How to sell on Instagram with PayPal

By Ritvars Lauza read
How to sell on Instagram with PayPal

Millions of people scroll through beautiful photos on Instagram everyday. They see dozens and dozens of products they want to buy, courses they are inspired to take, and services they need to invest in presented in an enticing way that makes it nearly impossible to resist. Instagram could be perfect for selling.

There’s only one problem…

You can’t add links to Instagram posts.

So how do you turn your loyal Instagram followers into paying customers? Believe it or not, there are several ways you can go about selling on Instagram with PayPal.

Not your usual platform for selling all things digital

Instagram isn’t usually the first social media platform that people would think to use to sell their digital products. Compared to platforms like Facebook and Twitter which allow hyperlinks in every post, Instagram seems like the last contender for gaining new customers, especially since you are only allowed one link in your account bio. But, as it turns out, selling on Instagram can actually be pretty profitable if you know how to use it properly.

Ready, set, go!

  • Get the business account

To successfully sell things on Instagram, you’ll need a couple of things to get started. First, you’ll need to sign up for a business Instagram account. Signing up for a business account gives you access to a bunch of insights and analytics that help you see how well your account and posts perform and, ultimately, how to market to your followers most effectively.

  • Choose a product to sell

Once your business account is setup, you will need products and an online store to link to. You can sell anything you desire! Many people start their own online boutiques or sell goods they handmade themselves.

If you do not have the time or resources for either of these options, selling digital products is a great alternative!   

  • Pick a store to sell your products

Digital products range from ecourses and ebooks to graphics and Lightroom presets. The benefits to selling digital products is not having to worry about shipping, offering instant access to your product, and the potential for residual income without having to make a brand new product. Having an online store like Sellfy to sell your digital products will help you out tremendously.

You can start a free 14 day trial on

  • Connect your PayPal

For starters, an online store gives you a safe and secure way of accepting payments. You could manually take orders via Instagram messages or comments, but it is easy to get mixed up.

Plus, it’s hard to make money transactions safe and secure when doing them a dozen different ways. With Sellfy, you don’t have to worry about your security. You can also rest assured because we offer payouts directly to PayPal as soon as an order is placed.

Not to mention, platform like Sellfy helps you automate the selling process. Once you set the store up, you let your customers take care of the rest.

To recap, to sell your products on Instagram with PayPal, you’ll need:

    1. An Instagram business account
    2. Digital products like ebooks, ecourses, presets etc (Services can work as well.)
    3. An online store like Sellfy to list your products and conduct transactions
    4. Connect your PayPal to your Sellfy Store. (We offer instant payouts)

The famous link in bio

We’ve all heard it about a billion times, right? “Check out the link in my bio!” “You can find it at the link in my bio.” or just plain, old “link in bio.” No matter which way you say it, this tried and true call to action is exactly what you need to sell your products on Instagram.

Since Instagram only allows you one clickable link in your bio, this is where you will need to place your store or product link. But just placing the link here will not make the sales come in.

You need to actively ask people to click on the link and buy the product. Use some of the call to actions above, or some of your own, in every post that you make featuring your product.

You have to let your followers know that the link is there and the product is already waiting for them! You should also include a call to action in your biography.

Something short and sweet should do the trick, such as “Shop our store:” or “Check out our newest product:”. If you link to a specific product but change up the product you talk about, make sure to change your bio link accordingly!

Peter Mckinnon does a great job of linking to his Sellfy store where he sells his Lightroom presets and frequently mentions them in his posts to his 1.1 million followers. His Instagram feed serves as a nice portfolio for his photography, editing skills, and presets.

To add a link in your bio:

    1. Navigate to your profile page.
    2. Click “Edit Profile.”
    3. Next to “Website,” enter the URL for your online store or product listing.
    4. Click “Done” in the upper right hand corner.

What’s your Story?

With the addition of Stories in 2016, Instagram started allowing users with over 10,000 followers to add links directly in their stories. This new feature was a great addition for those looking to drive traffic to their online stores because instead of sending users to your bio link, you can now link a picture to its specific listing for users to click on right then and there.

Instagram Stories is a great place to show a different side of your products outside of your regular feed.

Stories only stay around for 24 hours, so it is a timely method for promoting products, sales, and specials. It is also a great place for giving users a behind the scenes glimpse into your brand, showing how a product is to be used, and featuring any user generated content your customers have shared. Even though Stories fade in 24 hours, you have the option to add them to Highlights on your account page.

To add a link to your Story:

    1. Navigate to Your Story in the upper left hand corner of your homepage. Take a picture or use one from your camera roll.
    2. After you have a picture, click on the chain icon in the upper right hand corner.
    3. Enter the URL to your online store or product listing.
    4. To make your viewers notice the “See More” icon at the bottom of your story, tell them to “Swipe Up” for more info or get creative and draw arrows and other doodles pointing them in the right direction.

Sticking with Instagram

When it comes to selling on Instagram, practice makes perfect. There is no one way to sell more products through Instagram. What works for someone else may not work for you.

The best thing you can do is experiment with posts and call to actions to see what kinds of things your followers want to see most. And, remember, great success doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and patience to see all your hard work pay off!

Ritvars is the marketing lead at Sellfy. With over 6 years of experience in online marketing & eCommerce, Ritvars shares his knowledge in Sellfy blog. He is inspired by the success of Sellfy creators and is passionate about finding new ways how he can help them succeed.
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