Sellfy mobile checkout

Around 15% of total traffic that goes trough Sellfy powered checkout pages are people using mobile devices. As this number is large enough (and growing) we have added mobile checkout support. This will be especially useful for smartphone users as they have the smallest screens. This update goes out for all our merchants and no additional changes … Read more

Upload products up to 2GB!

We are happy to announce that maximim  file size for products is now lifted to** 2GB**. This upgrade is now live and available for all our users. Previously we had 200MB limit for product file size but for many merchants, especially if we speak about video content, that wasn’t enough. So we started to test different … Read more

1000+ merchants on Sellfy

We are very proud to announce that we now have more than 1000 merchants registered on Sellfy! We are very excited about that and it motivates us to keep developing some awesome features that we will release pretty soon – stay tuned! sellfy

Welcome to Sellfy

We are very excited to announce the launch of Sellfy, simple and affordable service that allows anyone to sell and promote digital products! We believe that selling digital products should be easy, as easy as tweeting photo. You upload your content and it’s our there – no complex configuration or endless forms to fill out. But … Read more