Stay in Touch With Your Audience Using E-mail Updates

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06 Mar, 2015

Now you can communicate with your audience like a boss. Deliver news about your new product launch, inform your buyers about new version of the older product or promote your special offers. No integrations and no third-party tools you have to pay for. Sellfy has you covered with the brand new E-mail updates feature.

Sellfy Tip
This feature has been renamed to Email marketing, a powerful tool that lets you notify your buyers and subscribers about new product launches, special deals, product file updates, and more.

With new E-mail Updates, you can send email messages right from your Sellfy account to:

  • All of your Sellfy followers;
  • All of your buyers;
  • Buyers of individual product.

This is how your message will look like in your fans’ inboxes (with your own photo, name and other info in there obviously):


How do I send E-mail updates to keep my audience engaged?

The trick in using E-mail updates effectively is by always keeping your list warm. This means you should constantly remind your fans how awesome you and your products are.

A good rule of thumb is to communicate with your fans at least once a month, when you’re not pushing any new products. Some ideas for what you should send them: a link to your latest blog post or something of value that you are willing to give away for free.

Giving something away for free is not only a great way to keep your existing fans engaged. It’s a great way to grow your audience. Upload the product you intend to give away on Sellfy and set the social discount to 100%.

Don’t forget to apply to Sellfy Market for an even bigger impact of your free offer.

Potential buyers will then have to provide their email address to download your free product. They’ll get something of value for free and you’ll get their contact info, that you can use to promote your future premium products. Learn more about social discounts here.

All the more reasons to grow your Sellfy follower army. More followers – bigger audience waiting for launch of your next product.

**Pro tip:** Don’t just send out a single message announcing that your product is live. Peak your fans’ interest by sending them a message one day before the launch, describing in detail WHY they should care about this product. Then the day of the launch, simply send them a message with a purchase link.

You can include the “Download Files” button to your message, if you choose the option to send a message to buyers of an individual product. This will direct the recipient directly to the product download page, making it perfect for delivering product updates.


Over to You

How are you going to use new E-mail updates? Is there anything you would like to see improved about it? Maybe the name? Seriously, what would you like this feature to be called? Let me know in the comments section below.