30 great graphic design products that you can sell online

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13 Mar, 2024
30 great graphic design products that you can sell online

Working as a freelance graphic designer has its perks, as it also has its unexpected downtimes. The best way to stay afloat during those times is to have some kind of backup. One solution is to sell graphic design products online. There are lots of different kinds of visuals which you can sell on different platforms.

You can create products for other designers looking to save time or for non-designers who like to create their own visuals. From fun fonts to wireframe kits, there really are lots of options to get that passive income coming in when the down times come.

We have 30 ideas for graphic design products to inspire your own online sales. If you are already an established seller, you might get inspired to create new products. If you are new, then we hope this list will help you get started with a new career you will love.

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Selling fonts online is a favorite of many graphic designers. The style of font you wish to sell depends greatly on your style. As you know, font and typography freebie sites are all over the internet and it’s all very saturated. To really get your fonts noticed, you need to make them special. Once you have the font ready, you have to also present it really well in mockups of different kinds. You can use a mockup generator or premade templates to make it easy and quick.

  • Script Font
  • An all-time favorite or people who consume fonts online are the script fonts. Either calligraphic or in a handwritten style, these are always snatched. You can charge a little more if your font has ligatures and swatches.
  • Novelty Fonts

Unique and specialized fonts are fun and memorable. The more versatile the novelty font looks, the better it will do with sales.

  • Non-Western Fonts

Fonts designed for non-western languages do really well with the international crowd. The majority of fonts are created in English. Some have accents for languages like German, Turkish etc. But the ones which really stand out are Cyrillic, Arabic, Thai, Japanese, etc.


Both professional designers and Etsy sellers need mockups. It’s the no.1 tool to make designs look like they will appear in “real life.” The mockups which sell the most are the ones designed with “smart object” layers. This details make the mockup easier to use and will look great with any design placed on it. Check out EAMEJIA’s branding mockup set.

  • Products/Packaging
    Mockups for shampoo bottles, soap boxes, and gift bags are quite popular. Create the mockups in at least three different views so the design can be seen from many angles.
  • Billboards and Signs
    Coffee shops and restaurants love to see what their logo will look like on a sign. A billboard mockup helps advertisers show their clients what their giant advertisement will look like in real life.

  • Design and Branding assets
    Designers love showing their logo designs on business cards and other branding assets. These are a favorite for design portfolios. Designers use these to show their clients, to better visualize what their logos look like. They key is to create something unique and authentic. For inspiration, you can use a tool such as Logaster free logo maker.

  • Scene Creators
    A favorite in the mockup world is the scene creator. This is a collection of items which can be interchanged and placed anywhere on a space to create a new space for showcasing pretty much anything. Posters on the wall, websites on a computer screen or a social media graphic.

  • Apparel
    People who design illustrations for t-shirts and other articles of clothing always need mockups. Apparel mockups can be as common as t-shirts or even socks and beanies.

Landing Pages

Websites need all sorts of landing pages, for lead generation or for notices about the site being under maintenance. Create these for specific purposes, either for popular themes like DIVI or design them in code for designers to adjust as they wish.

  • 404 error pages
    Designed error pages are always much better than the standard. Make these fun and entertaining.
  • Under Construction
    Letting viewers know that a site is under construction can be done with fun landing pages as well. Offer these as ready-to-use pages that need little to no tweaking.

  • Lead Generation

Landing pages for lead generation are in high demand. They need to be UX optimized and users need to be able to customize the content for their own site. Make the code easy to read and keep it in order.


Designed backgrounds are in high demand on many graphic design sites. They are used for many purposes. To get good sales of backgrounds, make sure they are high quality and can be tiled for greater versatility.

  • Wallpapers
    Wallpaper backgrounds are used as desktop screensavers but also as the background for social media posts or even printed posters. They can also be offered as mobile phone wallpaper.

  • Presentation Backgrounds
    Backgrounds for presentations can be offered in sets or groups. Professional backgrounds, creative backgrounds, etc. There are tons of people always making presentations and backgrounds are always in demand.

UX and UI tools

Tools for UX and UI design are excellent timesavers. These have to be really well designed to be worth it for other designers. Think of usability and practicality when creating these tools.

