New feature: Send newsletters & product updates

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Just wanted to let you know about our latest feature over at Sellfy – we have added ability to send e-mail updates and newsletters to your clients who bought one of your products.

send newsletters and product updates

The functionality is very simple and will allow you to communicate directly with your clients and** send product updates, bug fixes, newsletters and more**. Just head over the “E-mail updates” from your Sellfy dashboard, select the list of recipients (list of people who bought one of your products), enter the e-mail content and click send.

e-mail updates

In case you are sending product updates, you have ability to include download link into the email content as well. It will send the client exactly the same download link he received after the purchase and we will reset the download counter to 5 times. Just remember to update the product file before you send out the update so that clients can download the updated content.

As always we will be very happy to receive your feedback, just head over the comments section and let me know what you think!