6 Reasons to Sell Digital Goods

When TIm Ferriss released his book Four Hour Work Week, the world became full of muses, dreams, and search queries for “private Caribbean island purchase.” The world of digital sales also began to grow. Coincidence, or positive correlation? It’s hard to tell.

Not every entrant into the digital revolution is currently tanning on a Caribbean beach holding a limonada (with obligatory toothpick umbrella). As mavens of the industry, we know that it’s not that easy. But we also like to sing the praises of this industry. Limonadas or not, there are plenty of immensely motivating reasons to move into the digital space.


Here are some of the most appealing reasons to go full-throttle selling digital stuff.

1. Digital sales allow you maximum flexibility.

By far the most appealing reason to sell digitally is that you are free to do whatever, wherever, whenever, and whosoever. Your business is bound only by the reaches of a trustworthy Internet connection. (Keep in mind that not all beaches offer WiFi.)

The true benefit of flexibility is that it gives you the opportunity to find your natural work rhythm and style. Since you’re not occupying a cubicle on someone else’s watch, you have the ability to superachieve to the beat of your own drum. There are several ways that flexibility in the digital industry gives you this major upside:

  • Work from anywhere. I cringe at the scammy sound of the phrase “work from home,” but, hey, you can if you want. Beyond the four walls of house and home, you can take your notebook computer and dwell just about anywhere on the planet.
  • Work endlessly. With no lockup hours or janitorial rounds in the office, you can transform yourself into a workaholic par excellence.
  • Work intermittently. Some families have found that flexible work cycles provide a favorable transformation for sharing the responsibility of children and housework.

Keep in mind that flexibility is a two-edged sword. Some people have shredded themselves on the wrong side of the blade by indulging in flexibility to the peril of their business. Flexibility doesn’t mean that you can watch TV all day on the bed with the cat warmly snuggled beside you. Sure, you can wear your fuzzy slippers, but you’ll also need to work.

2. Digital sales provide a scalable business model.

Not every digital entrepreneur becomes a multimillionaire with his face on the cover of Forbes. I hope you do. But whether you make it big or not, you will experience the ever-changing tides of business scaling. In some industries, scaling can be a nightmare. In the digital sales industry, it’s effortless and automatic. The power of your unbounded electronic business is that you can do whatever you want with your growth funds. You can unleash new products, open an affiliate program, or simply cast your advertising net wider. Whatever your druthers, the digital model is a paragon of scalability.

3. Digital sales are the future of online marketing.

Forward thinking skills are critical in the online world. Due to the ever-shifting nature of SEO, content marketing, and e-commerce, it pays to hold a finger in the wind. But the future of digital sales is one forecast you can be sure about. According to Zacks, the e-commerce industry expanded by 15.8% in 2012, a boost of 35.6 billion. As these trends continue, the transfer of digital goods will to play a dominant role in online marketing.

Much of the digital goods industry consists of online training or e-books, which are essentially packaged knowledge. We live in an age of knowledge work, and knowledge will never lose its economic value. Although many people sing the tune of “I can find whatever I need to know to on the Internet,” knowledge is not truly free. Better anti-piracy technology and stricter intellectual property controls help ensure that knowledge workers get the payment they deserve. People are even willing to pay for information that might be free somewhere on the internet, but that has been packaged in an attractive and accessible way. And many people feel greater psychological assurance when they exchange funds for knowledge.

It’s more than just knowledge, though. Music and entertainment, also digital hot items, have a long future. Sony Music’s chief executive remarked recently, “At the beginning of the digital revolution it was common to say that digital was killing music.” Today, with the endurance of digital sales, “digital is saving music.”

If you long for a recession-proof and evergreen way of making money, digital sales is your best option.

4. Digital sales require very little overhead costs.

A lot of startups are wasting money. They waste money to buy office space, especially with exposed brick. They waste money on Aeron office chairs, and Chemex coffee makers. They think that the birth of a business requires the outlay of massive money on stuff that has negligible ROI.

Heavy startup spending is not required, nor even advisable if you’re carving out your niche in the digital sales industry. With rock-bottom seller’s fees and the viral spread of solid content and products, your overhead budget can be as small or large as you want.

Overhead costs are one of the biggest killers of traditional brick-and-mortar businesses. The costs begin to add up — licensing, facilities, physical goods, raw materials, transportation, toilet paper, yeah. Obviously, you’re going to have to spend money as a purveyor of digital products, but the overhead looks way different. It’s way less.

5. Digital sales provide the simplest and most cost effective delivery.

Perhaps the most beautiful thing about digital products is that they occupy zero physical space. Music is just sound. An ebook is just pixels on a screen. A WordPress template is just coding. This means that your delivery is entirely hassle-free. Think about it in a comparative way:

  • No shipping
  • No physical transfer
  • No actual returns of products
  • No delays
  • No logistics middle men
  • No warehousing

Simplicity is beauty, and that’s exactly what you get in digital sales.

6. Digital sales give you the greatest amount of profit.

All of these features of digital sales roll up into a single, final, and satisfactory point: Profit. Your goal as a businessperson is to support yourself and your loved ones, live the life you love, and pursue your dreams.
One industry analyst commented, “The digital consumption of books, music, video and games all over the world is…boosting sales.” The handwriting is on the wall. Your career, full of challenge, potential, growth, and inspiration, should also be profitable. In the digital space, you can pretty much bank on the greatest amount of profit.

If you’re ready to create digital products, ebooks, videos, software, or anything else digital, it’s time to join the party.

The world stands ready to receive your product and you stand ready to profit.

Yuri is a Content Crafter at Sellfy. He's focused on inbound marketing, copywriting, CRO and growth.