  • Wireframes
    A wireframe kit is a timesaver for a UX designer creating a website or app. Do some research first about what an optimal wireframe kit looks like so that yours is just as good if not better.

  • UI Kits
    A UI kit includes all the visual tidbits for a website or app to function. Menus, buttons, loading illustrations, etc. Always create these in kits so that they all match each other in color and style. Check out Yebo’s elaborate UI kits for mobile apps.


Professionally designed templates save tons of time for lots of different people; social media marketers, startup entrepreneurs, writers, bloggers, you name it. Templates are best sold in kits or sets for different kinds of purposes. Always sell these as .eps, .pdf. or .ai formats for easy customization.

  • Social media packs
    A favorite in the template world is Instagram post sets or Instagram story sets. These usually include at least 10 or many more templates for easy use and minimal editing.

  • Powerpoint Presentations
    Presentation templates are always in demand. Nobody wants to kill a crowd with a boring Powerpoint presentation, so give them a cool and fun template they can easily add their content to.

  • Ebook cover templates
    Self published authors many times create their own ebook covers. They always look for templates which are easy to use and will save them time while making their book look great.

  • Facebook Ads
    If you are a master at Facebook Ads, you should definitely make some templates. These are some of the most difficult visuals to get right and marketers will use templates if they will work well and get results.

  • Digital Ads

Banner ads, wide skyscraper ads, etc, are always in demand. It’s best to create these in sets so they look like branded ad groups and can be used in correlation with each other.


The demand for icons is high and ever evolving. New websites and apps will always need icons. These are best sold in sets, either as a theme or as style. Remember that icons need to look good big or small. If you sell them as .svg and mobile-optimized then you might get the attention of professional UX designers.

  • Flat icons
    Linear flat icons are the most common and most used in the online space. Make yours unique but also versatile. Try and offer them in black but editable so that the user can customize them.
  • 3D icons
    These are not as versatile as line icons but still quite popular. They look great when used in larger sizes but don’t make them too detailed just in case.

  • Icon Sets
    When you put a lot of similar icons together they can be sold in sets. Either a set of all line icons or a set of icons in both line and 3D styles for the same theme. These are great for UI designers or just anyone looking for great looking icons.


Vector designs are always in demand by both designers and non-designers. The best vector designs are those which can be used in many different ways. The magic of vectors is that they can be used large or small an still look great.

  • Characters
    Vector characters are fun and used for lots of purposes. From presentations to social media graphics. Try and create one character in different moods or poses. Or create a family of characters.

  • Decorative illustrations
    Decorative vectors include anything from torn paper designs to coffee inspired doodles. The possibilities are endless in this space.

  • Kid style
    Many Etsy sellers create products for children. Be it clothes, or toys or homeware. They are also always looking for vector designs targeted at kids, like cute monsters, animals or funny aliens.  

  • Badges and Banners
    Badges can be used for sales graphics or for social proof in websites and posters. Banners can be designed in a way which can be added to any type of graphic or design. These are great also in groups or sets with minimal differences for different kinds of projects.

Surface Patterns

The world of surface patterns often goes under the radar but once you start creating them you notice that it’s huge and demand is high for good quality surface pattern design. For a surface pattern to be really successful it needs to be seamless so it can be tiled infinitely.

  • For Textiles
    Surface patterns are used mainly on textiles and fabrics. These are then used to create clothing or pretty much anything. Offer your patterns as high-quality vector graphics for best results.

  • For Cofee mugs and tumblers

Surface patterns can be added on to coffee mugs and tumblers quite easily. Create these patterns with motifs that call attention to coffee drinkers and will be fun to look at. These don’t need to be seamless but should be high quality.

  • Home decoration

Surface pattern design for home decoration is a high demand market. Think of your designs on curtains, pillows, bedding sheets and towels. Use vibrant colors and always make them high-quality vectors with seamless tiling.

Deciding which graphic design product to create and sell online is not that hard. Look closely at what you enjoy creating and go from there. Try the things you are good at and see how that goes. Don’t forget to share on social media and tell everyone you know that you are selling these products. You never know who might be your next client.


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