How to use IGTV for your personal brand?

By Emil Kristensen read
22 Jun, 2021
How to use IGTV for your personal brand?

Ask anyone around you and they are sure to have an account on Instagram. Being one of the most popular social media networking sites, the company is doing everything they can to keep its audience hooked.

If Instagram Stories was not enough, in June 2018, they went ahead and launched Instagram TV (IGTV)—Instagram’s long-form video section.

While leading brands such as Netflix, BBC, Elle and Sephora among others are fast taking to IGTV to present their followers with innovative content through this new format, why should content creators and influencers like you be left behind?

Why Use IGTV for Personal Brand Building?

We can all agree that personal brand building is a full-time job. You need to be consistent and creative in order to keep your audience invested in ‘you,’ as a brand.

While you might be active on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram to strengthen your personal brand, did you know that IGTV is a terrific new way to market yourself too?

Here are 3 top reasons to use this platform for personal brand building.

1. Expand Your Reach

Fresh, innovative content is always appreciated. Why do what everyone else is doing when you can do something out of the box and appeal to a wider audience, right?

This is where IGTV comes into the picture by offering you a unique opportunity to tell your story in a manner that attracts new users while increasing discoverability. Moreover, if you are catering to a younger audience, IGTV ought to be part of your e-commerce marketing strategy.

2. Engage Your Audience with Long-Form Video Content

Let’s face it—the immersive experience that IGTV offers allows for people to immediately engage with it. Not just that, unlike Instagram Stories, IGTV videos are permanent in nature.

Their vertical-style format lets brands and creators experiment with different kinds of storytelling techniques to keep audiences engaged and interested.

While IGTV is long-form content, it is important to gauge your audience’s viewing behavior and post relevant videos of the appropriate length in order to not lose their attention.

3. Boost Visibility

Aiming to increase your brand visibility? IGTV can help you meet that goal.

Whether it is directing viewers to your website or popping up in the ‘discover’ section with the use of the right hashtags, IGTV works to be a strong content marketing channel when it comes to spreading awareness.

What’s more, Instagram recently announced that you can share IGTV previews in your feed. These previews will appear on your page with an IGTV icon next to it which will, in turn, result in increased views and engagement.

How to Use IGTV for Your Personal Brand

IGTV is not everyone’s cup of tea. While some brands have managed to master it, there are many others who are still struggling with it.

The difference lies in the ability to understand your audience and being clear about what you wish to achieve out of this platform.

Here are five smart ways to use IGTV for your personal brand.

1. Create Content Exclusively for IGTV

If you think posting a video that worked on YouTube will see the same fate on IGTV, you are mistaken. You need to give your followers a reason to view your IGTV videos and the only way to do that is by offering exclusive content, tailor-made for that platform.

The first step is to devise a content strategy for IGTV. This will help you stay on track and accordingly come up with content ideas.

Another important thing to remember is that when you are shooting videos for IGTV, ensure you keep its dimensions and specs in mind to avoid posting poorly edited videos.

2. Go Behind-the-Scenes

Instagram is no longer about showing your prim and proper side. Your fan base wants to see the real deal and get a sneak peek into your life, imperfections et al.

IGTV is a great way to give them access to behind-the-scenes content and let them see what goes behind the work you do. This helps in building personal connections at a deeper level and makes you more relatable.

For instance, Italian fashion blogger, Chiara Ferragni often posts behind-the-scenes content on her IGTV channel. From doing house tours to giving fans a glimpse of her daily make-up routine—she posts interesting sneak peeks that her fans love.

3. Conduct Live Q&As

Social media is a two-way street. It’s all about interacting with your followers, getting to know them and letting into your life.

A fun way to do it by hosting Q&A sessions wherein you can get your fans to ask you questions and you can answer them on your IGTV channel. Make this a weekly or monthly practice and notice how you are able to connect with your follows and boost your personal brand.

4. Offer Product Demos

Considering that IGTV allows videos to be between 15 seconds to 60 minutes long, it gives content creators more scope to share informative content with their fanbase. You can look at posting product demos or tutorials on IGTV to educate your audience.

From recipes and makeup tutorials to unboxing videos and product demos—there are many creative ways to give your followers a value addition.

Huda Kattan is one top beauty influencer who posts many makeup tutorials on her IGTV channel. With 37.6 million followers, her makeup videos and beauty hacks are immensely popular.

5. Start a Series

Move over traditional TV viewing because IGTV is here to stay. Just the way people used to be hooked to series on television channels at one point of time, why not apply the same logic while posting on IGTV?

A great way to get your followers coming back for more is by starting an episodic series on your IGTV channel.

An example of an Instagram influencer who does this well is Lele Pons. With 34.7 million followers, she runs a popular IGTV series called ‘What’s Cooking?’ wherein she invites her friends for a fun cooking battle.


IGTV is a powerful tool to build your personal brand. The idea is to be authentic and constantly innovate to remain relevant on this platform.

The good thing is that people are yet to embrace it fully, which means that if you crack it, there will be no stopping you from building an engaged community.

So, use this long-form video format to tell compelling stories and give your brand a voice.

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