Change The Order Of Products On Your Sellfy Store Page

By Hristina Satalova read
13 Aug, 2015

Great news everyone! You can now change the order your products appear in on your store page. Reordering your products is really easy. Here’s a quick guide on how to do it, step by step.

Sellfy Tip
You can now fully tweak your store page design and functionality by using a Sellfy store theme or the new and improved Store Customizer tool. To view the updated settings, visit Store settings > Customize store.

But first, here’s a quick demo of how the product reorder feature works.

Sellfy Product Reorder Demo

Awesome, right? Here’s how you can do the same with your Sellfy store.

How To Reorder Products 

You start*** by logging in*** to your account and going to the profile page. You can do this by clicking your avatar in the upper right corner. In the dropdown menu, simply select “My Profile“. This will open up your profile page. From here, you can click the “Customize profile” button.


Clicking the “Customize profile” button will let you make changes to the information displayed on this page. Apart from changing the order of the products on your store page, you will be able to do the following:

  • Upload the cover or profile picture;
  • Change your store name;
  • Add social network accounts;
  • Add your website or blog URL.

Customize Profile Options
For those of you with hundreds of products, don’t worry – you can reorder your products too, but you may be asked to “load page 2 of your products” at some point. Once you do this, you’ll be able to move your product from page two up to first page.

What do you think about the new product reorder feature? Do you think you’ll be using this a lot? Is there anything we can improve about it?

Hristina is Customer Success Manager at Sellfy. She is enthusiastic about bringing people together and helping others succeed in their entrepreneurial endeavors.