How to Sell Videos Online on Youtube

How to Sell Videos Online on Youtube

Did you know that YouTube, just after Google, and Facebook is the 3rd most visited website on the Interwebs?

There’s some serious money to be made if you wish to sell videos online with YouTube, so it’s time to stop watching cute lil’ kittens and laugh at fail jokes.

Here’s what you need to do instead…

You need to give people as much VALUE as possible in your video.

And I’m not even talking about the video you’re selling. Providing value there* goes without saying*.

I’m talking about the teaser or preview you’re releasing on YouTube (or any other platform) to help you promote your paid video.

What kind of value can you give them? Value that is relevant to your industry and specific product you are selling.

It can come in different forms:

-) Inspiration.

You’re video can inspire them to create something similar to what you are doing, and they might value what you have to offer because your own work is top-notch.

-) Education.

You’re video might educate them about the ways you can perform a certain action. It might show them how to do something themselves step-by-step.

This will establish you as an expert and when they realise that they don’t want to spend time or efforts required to become one themselves, who will they remember? YOU.

**Main takeaway?** Always show people the free or DIY solution first, and offer your services or products in the end.

The viewer will be grateful to you for telling them how to accomplish something *without spending any money*, at the the same time you can promote your products without coming off as too pushy.


One of the ways you can direct your audience to the full version of your video is through annotations.

Of course, YouTube doesn’t let you direct your viewers to just any website you want (this includes your own website).

In-stream buying with YouTube Merchant Annotations is a privilege only a few retailers are granted ( and Sellfy is one of them ).

You can insert your Sellfy product URL directly into annotation and promote your video on YouTube in a few minutes.

To learn more about how to make this happen, read this article in our Help Centre.

For best results, always use a direct call to action labels. So instead of “buy now” you should use something like “Get my HQ pre-made pack of design assets now for 25% off” or “Get the full version of this movie”.


**Pro tip:** Don’t add annotation at the very start of the video. If the user clicks it, he will stop watching the video and ***YouTube will think that your video was not good enough*** for the user to watch. This will hurt your chances to rank for the keywords you want.

### Link to product

Apart from the annotations, there are two places where you should promote your shop. That is the video description and about the channel page.

When including the link in your video description, there’s only one thing to remember – KEEP IT ABOVE the ‘show more’ separator. Make sure to include the link within the first few lines of description to accomplish this.

video description

When including links in the about the channel page, make sure to include the link to your store. If you’re selling your digital products through Sellfy, the link will also come with a fancy logo, like this:

youtube about

How to rank your videos in search

Now first thing you want to remember is ranking for things like “cooking” or “lose weight” is close to impossible.

Seriously.. don’t try this.

What you want to do instead is rank for “easy molecular gastronomy recipes” or “lose weight diet only no exercise”.

These are what is known as long-tail keywords.

You figure out 3-5 long-tail keywords you want to rank for and you structure your title, description and tags around these keywords.

Pro tip: Use your main keyword as close to the beginning of the title as possible. Make sure your title is less than 45 characters to fit in full on Google search results page.

Think about the description as a **mini-blog post**. Cover everything there is to say about the video, but don’t forget to use the keywords you’ve come up with.

When putting your keywords in tags, make sure you’re inputting them as “easy”, “molecular”, “gastronomy” and “recipes” instead of one huge tag. Always put your focus keyword first.

Other important factors Google takes in when deciding how to rank your video is incoming links, number of views, comments and shares, as wells as time watched.

What to do next?

Wait as your bank account gets flooded with cash…

That was a joke. We do pay out instantly, but there’s still something you have to do yourself.

Once you upload the video teaser on Youtube, add description and tags, your job is not finished.

It’s not finished once you post on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook too. But you’re thinking in the right direction.

What you need to do next is drive as much traffic as possible to this video teaser. And you need to do it FAST.

If you still want better chances at ranking for those keywords you came up with earlier..

Over to you

Are you already selling on youtube? Did you find any of those tips useful? Let me know in the comments section below. And please share the link to your YouTube channel, we’ll choose one and feature it our social channels.

Yuri is a Content Crafter at Sellfy. He's focused on inbound marketing, copywriting, CRO and growth.