How to make money on Twitter selling your own products in 2024

By Ritvars Lauza read
27 Apr, 2024
How to make money on Twitter selling your own products in 2024

What’s better than earning money by doing something you usually do for free? Not much. That’s exactly what you can do when you turn your loyal following on Twitter into something that provides you an income.

You might have heard about or even seen people monetizing their Twitter accounts. In this post, you’ll learn exactly how it can be done through a rather unused angle – selling your own digital products.

Can you make money on Twitter in 2024?

Yes, you can. Twitter is not a bad place to make money online in 2024. There are several ways to do this. I’ll briefly describe them below.


Twitter recently rolled out a new creator studio this past summer that has tons of new features, one of them being the ability to monetize tweets and videos.

All you have to do is visit the media studio and apply to see if you are eligible. From there, you just tweak a couple of settings, such as what kind of ads you want to be shown with your content, and you will get paid when they roll before your video or tweets. This makes it super simple for all kinds of Twitter accounts to start making money.

Twitter create

In fact, your Twitter account doesn’t have to be a personal or business account to make money from ads. Several Twitter parody accounts have really well-sharing jokes and memes and making good money through ads alone.

Post sponsored tweets

If running ads aren’t your thing, you can always start selling sponsored tweets. Reach out to brands you love and use and tell them what benefits they’d receive by paying for a tweet to your audience. With sponsored tweets, you receive a payment for each tweet. With a large enough audience, sponsored tweets could really add up!

Affiliate marketing

You could also get into affiliate marketing by signing up for affiliate programs that feature brands you know your audience will love.

All you have to do is sign up for affiliate marketing networks such as:

  • Amazon Associates
  • ShareASale
  • Awin
  • LeadDyno
  • FlexOffers

Tweet about products and services using your personal affiliate link, telling everyone why they should buy them. When your followers click the link a make a purchase, you will earn a small commission for directing them to that product or service.

Twitter affiliate

Selling your own products

While all of these options for monetizing Twitter are great, nothing compares to selling your own products. In fact, this is the best way to make money on Twitter because you can keep the entire profit and you are in complete control! Your followers are already following you because they like what you do, so why not make money from that?

Keep reading to learn how to make money on Twitter by creating and selling your own products.

How to make money off Twitter?

Step 1: Decide on the niche

Having a niche is very important. You can’t be successful without one. Everyone has different interests and opinions, so one message does not fit all. The best way to know your message is effective is to have a niche because a niche allows you to target a specific group of people instead of trying to reach everyone.

But, how to choose the most profitable niche?

Honestly, there is no blanket answer to this question—the profit potential of a product, service, or any other type of monetization tool depends on a number of things like volume, your Twitter audience size, and so on.

But, what I can tell you with absolute certainty is that digital products are at the top when it comes to revenue potential. Another surprisingly profitable category is physical products (handmade or DIY items), and then print-on-demand merch.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that what makes the most money varies from niche to niche:

  • Digital products tend to work best for educational content (fitness coaching, photography, cooking, etc.);

sellfy creator Ron Jones

  • Physical products tend to work best for various arts and crafts (paintings, fashion brands, etc.);

cramshop printed posters

  • Print-on-demand merch tends to work best for organizations (e.g. sports clubs) or famous personalities (e.g. musicians) with a strong brand and fan base.

sellfy product editor-2

  • Affiliate marketing or ads can work for any content creator or influencer with a large network or online presence.

Here are the steps you can take to find your niche:

  1. Draw inspiration from your personal experience and passion.
  2. Research the market and keep an eye on what’s trending—use Google trends to help you to find out which of your niche ideas have a steady and growing trend.
  3. Provide a solution for your target audience’s problem. Now that you’ve completed the first two steps it’s time to get a better overview of what exactly your potential customers need.

Step 2: Create the perfect product for your niche

Next comes creating the product you will be selling. The kind of product you make depends on your niche.

