Creator Spotlight: Free Goodies For Designers

Today we’re going to speak with our Swedish seller from Free Goodies for Designers. Some of you may have already noticed him from all the amazing goodies that he has on Sellfy freebies page. What you may not know, is that this simple entry on our freebies page has generated him over 240,000 product views!

Tell us about your latest product

Our latest project was a pack of free social media icons in Halloween mode, they ended up being pretty funny. This vector set was viewed over 10,000 times on Sellfy and was download almost a 100 times.


How do you promote your products?

Mostly through Behance and Dribbble, but we also have a blog on Tumblr and a Pinterest account that we update regularly. About a week ago we also started with Facebook.

How have you built your audience and online presence?

We are a really small group of great designers and art directors that do this mostly for fun, we started our blog about 3 months ago, with the objective of sharing useful stuff for designers, things that we also use in our daily work.

In our first month we produced a lot of stuff and shared it for free on Behance and Dribbble. This way some design blogs noticed us and started writing about our stuff. From there people started sharing our designs around and I guess it never stopped since.

We still are a pretty small team, but we are having loads of fun doing this!


Can you tell us about the impact of Sellfy freebies on the sales of your products?

Sellfy was the most impressive thing that has happened to us so far, we got impressive how our views boosted just by people sharing from the platform, it made great visibility to our blog and freebies.

You use social media to promote your goodies like a pro. Any tips for our readers?

We don’t consider ourselves social media pros, we just do stuff that we think will look great and will help designers. We also do some animations and videos to explain our resources better. I think that is something that makes us unique and really allows our designs to stand out in the crowd.

A great tip would be.. have a clear message about your product, don’t complicate too much.


What’s the best feedback you received about your product?

It is always great for us to have positive and negative feedback about our stuff. We have been fortunate enough to receive loads of positive feedback, from long mails to nice comments in our social channels.

The best one actually came from a blogger that posted this:

“I have been following Free Goodies for Designers since they first opened up. The group is from Stockholm, Sweden and I first found them on Behance. They have an amazing site filled with top of the line freebies for graphic and web designers. I have never seen a site that takes such pride in themselves and what they put out there and on top of it all for free.”


What are some of your favorite places online, where you get insight or inspiration for your work?

So many good stuff going on! But our top places are,,, and

Imagine that you can go back in time and give yourself advice about something. What would it be?

Open a Sellfy account hahahah. But seriously – be more online, act more social, discover another ways to do your work.


What should we expect next from you?

Almost finishing another great font. We will be hopefully releasing it this week! Only final adjustments are left. I think you guys will really love it!

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