How to sell PLR eBooks in 2024 (+ best selling products)

By Aleksey Haritonenko read
24 May, 2024
How to sell PLR eBooks in 2024 (+ best selling products)

If you’re looking for a way to make money online in 2024—selling digital products is your best chance to generate passive income.

But, there’s one question that troubles each aspiring entrepreneur:

What digital products should I sell?

Even though it’s a question that’s not easy to answer, I have a great idea for you—PLR eBooks!

While many people haven’t even heard about PLR products, it’s a fantastic opportunity to make money online by selling pre-written content.

In this article, you’ll learn everything you should know about PLR products, where to get them, and how to sell them online with minimal investment and absolutely no risk.

What are PLR products?

In essence, a PLR product is a piece of digital content (e.g., eBooks, music, videos, articles, reports, etc.) that can be used as if you created it yourself. In other words, when you buy Private Label Rights for the product, you’re getting all the rights of the original author of the work—not even copyright or attribution is required!

Private label rights (PLR) have become a big part of many eCommerce businesses and became an integral part of the Internet marketing landscape.

Here’s an example of how it works:

  1. Someone writes an eBook.
  2. Then they put it up for sale on one of the PLR websites.
  3. You buy the eBook and then resell it as your own.
An example of an eBook listed on the PLR Hustle database.

But, there’s a catch:

Even though you have all rights to resell the eBook forever and keep 100% of the profit, you’re still not the sole owner of the content. The PLR creator can (and most probably will) sell the same eBook to other people like you.

The good news is that you are free to rebrand or even rewrite the content to make it unique. I’ll cover this in more detail later on.

How is PLR different from MRR, and RR?

Before you go ahead and start reselling other people’s work, it’s crucial to understand the difference between various reselling rights. Otherwise, you may find yourself in trouble. 

So, let me explain how each of them works.

1. RR

With Resell Right, you get the rights to resell the product, but not the copyright. You’re not allowed to alter the product from its original form. In other words, all you can do is resell the product as is. Plus, other restrictions may be laid out in the license.

2. MRR 

With Master Resell Rights, you get the ‘Master Rights’ but not the copyright. It means that you’re allowed to resell the product (or the same rights), but you can’t change it in any way or form. In some cases, you’ll be allowed to apply for your own private label ownership in addition to the original copyright.

3. PLR

Private Label Rights is a type of product license that grants you the most freedom when compared to MRR and RR. PLR entitles you to individual copyright and full ownership of the product. It meant that you’re allowed to change it any way you want (even putting yourself as an author). There are also no restrictions when it comes to reselling the product—you can list any price or share it for free.

As you can see, buying and editing PLR products is the safest and easiest way to create your own digital product.

Best selling PLR eBooks

People are rarely doing a good job of predicting the future. It means that it’s pretty impossible to foresee if a certain genre or type of eBook will perform well in terms of sales. 

However, we might be able to predict where the industry is headed and what trends will actually matter in the nearest future.

One way to do this is to see what type of content is popular among other creators, and eCommerce business owners. Luckily, most PLR resources post lists of bestsellers for that purpose. 

But, let’s dig in a bit deeper and take a look at the niches that deserve special attention in 2024:

Wellness and health

Wellness and self-care are getting more and more popular in the post-pandemic reality. Honestly, that’s not surprising at all—there’s just something so freeing about a fresh start.

So, more and more people are looking for effective ways to take care of themselves. It means, that there’s no better time than now to offer some self-care and wellness guidance.

Here are a few examples of PLR eBooks on wellness and self-care:

  1. Increase Your Immunity
  2. Change Your Mindset To Reduce Stress, Anxiety, and Uncertainty
  3. Disconnect To Reconnect

Affiliate marketing

The global pandemic didn’t just start a new trend for wellness, it’s also sparked global economic changes. Most marketing strategies had to go through a transformation due to the pandemic’s uncertainty—affiliate marketing is no exception. 

In fact, it’s getting more and more attention as a low-cost business growth channel. This marketing strategy has proven to work great for small companies since it doesn’t require big investments. Therefore, a lot of new businesses from single-product stores to booming startups are looking for different ways to build an affiliate network.

