Introducing the new Store Customizer

By Aleksey Haritonenko read
10 Sep, 2020
Introducing the new Store Customizer

We’re continuously working on developing new tools to give you as much control over your store as possible.

Today, we’re happy to announce the launch of another great feature that’ll elevate your brand:

The new Store Customizer!

What has changed?

Our updated Store Customizer comes with a new intuitive dashboard. It consists of two main sections: General settings and Store style.

Sellfy Tip
The Store Customizer now includes six pre-designed Sellfy store themes: Basic, Lumiére, Noir, Savant, Idée, Mode. You can find them under Store settings > Store style in the Store Customizer.

Custom pages

The main goal of the update is to give you as much control over your store’s content as possible. You’ve been able to add new pages to your store for a while now, but you couldn’t really customize them, apart from changing the title and adding a text block. Now, you can add more personality to your store by creating as many fully customizable pages as you need. All you have to do is go to Page settings and hit the + Add new page button.

Say hello to page modules

We’ve decided not to stop there, as we wanted to give you even more freedom and flexibility with the page customization. That’s when we got the idea to introduce Page Modules

There are five types of page modules:

  • Hero block: the key essence of the page that grabs customers’ attention.
  • Navigation: helps your customers find their way through your store.
  • Text panel: allows you to add textual content wherever you need it.
  • Newsletter form: invites your customers to subscribe to product updates
  • Contact form: lets customers easily reach out to you.

You can add and remove them at any time, as well as shift their positions on the page. Moreover, you’ll be able to customize each module separately, which means that you can now personalize just about every aspect of your store.


P.S. You’ll also be happy to know that we’ve extended the list of customization features. Among many other things, you can also customize the size of each module, text and graphics alignment, as well as typography (including the text size and font throughout your store).

Over to you

Try out our new store customizer and let us know what you think by leaving a comment below. Is there anything you’re still missing? We’re here to listen.


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