How to sell sheet music (where to sell + helpful tips)

By Susanna read
11 Jan, 2024
How to sell sheet music (where to sell + helpful tips)

Are you an independent artist, arranger, music teacher, or composer searching for a platform to boost your income? Look no further—Sellfy is the solution you’ve been waiting for to kickstart your sheet music sales.

With Sellfy, selling your compositions is a breeze:

We accept payments through PayPal and Stripe, provide unlimited file storage, and offer the convenience of selling directly from your YouTube channel. 

So, why not turn this opportunity into a new and rewarding side hustle? In this digital age of global distribution, you have the potential to reach millions of people worldwide and effortlessly grow your audience. 

Ready to embark on this journey? Read on to discover everything you need to know about successfully selling sheet music online.

Can you make money by selling sheet music?

Absolutely, you can and should sell sheet music if you’re a composer, music educator, or musician with a fan base. In the US alone, the digital sheet music purchasing industry is valued at $1.5 billion. Apart from your audience, sheet music can attract buyers from four categories: vintage sheet music collectors, local music stores and distributors, online sheet music resellers, and interior decorators.

How to sell sheet music online

Undoubtedly, utilizing an eCommerce platform such as Sellfy stands out as the best way to sell sheet music online and generate income. 

Here’s why:

In contrast to many marketplaces, Sellfy distinguishes itself by not imposing hidden transaction fees or additional costs. 

What sets Sellfy apart is its initial purpose—to assist individuals in selling digital products, which makes the platform perfect for selling sheet music arrangements. 

Furthermore, Sellfy offers the flexibility of being used either as a standalone storefront or integrated seamlessly into your existing website through embedding.

sellfy store danny rayel
Sellfy composer Danny Rayel sells various types of instrumental sheet music products.

1. Open a Sellfy store in under 10 minutes

To launch your sheet music store, begin with a 14-day free trial or choose a paid Sellfy plan. The trial allows you to explore all features before committing to a subscription. 

Note that you can’t accept payments or sell sheet music until you upgrade to a paid plan.

To start the trial, provide your first name, a valid email, and create a password. After initiating the trial, verify your email promptly to stay informed about Sellfy updates and account details. 

If you haven’t received a verification email, click Resend email in the dashboard menu or go to ACCOUNT > Account settings to resend it.

resend email button

Next, open your sheet music store and customize it easily with Sellfy.

Choose between two options:

  1. Use a premade Sellfy store theme for a quick setup
  2. Create a custom design with the Store Customizer tool for more control

The Sellfy theme is the fastest way to create a beautiful store page, and you can further customize it using the Customizer tool. By default, the Lumière theme is applied, but you can switch to other themes in the General settings of the Store Customizer.

When you start a Sellfy store, the default theme (Lumière) is automatically applied. But, you can easily switch to other themes under the General settings of the Store Customizer.

2. Create & upload your sheet music files

Start selling your sheet music on Sellfy by converting it to a PDF file using a free scanning app like Adobe Scan. Upload your digital sheet music in the PRODUCTS section of your dashboard. Add a new product, fill in details, save, and your sheet music goes live!

Thinking about copyright protection and securing your sheet music digitally? You’re in good hands! Sellfy offers anti-piracy tools, password and write protection, secure cloud hosting, auto-generated download links, including support for files up to 10 GB with unlimited bandwidth.

3. Connect payment methods to start selling

Connect payment methods to start selling on Sellfy.

Choose from two major processors:

  1. Stripe—accepts credit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.
  2. PayPal—accepts PayPal accounts, credit cards, and local European options.

connect payment methods

Add payment methods to your Sellfy store at STORE SETTINGS > Payment settings. Connect your PayPal or Stripe account, and enjoy instant earnings transfers after each purchase. Access the invoice in your Sellfy account.

Is it legal to sell sheet music online?

It depends on whether you’re selling your own compositions or transcribed sheet music. If it’s copyrighted work, obtain written permission or a valid license from the composer (the copyright holder). 

Without a license, selling sheet music legally requires paying royalties or ensuring arrangements are in the public domain. For detailed US-based copyright law information, check this link.

Other ways to make extra money as a musician

highlifesamples store
Sellfy creator High Life Samples sells beautifully designed music band merchandise.

Besides selling transcribed sheet music or original compositions, explore various creative revenue streams:

  1. Offer music composition services as subscriptions for transcriptions.
  2. Sell band merch with Sellfy’s print-on-demand service, a cost-effective way to boost income.
  3. Provide online music courses and tutorials to your audience.
  4. Sell CDs, vinyl records, and other physical products through Sellfy.
  5. Offer digital albums, beats and samples on your existing website or Sellfy store.
  6. Distribute music on streaming platforms like SoundCloud and Spotify.
  7. Sell stock music for video production, advertisements, and more.
  8. Monetize graphic design skills by selling album cover art on Sellfy.

FAQ: selling sheet music

Where to sell sheet music?

Sell music online on platforms like SoundCloud, iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, Spotify, or Sellfy. Convert your music to digital format, choose a platform, create an account, upload, set the price, and promote through social media.

How do I price my music?

Recommended sheet music prices usually range from $3.99 to $10, but successful creators often set prices above $10. If unsure, sell at a price covering your expenses and desired profit.

Is it legal to sell sheet music?

The legality of selling sheet music depends on whether it’s transcribed or composed. For transcribed music, obtain permission or a valid license from the music publisher or composer. Legally, selling sheet music without a license requires paying royalties or ensuring it’s in the public domain.


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