Here are a few examples of PLR eBooks on affiliate marketing:

  1. Affiliate Networking
  2. Affiliate Marketing Success
  3. The Affiliate Marketing Blueprint

Mind, body, and spirit

After months of lockdown and taking into consideration the current unsatiable geopolitical situation, there’s a sense that we are collectively losing our minds. Thus, a lot more people are looking for practices that’ll help them remain sane and productive in their day-to-day lives. Of course, there is one that stands among the others—the practice of being mindful and present.

Being present is all about catching the moments when you’re feeling uncertainty, fear, or the urge to procrastinate, and learning to deal with those difficulties mindfully.

Here are a few examples of PLR eBooks on mindfulness and spirituality:

  1. 7 Simple Ways To Practice Being Present
  2. The Astonishing Power Of Positive Thinking
  3. The Art Of Meditation

Personal branding

According to Forbes Business Council in 2024 personal branding is crucial for both the image of the business owner and the image of the business itself. New entrepreneurs must be extra careful when it comes to their values and self-representation, as it may heavily affect their future.

Each year, personal branding trends change based on new technology or new global values, and 2024 will be no different. So, it seems that a lot of new businesses will be looking for creative ways to build their personal brands.

Here are a few examples of PLR eBooks on building a personal brand:

  1. Personal Branding Blueprint
  2. Growth Principles
  3. 7 Mistakes To Avoid If You Want a Successful Online Business

Digital marketing

Just like everything else, the world of marketing has transformed tremendously over the past few years. This can be explained by one simple fact: most people were pushed to go online to do their product research, review, and purchase. 

It can be tricky to keep up with digital marketing trends as the industry changes so fast. That’s why there’s a huge demand for quality resources in this niche. 

Here are a few examples of PLR eBooks on digital marketing:

  1. Artificial Intelligence In Digital Marketing
  2. Essential Traffic Methods For Internet Marketers
  3. 12 MacGyver Traffic Hacks

How to sell PLR eBooks

It takes just a few simple steps to start selling PLR eBooks online: find the best PLR source, choose and buy quality eBooks, rebrand the eBook to make it unique, pick the right platform to sell your eBook, and finally promote it to sell more copies.

Let’s take a detailed look at each step.

Step 1. Find the best source for PLR eBooks

It may come as a surprise, but there are literally thousands of PLR products available online. The problem is that most of them are not good enough to be worth your time or money. 

That’s why it’s important to choose only trustworthy sources to get your PLR eBooks. Here are the five best PLR websites in 2024 that offer quality products at affordable rates:

  1. PLR Hustle offers a great selection of ready-to-sell PLR eBooks. All you need to do is choose a book from their ​​carefully organized selection, rebrand it (if needed), and start selling.
  2. PLR.ME is one of the most popular but at the same time, one of the most expensive PLR sites on this list. They offer not only individual items and bundles but also monthly and annual subscription options with notable savings.
  3. IDPLR is another membership platform that offers an unlimited lifetime deal. It means that you have to pay once to get forever access to their extensive library of PLR and MRR.
  4. PLR Database is (surprise!) a massive database of 26,000+ products, including 1000+ free resources. It’s a membership website with 4 different subscription options (including a free one).
  5. works with quality providers to deliver you the best PLR products in many categories and niches. Similar to PLR Hustle, it works like a digital product store, so you’ll have to pay for every download you make. The pricing might be steep, but in most cases, you get the right value for the money.
PLR Hustle offers a great selection of ready-to-sell PLR eBooks.

Step 2. Choose quality PLR eBooks

We’ve already established that not all PLR eBooks are equally good.

While bad PLR is a waste of time and money, hunting for high-quality content can be a truly challenging task. 

So, here’s a short checklist that’ll help you find only the real PLR gems.

  1. Do a quick background check on the author. In most cases, it’ll take you just a quick Google search to make sure that content is written by (1) native English speakers and (2) experts in their field.
  2. One of the best ways to check the quality of a PLR eBook is to get a sample before you buy it. Conscientious PLR providers should always allow you to see a snippet of the content before you decide to buy it.
  3. Look for positive customer feedback. Try to choose PLR eBooks that have verifiable testimonials (e.g., audio, photos, social media posts, videos, etc.).
  4. Don’t overpay for PLR content. Not all PLR products that are priced way above the market average are necessarily high-quality. Always follow the first three steps to check the quality of the eBook, especially if you’re on a limited budget.
  5. Look for quality, not quantity. High-quality PLR eBooks don’t have to be lengthy, they have to be filled with valuable information. Don’t just look for words on the page, look for well-written, concise, and genuinely useful content.
  6. Check if the PLR provider offers good support. For example quick email replies, coaching calls, and guidance.
eBook reviews
Try to choose PLR eBooks that have verifiable testimonials.

