Creator Spotlight: Hal Gatewood

Today on creator spotlight we have Hal Gatewood, a web developer from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I’m sure you’ve seen his awesome device photopacks around. Let’s ask Hal how did this idea came to him, but first..

Hal, how did you start out in the field of design?

I was an art major in college and switched after a year when a new program opened up called Interactive Multimedia. The degree taught us many different aspects of media from cameras to audio production, photoshop and 3D modeling.

Devices on wood

After college I moved toward web design and development. I started working at a small web shop designing logos and building websites for small businesses.

Over the last 10 years I have worked on large and small products through the United States and Canada. Now I work on two websites that I have been doing for a while and and also create digital products on the side to help pay the bills.

Tell us about your latest “digital product on the side”.

Latest product in my Sellfy shop is a ‘Devices on Color’ PhotoPack. It has 40 images of various devices on different color backgrounds.

Devices on color

The intention for this pack is mostly to be used as headers for websites and/or blogging images. As a web developer I have tons of devices to test the performance of client websites and apps. And at some point I just naturally started stacking them up and shooting them in various layouts.

How do you promote your store and products?

I promote my products mostly from my own website and through Facebook and Twitter.

I also sell my products on CreativeMarket, but with them taking a 30% share of the profits I would love for my users to buy them through my Sellfy store! So on most of my products on CreativeMarket I have links to my Sellfy store.

This has been one of the main drivers of traffic to my shop.

Devices on Blue

What’s the best feedback you received about your product?

“Great collection!” – People enjoy the quality of my photos and the variety. I have received nice feedback on many of my different packs.

Which of the products is your favourite and why?

On of my best and favorite products is a PhotoPack GrabBag of 600 random stock photos.

Mega 600

People love the variety and the usefulness of having a bunch of odds and ends photos. As a graphic designer you never know what element is going to help you make the piece standout, having 600 ready to use pictures for one low price is a no brainer.

Random question – what is your favourite font to use these days?

My goto font these days is Lato. Can’t get enough.

I am actually enjoying the current trend of handwritten script fonts with ever popular watercolor features around it. It doesn’t work for everything but they are just fun. A couple good examples on Sellfy include Ballpoint from Drew Melton and Ayla Script from Ian Mikraz.

People 50 images

What should we expect next from you?

Expect even more awesome high quality PhotoPacks. They’re so fun to both produce and sell. I hope they make great additions to every designer’s toolbox.

P.S. Make sure to check out Hal’s Sellfy store, his photopacks are really good.

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