13 Blood-Chilling Halloween Flyer and Poster Templates

Halloween is closing in. You know what this means, right? Trick-or-treating, costume parties, making jack-o’-lanterns. More importantly though, it means you guys will need Halloween design resources. No worries though, we got you covered with this collection of 13 blood-chilling flyer and poster templates.

1. Halloween Party

This hairy zombie in feathers wearing headphones with speakers certainly isn’t something you see every day, hence the first place in this collection.

2. Halloween Party Vintage Blackboard

Perfect for a restaurant, pub or a bar party this poster features zombies, demons, skulls and spiders – classic recipe for a scary night.

3. Happy Halloween Party

Some zombie slash ghost slash alien action in this poster. Prepare for some brain stealing on October 31st.

4. Happy Halloween Party Invitation

Old ‘n’ ugly witches, skulls & bats (is that Batman over there?) are featured in this pink and yellow themed Halloween party invitation. Probably will be used at Lakers Halloween party this year (not confirmed).

5. Halloween Party Blackboard

Another blackboard-type of poster, this time in pure black and white with headstones and crosses as the central piece.

6. Freaks Night

No matter how long I looked, couldn’t find anything freakish about this young lady. Is it the hat thing?


7. Halloween Night Party Flyers

If every other flyer seems not terrifying enough for you and your guests, this spine-tingling singing undead flyer should do the trick.


8. The Horde

Remember that 2009 movie with the same title? Almost as scary as this poster. But not really.


9. Trick Or Treat

Conventional trick-or-treat poster with jack-o’-lanterns. We had to have one of these, didn’t we?


10. Walking Deads

That reminds me of The Walking Dead TV Series. The new season just started, are you as excited as I am? Weird side note: for some reason bold zombies look comical.


11. Witch Hunt

My personal favourite is this witch hunt flyer. Looks like a perfect choice for one of those ice bar type of establishments too.


12. Zombie Invasion

Zombie invasion poster with some seriously weird movements by the female zombies here. Prison wardens out there should seriously look into using these for their Prison in Halloween 2014 parties.


13. Bonus: Spooky Icons

Epic bundle of really beautiful 100 hand-drawn vector Halloween icons. Hundred of spooky things will add some fun (and goosebumps) to your designs and themes!

Over to you

Are you looking forward to the Halloween? What Halloween flyer template or poster did you love the best? Do you have a template that you want featured here? Let me know.

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