Introducing Sellfy Marketing

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Today we proudly present the Marketing section of Sellfy (currently in beta). You can now set up promotional campaigns, issue discount codes, partner with affiliate marketers and send out email updates to your clients. This section helps you manage all these activities for all of your products in one place.

sellfy marketing

Here is the full list of features we currently have in our marketing section:

**E-mail updates **– send product updates, newsletters or other important information to your customers.

**Discount codes **– create promotional campaigns and give special prices to your clients.

**Social discounts **– give discounts to clients who recommend your products to their friends via Facebook or Twitter.

**Affiliate offers & **Affiliate payouts ****– get experienced marketers to attract you new clients and pay them only when they do. Payouts section allows you to see monthly reports and payouts you need to make to your affiliates.

Important message: Sellfy Affiliate Program is no longer available. For a full list of currently supported features, please visit our Features page.

We hope that these features will help you gain more clients, sales and ultimately increase your revenue. As always we will be happy to hear any feedback on Marketing section and what additional features you might want to see in the future.