Are you a travel vlogger looking for something new to try? Why not curate some cutting-edge travel guides, so your followers can discover new destinations. Or if cooking’s more of your thing — get creative and dish up unique cookbooks and meal plans that will wow even the most experienced foodie.

messy eats

Knowing your target audience is key when selling products – you need to create something that they actually desire. Think of a photographer selling Lightroom presets, or a producer providing the tools needed for other DJs to craft their artistry. Put yourself in those shoes and make sure what you’re offering will truly benefit them!

Music Sample's store example

Knowing your target audience is key — you need to create something that they actually need. Think of a photographer selling presets to other aspiring photographers or a producer selling samples and drumkits to other DJs.

Not sure what product your customers want? Be bolder and take the initiative: engage with them on social media, get their input through surveys or polls, and make sure you’re selling a product they’ll actually purchase.

For more inspiration, you can also check out the list of the 101 most profitable digital products to sell in 2024.

Step 3: Pick an online store to sell your products

The right eCommerce platform for creating your online store is just as important as creating the perfect product. So, make sure it matches up! Think carefully about selecting an eCommerce solution that meets all of your needs.

If you’re a Twitter user looking to enter the eCommerce world, Sellfy is an easy and cost-effective way of getting your online store up and running.

Online courses Sellfy store

Here’s why: 

Once you create a spreadsheet that you’re willing to sell, you want to choose a platform that is:

  1. Easy to use.
  2. Suitable for selling digital products.
  3. Doesn’t charge unnecessary fees.

Unlike most marketplaces (including Etsy), Sellfy doesn’t take transaction fees or have any hidden costs. Plus, you can also use Sellfy as a standalone storefront as well as integrate it into your own website.

Here’s how to start selling your products with Sellfy:

1. Open a Sellfy store in under 10 minutes

You can start with a 14-day free trial or pick a paid Sellfy plan for selling your products on Twitter. During the trial, you’ll be able to play around with all of the available features before committing to any of the paid plans.

2. Upload products to your store. 

Uploading digital products to your Sellfy store is literally as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. First, locate the option to upload digital products under your dashboard’s PRODUCTS section, then drag and drop the files to the upload area.
  2. Set a price, add product images/videos, and add a product description.
  3. Hit the Save product button, and it’s done!


3. Customize your store

With Sellfy, you don’t need any design experience or technical background to create a beautiful store for your spreadsheets. There are two ways to customize your store: 

  1. Use a premade Sellfy store theme (the easiest option);
  2. Create a design from scratch with the Store Customizer tool (more time-consuming).

Out of these two, the Sellfy theme is by far the easiest and quickest way to get a beautiful store page with minimal effort. Then, you can fill out the theme with the Customizer tool and change colors, buttons, text, font, images, etc.


Step 4: Promote your products on Twitter

Now, this is where Twitter comes in. After you have your store set up and your products listed, you can start making sales on Twitter! There are a variety of ways you could sell your products on Twitter. The most straightforward is posting about them.

1. Customize and brand your profile.

When someone looks at your company’s Twitter profile, you want them to automatically know it’s yours. There are a few locations in which you can customize your profile:

  • Handle: Your Twitter handle is your username (for example, our handle is @Sellfyq)
  • Header: The header on your Twitter profile is your background image.
  • Profile picture: Your Twitter profile picture directly represents your brand. 
  • Bio: A Twitter bio provides everyone who visits your profile with a brief synopsis of what they’re about to see in 160 characters or less.
  • Store URL: include a URL to direct traffic straight to your website.

2. Drive traffic to your online store.

Looking to increase your sales? Here are a few strategies for using the platform to usher more visitors in and make those conversions skyrocket:

  • Show off your work to the world by adding your store URL to your Twitter bio.
  • Place links to your website in your tweets.
  • Retweet any content that contains links to your store and/or products.
  • Embed tweets on your website with a Twitter Timeline.
  • Set up Twitter Ads to drive users to a specific landing page on your site.

