools to ensure the safety of your digital products.

Protect your digital products with Sellfy

Not only does Sellfy host all of your products on a secure Amazon cloud server, but we also generate unique download links for each purchased item. Each customer gets only a maximum of five download attempts. 

Moreover, you’ll be able to manually restrict or block product downloads. If you wish, Sellfy can even provide you with customer information such as IP addresses and download logs. 

In addition, we also provide the following digital security measures:

  • SSL encryption
  • PDF file stamping
  • GDPR compliance to protect customers’ data
  • Highly secure payment gateway

Ready to start selling digital products online?

You’ve made it! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this guide as much as I’ve enjoyed putting all the ideas together for you. Now, with a list of digital products to sell online, you can take the leap and start your business venture! All it takes is a little market research and launching your store with Sellfy. So, whether you’re looking to create some extra income, or launch a full-fledged online business, you’ve come to the right place. Good luck!

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