Creator’s Guide to Google Alerts

Google Alerts is truly one of Google’s well hidden treasures. It’s a really powerful tool not only for staying up to date on news from far away or following a trending story. It can be also used for anything from job hunting to searching for coupon codes and discounts.

How can Google Alerts help an indie creator sell more of his goods? Find out below.

What You Will Learn

You will learn how to use Google Alerts to:

  • Find out who’s talking about you or your products;
  • Spy on your competitors;
  • Monitor questions relevant to your niche;
  • Stay up to date about mentions of your products around the web;
  • Discover new product promotion opportunities;
  • Reach new potential customers;
  • Spot new profitable product niches.

Find Out Who’s Talking About You Or Your Products

One of the best uses for Google Alerts is to monitor who is talking about you, your blog or website. Every time your mentioned by someone, you’ll get an email directly to your inbox alerting you about that. You can use these opportunities to get links back to your website, if you’re only mentioned by name, or jump into discussions about your brand and find your what people really think about you and your work.

You can either receive all of the results, or only those that Google considers to be high quality. Google Alerts also lets you choose the frequency of the emails you’ll be getting. You can have all the results delivered to your inbox as they happen, or opt in for a weekly or monthly digest of mentions.

Here are some of the alerts you could set up for this:
john doe

Spy On Your Competitors

Besides monitoring your personal brand, you should also be spying on your competitors. There’s no shame in borrowing one or two good ideas on promotions from them. You could use Google Alerts to stay on top of any feedback your competitor is receiving and improve your own product this way.

You’ll also receive an alert or two about your competitors being mentioned on some blog or website, you could them jump into comments and suggest your own product as an alternative. Or better yet, reach out to website admin or blog editor and ask him to feature, review or mention your products.

Monitor Questions Relevant to Your Niche

Every once in a while, someone will ask a question that is relevant to the niche you are selling in. It could be anything from video editing tips to what kind of plates should you use to take photos of your recipes. Being able to track those questions in real time and providing relevant answers can not only establish you as an expert, but also will give you a nice opportunity to mention your own products.

Here are some of the alerts you could use to monitor the web for relevant questions. Replace “sell online“ with term relevant to your own niche.

Why * sell online
Will * sell online
When * sell online
Where * sell online
How * sell online
Is * sell online
Can * sell online

Stay Up to Date About Mentions of Your Products Around The Web

You can set Google Alerts to monitor mentions of your products around the Web. You’ll be notified when someone mentions it in a blog post or talks about it on a forum. This is a great opportunity to join the discussion and thank the author for mentioning you or getting otherwise involved in the discussion.

If your product is titled “Moto 360 Watch Fully Layered Sketch 3 Freebie” and you want to be alerted of any mentions, you’d have to set up the following alerts:

“Moto 360 Watch Fully Layered Sketch 3 Freebie”
“Moto 360 Watch Sketch Freebie”
“Moto 360 Sketch”

Discover New Product Promotion Opportunities

You know how some creators use guest blogging as a powerful tool in their product promotion arsenal? You could use Google Alerts to look out for any new opportunities for submitting a guest post. Most of these blogs use one of the following phrases to attract guest contributors (just make sure to change the “fitness” part):

“write for us” fitness
“submit guest post” fitness
“bloggers wanted” fitness
“become a contributor” fitness
“this guest post” fitness
“become an author” fitness

Reach New Potential Customers

As any product seller, the thing you want the most is more sales, right? Google Alerts can help you with that too, by notifying you every time there’s a potential customer ready to give your their money. Target people who already need what you have to offer, but are still deciding who to buy it from.

Here are some queries to consider for this task:

wordpress theme * under *

  • wordpress theme under *
    theme under *
    cheapest wordpress theme *
    cheap wordpress theme *
    buy wordpress theme * cheap
    best price * wordpress theme
  • theme * price

Spot New Profitable Product Niches

As a digital content creator, you’re probably always on the lookout for new product ideas. With Google Alerts, you can receive a daily digest of new trends and product niches, landing right in your inbox. You’ll get some pretty weird stuff too, but the hidden gems make it totally worth it.

new * this year
new * 2015
will * 2015
what will happen *

Over to You

Now I need you to go to Google Alerts and set up at least 2 alerts that make the most sense for you and your products.

Did you find any of these tips helpful? Do you have any questions about using Google Alerts? Are you using Google Alerts for some other purposes? Let me know in the comments section below.

Yuri is a Content Crafter at Sellfy. He's focused on inbound marketing, copywriting, CRO and growth.