Sellfy buy-now button update: frictionless checkout experience

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18 Feb, 2013

Today we are rolling out updated Sellfy “buy now” buttons and they allow your customers to finalize purchase without ever leaving your site. It will offer less friction, no redirects for customers and improved conversion rates for your products.

Sellfy Tip
This feature has been upgraded. We now have Embed options: Buy now button, Single product, and All products. Once you know which option to embed, simply copy-paste Sellfy’s embed code to your website code using the code blocks.

Everything is super-simple now, once customer clicks on “buy now” button on your website, we display available payment options without redirecting him anywhere. If you use Stripe or Paymill payment gateways, customer can even fill out the credit card payment form, purchase product and download product right from there. Only in case of PayPal customer will be redirected to PayPal website to finalize the purchase.

buy now button checkout

Now this is the default action for all buttons but you can also choose the old redirect option to Sellfy checkout page once you create your product (for existing products just go to My products > embed/share page).

As always we welcome for your feedback to continue to improve our service! Good luck with sales!