How to earn money online with magic tricks - together with Chris Ramsay

By Darta Ansone read
09 Jul, 2018
How to earn money online with magic tricks - together with Chris Ramsay

Chris Ramsay is one of the most entertaining magicians out there. He has astonished people at hundreds of private & corporate events and he’s constantly creating new ways to entertain and redefine your idea of magic on his YouTube channel. Here, he shares his tips on starting a solo career in the magic industry with selling magic tricks online.

How did you start performing as a street magician?

I’ve never performed in the street for money. I just love conversational, everyday magic. Bringing some magic to someone who will appreciate it a bit more. But, magic was not my first passion. I’ve always had the dream of playing professional Basketball in the NBA, believe it or not. Just like anything in life, making your passion your career takes time and preparation.

If you breathe, eat and sleep what you love, you will be presented with opportunities, you just have to be ready for them. Luck = Preparation meets Opportunity.


How do you come up with new tricks?

Coming up with new, original magic is much like creating original content on Youtube. Lots of ways to be creative and think outside the box. Sometimes I like to look at an object and ask 20 questions about that object. By the time I get to 12 I’ve already run out of questions, so it forces me to be creative.

What’s your most famous magic trick and how do you sell it?

I don’t know what my most famous trick is, but the one I’m most proud of is definitely VOODOO. It’s a personal creation which marked the beginning of my solo career in the magic industry. I’ve always worked with other magic companies in the past, but I finally took the leap and did it myself.

What are your sources of income?

Aside from performing, YouTube has offered me many streams of income which I’m grateful for. From brand deals, ad sense, merchandise and, of course, Sellfy.

What are the challenges in making magic trailers?

Magic trailers are always tricky. You have to play within a grey area. We’re selling secrets, so we can’t just let you know what the method to a trick is, but, on the other hand, we can’t leave out certain things from a performance or you’ll think we’re lying to you. It’s always been a challenge to sell something to someone without letting them know what it is they’re getting. Best to be honest, I think.

What would be your one advice for other magicians?

There’s more to magic than methods and there’s more to performing than fooling people.

Learn Chris’s “Voodoo Card Trick” here:
And check out his official website.

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