Step 3. Rebrand your PLR eBook

First things first:

Not all PLR eBooks need rebranding.

There are a lot of resources that offer ready-to-sell content. Frankly, sometimes it’s just not worth your time and effort to change something that wasn’t that bad from the start.

But, if you’re determined to make a PLR eBook feel and look unique, here are some simple steps that you can take: 

1. Design a cover

This is the most obvious and simplest way to give your PLR eBook a fresh look.

A lot of PLR eBooks come with PSD (Photoshop) files, which means that you can apply changes to the provided book cover. Of course, it works only if you have Photoshop and know how to use it.

Don’t know how to use Photoshop? No need to worry! You can use tools like Canva, or My Ecover Maker to create your own.

Canva offers a great selection of eBook cover templates.

2. Rewrite the book

Typically, there’s no strong need to change the content, unless there’s a specific reason.

For example, you might need to do it, if you’re planning to sell your books on platforms like Amazon as they run plagiarism checks on each uploaded eBook.

You have two options: use rewriting software like Spin Writer, or edit the content yourself. 

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Change the title: This is the most important yet the easiest thing to do. 
  2. Change the content: paraphrase sentences, and replace words with synonyms. That’s where software like Spin Writer might come in handy. You can also delete the unnecessary bits that don’t bring value to the reader. 
  3. Improve the content: You can simply make the eBook better by adding more valuable content. For example charts, graphs, statistics, facts, relevant recommendations, describe the real experience, etc.
  4. Add multimedia: Nothing adds more value to the eBook than high-quality multimedia. Statistics show that readers love images, graphics, or videos going along with the text.
You can use software like Spin Rewriter to change the content.

3. Add author bio

Another form of rebranding a PLR eBook is adding an “About the author” section.

Add a few short paragraphs to introduce yourself and sum up your work. When executed well, an author bio can give you credibility and introduce your readers to your other works. For example, you can share links to your social media, YouTube channel, and even other digital products that you’re selling.

Here’s a 4-step process for writing a winning author bio:

  1. Start with the facts about the book.
  2. Throw in some important biographical facts.
  3. Wow your reader with your experience and credentials.
  4. Finish it off by mentioning your other works and listing all relevant links.

Step 4. Start selling your PLR eBook

So, you might be thinking:

You showed me what are PLR eBooks and where to get them. But, where can I actually sell them?

Essentially, there are several ways to start a PLR eBook business:

  • Build an online store
  • Sell from your own website
  • List PLR eBooks on marketplaces

Let’s look at each of them in more detail.

Build an online store

Hands down, an eCommerce store is the most obvious choice for everyone who’s looking to be their own boss and control everything from product pricing and delivery to store customization.

An eCommerce platform like Sellfy is a great option for you to have complete control over your PLR eBook sales without hidden fees or regulations.

Your eBook files can be as large as 10 GB on Sellfy!

Sellfy has everything you need to create an online store for your PLR eBooks:

  • An integration to help you sell digital products online with PayPal 
  • PDF stamping and file security
  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth 
  • 100% customizable store
  • Clean checkout process
  • Built-in marketing tools

Sounds awesome, right? Here’s how to sell eBooks online:

  1. Start a 14-day free trial before you choose a subscription plan (Starter, Business, or Premium). You don’t need anything but a valid email address.
  2. Customize the look of your online store by choosing one of Sellfy’s premade themes, or create a unique design from scratch with Sellfy’s Store Customizer
  3. Upload your PLR eBook, set a price, hit Save product, and your eBook will be live in your Sellfy store! 
A Sellfy eBook store example: Ashley Renee sells keto cookbooks.

Sell from your own website

Do you already have a website or a blog (e.g. WordPress)? 


You can easily start selling PLR eBooks from your own website with Sellfy’s embed feature!

