How To Get 1,026,826 Views – and 75,001+ Email Subscribers – From Your Next Product (Case Study)

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21 Apr, 2015

Important message: Social discounts are no longer available on Sellfy. We recommend using pay-what-you-want pricing instead. Here’s why.

Today I’m going to show you how one designer used Social Discounts Technique to attract 1,026,826 visitors to his store.

That’s 8,557 unique visitors a day.

Every day.

For 4 months.

Oh, and he accomplished it despite:

-) not being an actual designer

-) having a 9–5 job in another field

In this case study I’ll walk you through the EXACT step-by-step process that he used.

How The Social Discounts Technique Generates Sales, Traffic and Social Shares.

Let me break it down for you:

The Social Discounts Technique is essentially pay with a tweet 2.0.

In other words:

People share the link to your products on social networks in exchange for the download of that product.. OR they pay the usual price (donate) for it, if they don’t want to share.


The best part?

This strategy works even if you’re just starting out and have zero connections, zero audience and zero marketing budget.

Just ask “Free Goodies For Designers“…

How Free Goodies For Designers Used Social Discount Technique to Get 75,001 Newsletter Subscribers

Free Goodies for Designers” is the small team of great designers and art directors behind the blog with the same name that has the objective of “sharing useful stuff for designers.”


Make no mistake:

Free Goodies For Designers” are not some famous hipster designers with an army of loyal fans.

In fact, they all have a 9–5 gig and it’s not even in a design position.

But they did have one thing going on for them:

They realised that they don’t need to offer paid products to build an audience.

In their own words:

“We just wanted to give the designers a better option for free quality resources and give them an option to donate if they like the product. Building an email list would be a very pleasant side effect.”

That’s when they decided to use the Social Discounts Technique.

First, Let’s See The Results …

Before I reveal the step-by-step process Free Goodies For Designers used, I want to show you their results.

To date, their products have been shared over 93,614 times on social media.

These products have also generated over 1,026,826 total visitors over the last 4 months.


Naturally, this amount of product views resulted in INSANE interest for Free Goodies blog.

Here’s what’s interesting:

Before using the Social Discounts Technique, “Free Goodies For Designers” blog was averaging around 100 visitors per day.

Now they average over 1,300 visits per day.

Here are the traffic numbers from January:

free-goodies-blog-visitsImpressive, right?

Bottom line: Giving away products for free can make a huge long-term difference both on your site’s traffic and your premium product sales.

IF you have a system in place to turn that traffic spike from freebies into loyal fans.

Now that you’ve seen “Free Goodies for Designers” amazing results first-hand, it’s probably time to walk you through the process that they used to get people from 170+ countries to download their products.

How You Can Achieve The Same Results

Consider this:

While all the items do have a price tag attached to them, you can get it for free if you first share the product link on one of the social networks.

Most of the people facing this choice opt in for the free option, even though it means doing a little promotion for the designer.

Once the link is shared, you get redirected to a thank you page and asked to input the email address, where the files will be sent.

This way you kill two birds with one stone: spread the word about your work on social media sites, while building an audience through an email list at the very same time.

What’s The Big Deal With The Emails

If you’re still not sure why collecting email addresses is such a big deal, let me walk you through it:

Times and times again it was proven that sending a link to 1000 email subscribers results in 10 to 25 times more visits (and sales) to that link, compared to sharing the same link with 1000 twitter followers.

And this is not Twitter-specific issue. The same can be observed with Facebook, Google+ and Linkedin. There’s simply nothing that beats good old email.

How Social Discounts Gets You Mentioned In Large Blogs

Here’s what “Free Goodies For Designers” see when they search for #freegoodiesfordesigners on Twitter:

Over 160 shares every 24 hours.

What’s more important:

The massive wave of tweets and shares about the free font caught the eye of large blogs, like Hongkiat and Webdesignerdepot.

Which in turn drove even more traffic, more social shares and more mentions from smaller international blogs.

And all the guys from “Free Goodies for Designers” really had to do is create a product.. (though a really good one.. the Social Discounts Technique and the power of social took care of the rest.

Your Products Can Go Viral Too…

… but you need to take action on what you’ve just read.

**Go to the marketing section of your Sellfy product and set the social discount to 100%. **

And before you do that, tell me – are you already using the Social Discounts Technique to distribute your pre-made designs? What’s your number one take away from this article? Let me know in the comments section below right now.