How Lucy Davis earned $20,267 in revenue within first 6 months with eBook published online

By Darta Ansone read
16 Mar, 2018
How Lucy Davis earned $20,267 in revenue within first 6 months with eBook published online

Former swimmer and fitness enthusiast Lucy Davis is now selling a 12-week plan for you to follow and reach your goal of having the perfect legs and peach. She lives in Manchester and she’s sharing her huge passion for fitness and healthy lifestyle through her YouTube videos, Instagram, posts, and exclusive Facebook community. Today, she’s keen to share with us a few of her keys to success in the highly competitive fitness world.

Back in August 2017, you published your first e-book “12 Weeks to the Perfect Peach” on Sellfy. Since then, it has been ordered 1465 times, resulting in $20267.86 revenue. What are your main keys to success with this product?

I think one of the biggest successes for the guide is that I make myself as approachable as possible on social media, so girls feel like they know me before purchasing the guide. I reply to as many messages/comments as I can. The fact that I can also promote the guide on multiple platforms essentially creates a snowball effect. And because it is a fitness guide, the transformations I display on my social media channels increase sales.


Let’s get back to the start. How did you start your fitness lifestyle and online coaching?

Ever since I was a little girl, I have followed a healthy and active lifestyle. Pretty much from the age of 4 years old, I have been climbing, skiing, surfing, caving, cliff jumping, you name it.

I most likely did it as a kid with my crazy ‘James Bond’ of a dad. When I was growing up, I participated in both swimming and gymnastics to a reasonably high level. I never told my parents that I was petrified of hurting myself at gymnastics, and I always tried to avoid training for that particular reason. As a little girl, you don’t want to disappoint or upset your parents in any way, shape or form. However, when I reached the wonderful age of 10, I plucked up the courage to tell them how I felt, and this lead to finishing with gymnastics and deciding that I just wanted to swim — in the end, this was definitely the best decision I ever made at 10 years old.

My life revolved around swimming from the young age of 10, right up until I was 18 years old. Moving from club to club, coach to coach, I saw my performance improve every time I competed.

At thirteen, I was the quickest swimmer in the pool across multiple events (Individual Medley being top of the bunch). I was so happy and cheerful all the time and felt unstoppable when I was racing. Even though I did achieve personal best times from sixteen years old to finishing swimming at eighteen, my heart fell out of love with the sport — and this should never be the case with any sport you participate in.

After finishing swimming, I knew straight away what I wanted to do, and had wanted to do for a while — make my break into the fitness industry and start weight lifting.

Being an optimist, I thought that this would be a reasonably straightforward process to get my name out there… but it really is quite the opposite as the industry is continuously growing and highly competitive.

But, everyone has to start somewhere. People did question me as to why I didn’t have a break after swimming, and countless people said I needed to take some time to chill. But I saw it as another opportunity to do something I could potentially excel in and enjoy. I followed my gut instinct and went for it.

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Could you give us a little insight into your daily fitness routine and the work behind your business?

I am currently in my final year at university studying for a BA Honours degree in business management. I started my YouTube channel in April/May 2017, and Instagram has always been there, but much more fitness based as of early 2017.

Instagram is 100% my favourite as it’s the one platform I get a lot of engagement on and I enjoy speaking to people on it, too. Youtube is also up there with one of my favourites because the videos are longer and it’s pretty personable.

I started creating my perfect peach guide in May/June 2017 and released it on the 1st of September. I wanted a guide for individuals to follow so they would 100% see results, without making a fit and healthy lifestyle seem like a chore. I began online coaching on the 29th of January this year and I am currently fully booked with clients and this is so exciting for me. I am quite specific about who I take on as a client (all female), as I want the best for them.

What would you suggest to anyone trying to succeed in the fitness industry?

I would always say don’t think about yourself or making money.

You should be in the industry because you have a true passion for a healthy lifestyle. I also think providing content for people that is going to be highly beneficial to others is a massive one for me. When I originally got into the industry, I didn’t post many videos, but now that is my niche, and all I ever do post is because I know what I am doing is helping others.

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