Here are the embed options offered by Sellfy:

  • Buy now—to add a simple button that you can pair with your own site design, product images, and description.
  • Single product—to feature the whole eBook on your website along with the description, a Buy Now button, and uploaded images.
  • All products—to embed the entire Sellfy store page in case you’re planning to sell more than one eBook.
embed options
Sell eBooks on your website with Sellfy’s embed feature.

The best news is that with Sellfy’s embed feature, your customers won’t be redirected from your website. They will be able to complete the checkout through a pop-up window that appears once they hit the Buy Now button.

If you’re looking to give the embed feature a try, here’s a more detailed process description.

List PLR eBooks on marketplaces

Apart from selling PLR eBooks on your own online store, it might be useful to list them on digital eBook marketplaces like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Lulu, etc.

The best part is that such marketplaces already get a lot of traffic, meaning that more people can notice and buy your book. 

At the same time—the competition is ridiculous. It means that your eBook can simply get lost among thousands of other products. 

Another problem is that if you’re planning to sell your books on a marketplace, you’ll have to make sure that the content is unique. Very often such platforms run plagiarism checks to detect duplicate content. 

You can try reselling your PLR eBooks on marketplaces like Amazon Kindle.

Bonus tips: How to repurpose PLR eBooks

The real beauty of PLR is that this licensing type comes with a variety of benefits.

While reselling eBooks is by far the most profitable way to make money online with PLR, there are some other things you could do. 

Hare’s a few examples:

1. Build an email list

Fact: you need an email list in order to grow your eCommerce business.

Another fact: offering something valuable for free to your audience is one of the best ways to build an email list.

That being said, PLR eBooks and other products can serve as perfect lead magnets for growing your subscription base. You can also share PLR content with your current subscribers to increase engagement and build a stronger relationship.

2. Increase the value of existing products

If you’re already selling any type of product online, you can try bundling them up with PLR products to increase their value. 

For example, I’ve got a friend that owns a house plant eCommerce website, and she was looking for ways to increase average order value. I’d suggested she get some PLR materials on taking care of house plants and add that as part of a package.

This simple formula can be easily applied to almost any eCommerce business.

3. Use PLR products as a source of content

If you are a blogger, YouTuber, or social media influencer, you know that it takes a lot of time and effort to produce quality content. 

To save time you can try using PLR eBooks as a source of content for your blog, social media, newsletters, website copy, YouTube videos, and even online courses. Of course, you’ll still have to edit the content in order to make it unique. But, you still can save a lot of time, if we compare it to creating content yourself.

Can you really make money with PLR?

Yes, you can! With PLR, you get easy access to thousands of digital products that you can resell while keeping 100% of the profit. Plus, there are many ways to re-purpose PLR products to create other forms of content or use them for marketing purposes.

In case you’re still not sure how to re-sell your PLR eBooks, we highly recommend Sellfy. Just keep checking back with this guide and you’ll slowly, but surely, be on your way to creating a steady passive income with PLR products.

FAQ: How to sell PLR products

Can I sell free PLR ebooks?

Not really as free PLR (Private Label Rights) ebooks are typically available for free distribution. However, PLR products (including ebooks) are often sold with specific licensing terms, allowing buyers to modify and resell them. It means that you can purchase quality PLR ebooks with resell rights and sell them to monetize your business effectively.

Can I make money selling PLR?

Yes, selling PLR products can be a profitable venture. By acquiring high-quality PLR products and offering them to the right target audience, you can easily generate passive income. The key is to select valuable PLR products, create enticing sales pages, and implement effective marketing strategies. Additionally, ensuring that the PLR products you sell provide unique value and meet your customer’s needs can significantly boost your profitability.

What is the best way to sell PLR products?

One of the best ways to sell PLR products is by utilizing platforms like Sellfy. Sellfy provides a user-friendly interface for creating an online store and selling digital products, including PLR products. With Sellfy, you can customize your store, set prices, and handle secure payment processing. Promoting your PLR products through social media, building an email list, and offering special deals or bundles can also help you grow your business.

Aleksey is a Content Marketing Specialist at Sellfy. He loves using language and the power of words to make even the driest eCommerce topics fascinating. Using his degree in literary studies and passion for the latest trends, he creates well-researched and structured content to inspire other people and help them grow their eCommerce business.