Seller’s story: Tinsel Tokyo Magazine

By Darta Ansone read
22 Nov, 2013
Seller's story: Tinsel Tokyo Magazine

Let’s meet our awesome seller- Tinsel Tokyo Magazine. Digital magazine is based in Los Angeles, it connects talented photographers, stylists and models. They use Issuu as publishing platform for magazine preview and Sellfy to sell full issues.

**Tell us more about Tinsel Tokyo Magazine.**

I started Tinsel Tokyo at the end of 2010 and have received an amazing response from designers, photographers, stylists, artists, and writers.

Tinsel Tokyo is a Concept, it’s a fusion of Ideas –

The city of Tokyo is colorful, it’s poppy, it’s wild, and it’s all streamlined with technology..

Then there’s Los Angeles.. ‘Tinsel Town’ ..  it’s gritty, SEXY and raw, with a golden era of glitz and glamour…

So I sought to connect two imaginations — The electric-fashion-culture of Tokyo, and the sexy evocative world of LA. That fusion eventually became Tinsel Tokyo Magazine.

Global Art, Culture & Fashion – From Tinsel Town to Tokyo and back again.

**What is your main audience?**

Our main audience is largely creative professionals, each issue is new and inspiring, it’s a resource for our fans and the creative industry.

TT is now a place, it’s a destination, it’s a POP in the face, a drive by of color and concept, a crime scene of creativity and collaboration…

Each issue is a visual journey, so anyone who wants to buckle up and enjoy the ride!

**How do you promote the magazine?**

Primarily word of mouth, through collaborators on shoots, and through social media.

What was your way to Sellfy and why did you choose Sellfy?

We were launching a new platform – a pay per issue system, and Sellfy was a great fit!

**How do you see the future of digital magazines?**

I think digital publishing is definitely the future, it’s vivid, ubiquitous, and on demand.. however there is still a place for print.

For earlier generations, print was the only option, and when digital became available, it was difficult to get into, and once you did, it was the jam.  But for our generation, digital is easy.. print is difficult to get into. I think that makes it appealing, and there will always be a place for it.

Seth Dobie

Seth Dobie. Editor** – Tinsel Tokyo Magazine**

Editor & digital product enthusiast. She likes to re-think the obvious. Advertising is an art and a science and she loves both.