3. Grow your Twitter following

There are a number of ways you can increase your follower count on Twitter — here are some to get you started:

  • Make sure users can share your content.
  • Use unique hashtags.
  • Create engaging content (giveaways, contests, questions, surveys).
  • Enlist the help of Twitter (social media) influencers.
  • Include links to your Twitter profile on your website.
  • Interact with your current followers and retweet their content so they’re more likely to do the same for you.

4. Post about product launches and updates

Simply post when you launch a new product, remind your followers what you are selling, or even reply to threads where your product could be a related topic. Always remember to include the link in your tweets. And putting a link to your store in your bio is always a good idea, as well.

5. Issue discounts and coupon codes

Another way to use Twitter to promote your products is by using sales and discounts. Promoting a coupon code or a specific discount that you link to can significantly increase the amount of traffic and sales your product gets. After all, who isn’t interested in saving money? Offering upsells once they get to your online store can help also. These are features that Sellfy makes easy, as well.

Sellfy dashboard — upselling

Bonus: How to come up with the right product?

Coming up with the perfect product doesn’t have to be complicated and takes up a lot of time to create. In fact, you may already have the right product to sell. Think about anything you have created just for you to use.

This could be a photography preset, a design template, or even a craft pattern. Any of these is a sellable product! To make money from these, all you have to do is set up your store and upload your products. You could start making money in an hour!

Or, if you don’t have anything like these examples created, consider repurposing content into a sellable product. Take a series of blog posts and compile them in a helpful ebook. Take a video tutorial and break it down to a visual pdf guide. Start thinking about the things you already do on a regular basis because you might not realize how many products you already have at your disposal. This is also great for saving time because you would be killing two birds with one stone.

Here are some great examples of Sellfy sellers creating perfect products for their audiences and using Twitter to market them:

Music producer C-Sick posting about his new product

C-stick is a music producer and DJ who sells beats, and drum kits. In this particular tweet, he announces a new sound kit made specifically for new producers who are just starting out.

Instead of just letting this tweet fall further in his feed, he pinned the tweet to the top of his profile.

Beatmaker THE KOUNT announces his special offer

Coal Harrison aka The Kount is a successful instrumentalist and a beatmaker with 25k+ followers on SoundCloud.

In this tweet, he’s announcing an extreme holiday sale for one of his Sample Kits.

Anoounce the sale

Creative Ryan sells “his own style”

Creative Ryan is a photographer and YouTuber who sells his Lightroom LUTs. He is highly popular with 21.7K followers and his products cater to other photographers and videographers who want to be like him.

This LUT pack he is selling is full of LUTs he uses regularly in his videos, so followers already know what they look like.

Look how he promotes his highly anticipated membership program on Twitter.

Don’t Stop With Twitter

Twitter isn’t the only platform you can use to make money! Your target audience isn’t exclusively on Twitter, so think about all the ones you may be missing by not selling your products on other platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and even YouTube.

You can drastically increase your potential sales by selling your products on other social media sites. Selling your own products on Instagram and earning from YouTube are both great strategies to use in conjunction with making money on Twitter to increase your income. Before you know it, you will have sales coming in from every direction!

Ready to get started selling your own products on Twitter? Check out our guide below for even more information on earning $1000 from your 1000 followers without using paid ads!

FAQ: Make money on Twitter

Can I earn money from Twitter?

Yes, there are various ways how you can make money on Twitter. For example, you can try affiliate marketing, posting sponsored content, or promoting your products. It may come as a surprise but selling digital products like ebooks, music, or courses can help you monetize your Twitter audience and generate passive income.

Can I sell my products on Twitter?

Even though you can’t sell your products directly from your Twitter account, it is still a great platform to showcase and promote your products. You can use engaging tweets, images, and videos to attract potential customers and direct them to your website or online store where they can make a purchase.

How many followers do I need to make money on Twitter?

The number of followers isn’t the only determining factor. Engaged and targeted followers are more valuable. Even with a smaller but engaged audience, you can effectively sell your products on Twitter and start making money. Focus on building a loyal following and providing valuable content to maximize your sales potential.

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