Product Description Editor

By Hristina Satalova read
17 Dec, 2015

Introducing our new product description editor. You can now style your product descriptions the way you always wanted it – using very familiar formatting tools.

Sellfy Tip
You can add product details (name and description) on the Edit product page. To learn more, read our guide on how to use the product description editor.

What formatting options are available in Sellfy Editor?

Sellfy Product Description

Here’s a full list of tools now at your disposal:

  1. bold (highlight the important sections),
  2. italics (good for quotes or testimonials),
  3. lists (describe benefits in an ordered fashion),
  4. horizontal line (separate different sections).

Why is any of this useful?

You can now present your digital products in a more appealing manner to your potential customers. It will be easier to scan the page and pick up the information that is truly important. Plain text was just plain boring.

Check out this example from Sellfy Bundle created with our product description guidelines in mind. You should read it, it’s based on 100s of best-selling items on Sellfy and it will help you sell more of your digital products.

Sellfy Product Description

Please note: You can also copy and paste your descriptions from other places more easily now. Styling that is not supported by Sellfy will be stripped away and only the supported formatting (bold, italics, links and lists) will be used.

What do you think about Sellfy content editor? Will it improve your sales? Have you already tried it out? Do you think we can improve it somehow?

Hristina is Customer Success Manager at Sellfy. She is enthusiastic about bringing people together and helping others succeed in their entrepreneurial endeavors.