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Hannah and Nick are a couple traveling the world together. They are those rare people who make a living out of it by writing travel blogs, creating travel photos for brands and making travel videos on their YouTube channel. They also make a five-figure number with Lightroom presets they are selling online. That’s a product for any photo to get that ‘Salt in our Hair’ look on your Instagram pictures.

Hi, Hannah & Nick! Why is it “Salt In Our Hair” and what’s your current location now?

We are currently in Northern Sri Lanka and it is stunning here. When we started, Hannah and I needed a name for our Instagram page to keep our family members updated about our location while traveling. We live near the sea and one of the largest beaches in The Netherlands. There’s a vibe there, and we love to relax here as much as possible.

“Salt in our Hair” popped up as a name while we were driving home with Sticky Salty hair from a beach day.


How did you find yourselves traveling on a daily basis and what were you both doing before that?

Two years ago we did our first 4-month trip. GoPro shared one of our photos on Instagram, and because of that, we got back home with 6,000 followers.

We wanted to start sharing more and tried to travel and share as much as possible next to our corporate jobs. We both worked about 45 hours a week only for the blog next to our corporate jobs. As much as we loved our jobs, in October 2017 we were finally able to quit our jobs as a Graphic Designer and a Web Developer and follow our ultimate dream.


How do you manage to fund your travels and what are your main sources of income?

After two years of non-stop work on Salt in our Hair, we managed to set up a few ways we receive income. We’ve listed them here:

  • Selling our Adobe Lightroom Phone and Desktop presets
  • Ads and affiliate marketing on YouTube channel and our Travel blog
  • Brand deals on Instagram
  • Photo and video creation (hotels or tourism boards)

Next, we also receive sponsored trips or stays so we won’t have high expenses during those trips.

How would you describe your personal photo editing style?

We describe our photography style as ‘Dreamy’. The title on our Instagram says ‘Dreaming with your eyes open’. We want to create an image that takes people to that place.


Where do you search for inspiration to your new Lightroom Presets series?

Our 2018 bundle is our best bundle so far. We put about 1 year of editing and feedback of our 2017 presets into the new presets and created a pack that fits almost every photo. Our inspiration comes from the countries we visit. Every kind of country gets its own kind of editing so far, that’s not because we want this, it’s just the way we also try to develop ourselves and stand out from the crowd. We are thinking to release new sets that will be inspired by single trips. But for now, we’re incredibly happy with the crazy amount of positive comments.

The hashtag #saltinourhairpresets has already 1000+ photos and it’s growing faster every day. The community is strong and the energy we get from them is what keeps us going! ❤

What’s your favourite quote to inspire and motivate you to pack your bags and start exploring?

We’re not living by quotes, but the famous quote ‘Better an oops than a what if’ fits us really good. We don’t want to regret the things we didn’t do if we had the possibility to do them.

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