Getting Started with Sellfy

Getting Started with Sellfy

Thank you for trying out Sellfy. To help you get started and get the most from your experience with Sellfy, we’ve prepared this Getting Started guide. Here you can read all our handy tips with best practices for creators.


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Step 1. Verify your email

Why are we starting this guide with something as trivial as email verification?

Without verifying your email, we can’t guarantee that you will receive important notifications about your store, sales, messages from customers and other news. You really shouldn’t skip this step.

If for some reason you have not received a verification email, you can send out a new one in your “Account Settings” by clicking on “Resend verification” button next to the email entry field.

Step 2. Customize your store

Naturally, when creating your store, you’re going to want to make it your own. With our powerful customization tool, you can change the visual appearance of your store to match your brand.

You’ll be able to change the colors of all texts, buttons and backgrounds. These changes will be applied to your store page, product page, checkout and download pages. You can also choose the layout style of your store page, number of products per page and more.

To access the customization menu, go to Dashboard -> “Store Settings” -> “Customize”.

Read more about customization on our blog.

Step 3. Add a payment method

With Sellfy, you receive all your profits immediately after the purchase is made. No waiting for weeks to get what is yours.

Currently, you can setup your PayPal email, check if the primary currency is correct and configure Stripe to accept credit card payments directly.

You can set up the payment options in Store Settings ==> Payment Options

Step 4. Upload your first product

Now that you’ve customized the look of your store and attached the payment method, it’s time to upload your first product.

Accepted products

We at Sellfy are dedicated to supporting creators who create their own authentic products. To keep our community safe, open and thriving, there are a few rules that regulate what content and products we allow to be sold via Sellfy. Violation of these rules can result in the suspension of your account, permanently.

You can read more about it here

Writing a compelling product description

You can’t enjoy a one-to-one conversation with every potential customer of your digital goods. But you can do the next best thing – write a product description that will explain why people should care about your product. Let them know what’s in it for them if they decide to buy your product. Besides, product description helps potential customers understand if they are really interested in your product.

Product Description Editor

To compose a perfect product description, try to include the following elements:

  1. About the product. What will the buyer get once he downloads your product? What is included?
  2. Describe product benefits. How will this help the buyer become a better version of himself? What are the unique features of this product?
  3. Mention prerequisites. What kind of programs does the buyer need to have to use your product? What level of expertise or any particular skills does he need to possess in order to best enjoy your product?
  4. License information. Are there any licenses attached to this product? What are the terms of this license? How does it limit the use of your product by the buyer?

Remember, while you are writing the product description for the people, search engines will also analyze it to determine what your product page is about. Therefore it is important to keep a few SEO related things in mind.

  1. Write original product description;
  2. Recommended length is 100 to 300 words;
  3. Add at least 3 tags that best describe your product;
  4. Include the main keyword in the product title.

Making a product image that captures viewers attention

Recent studies show that almost half of the people respond better to visual information than plain text. Creating beautiful images that convey the value of your product offer increase the chances of your products being bought.

Besides, potential customers will usually spend less than 5 seconds to decide if they are interested in your product. Products with an image are thus more likely to effectively pitch the product to the buyer in such short period of time.

Product Image like a pro

Your main product image should display exactly what your customer will be getting. How many items are included, what type of software is required and an example of your product in use. Essentially, it’s a very short version of your product description.

And while it’s perfectly fine to have only one product image for your product, don’t dismiss the opportunity to add more images. Use this chance to display your product from different sides and show what it’s really capable of.


Not sure what to charge your customers? You can always test the waters with the pay what you want pricing.

Why would I use pay what you want?

For two main reasons:

  1. it removes the barrier of entry. Yes, your fans in Eastern Europe might still think that $10 for an ebook is too much.
  2. it removes the upper limit of contributions. Let your fans name a fair price and see how it can transform your business.

The best part? The pay what you want feature has a twist – you have full control over what the minimum contribution should be. So it’s less like “pay what you want” and more like “pay this price or more”.

If you want people to donate $5 or more, you just set the price to $5 and enable pay what you want pricing. On the other hand, if you want true pay what you want, you can just leave the min. price blank.

You can enable the pay what you want pricing when editing the product.


If you already have a website, blog or social media profile where you want to sell your products, Sellfy offers 3 options to do just that.

  1. A “Buy now” button, that displays your product in a pop-up when pressed.
  2. Embedding the whole store page on your site;
  3. Embedding a single product on your site.

Step 5. Getting your first sale

Launching your product is probably just about 20% of the job. The remaining 80% is promoting it to the right people. But how do you find that very first customer, that will help you get the momentum?

There are 4 basic ways how you can find people to promote your product to. Sometimes called concentric circle marketing, it consists of 4 stages (or circles).

The first circle is everyone from your personal network. You can market your product and get early feedback from people you personally know. You should really do this before you contact anyone else, as these people will be most easily acknowledge who are and will rarely ignore you.

The second circle is all your followers and fans. Your audience. This circle consists of people who are also fairly familiar with you and your work and who you can reach to directly. If you have been consistently providing them with high value in the past, these people will listen to what you have to say.

For example, people in your audience might include your Youtube channel subscribers, your Twitter followers, people that follow your on Instagram or your email newsletter subscribers.

The third circle is your personal network’s followers and fans. Their audience. Ask them to promote your product, if you both think that their audience will benefit from exposure to your offer. Remember to be nice to your friends and don’t pressure them into doing something they don’t want.

The fourth circle is cold traffic. These are the people you don’t know and who don’t know you. They won’t feel more compelled to purchase your product because you are the creator, simply because they don’t know who you are. Advertising, social media mentions, traffic from forums or blog comments – these are all examples of potentially cold traffic.

Step 6. Learn the tools that’ll help you get more sales

Sellfy comes with a couple of powerful built-in marketing features, that will help you get your store to the new hights.

Email marketing

Reach a small segment of your customers or send a broadcast campaign to all your fans with our email marketing tool. Send upselling offers, product updates and more. No need to pay for any 3rd party tool – Sellfy has you covered. Read more about email marketing in Sellfy.


There are 2 types of discounts you can offer for your products: coupon codes and sales.

Coupon codes allow you to give special prices to your customers and give you a way to track promotional campaign performance.

Sale is a type of discounts available to all store visitors. The original price appears crossed out on the product page.

The Discounts section also gives you an overview of all the discounts running. You can view number of times the coupon code was used.

There are dozens of ways how you can use offers, coupons, discounts and deals to drive revenue. You could run a weekly or monthly offer for your loyal customers. Set up a prelaunch offer for your new product. Or create a special holiday discount.

Retargeting visitors of your store with Google ads and Facebook ads is another popular way how you can make use of discounts. And of course, then there’s abandoned cart offer, which you can configure to be sent automatically when a visitor doesn’t finish his purchase.

You can read more about discounts in our docs.


Now you know all the basic tools Sellfy offers to run your store. If you want to learn more about selling digital products, check out this article on our blog. Have some questions about your Sellfy store? Our documentation has you covered.

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