Sellfy plugin for WordPress

We have great news for all you WordPress enthusiasts out there. Our WordPress plugin is now available for you to use and enjoy. It’s been made to be an easy solution for automatically adding products on your WordPress site. It takes just three fields to fill out and you’re ready to sell! After you successfully … Read more

6 Reasons to Sell Digital Goods

When TIm Ferriss released his book Four Hour Work Week, the world became full of muses, dreams, and search queries for “private Caribbean island purchase.” The world of digital sales also began to grow. Coincidence, or positive correlation? It’s hard to tell. Not every entrant into the digital revolution is currently tanning on a Caribbean … Read more

6 Tips to Stand Out With Social Media

An active social media presence with diversified update type will engage customers and boost your sales. This idea is so well worn, that it’s quickly become the most boring marketing advice you can give. But as important as it is to build out your social side, the training grounds just aren’t there yet. Every business … Read more