5 Exciting Beauty YouTube Video Ideas That Can Earn You Money

You’ve heard about different beauty vloggers making money on YouTube. You’ve might even considered running ads on your videos. But you don’t want to overwhelm your viewers with ads and you’ve heard that AdSense pays little to nothing if you’re low on subscribers. I have good news for you. There’s a way you can earn … Read more

How to make money on SoundCloud in 2019 (beyond Premier)

SoundCloud, the platform used by millions of independent musicians, has recently announced that they’re opening up its direct monetization program called SoundCloud Premier. The program isn’t anything new per se, but so far it had been available as an invite-only beta. Now, all qualified artists can make use of it. While the recently launched program … Read more

How Photographers Can Earn More With Social Media

Let’s be honest… If you’re a photographer and you’re not on social media, you’re doing something wrong. There are literally thousands of photographers that have built their career around Instagram. That said, today I’m not going to talk about best social media platforms for photographers. There are 1001 articles written on this topic (just Google … Read more

Write the Perfect YouTube Description (Templates & Examples)

YouTube descriptions are not mandatory. Many YouTubers actually leave them blank. That said, there’s an incredible power in them. Use them correctly and you will increase your video views, get more followers and make way more money (if you monetize your channel.) Today I’ll briefly describe some core principles that you should keep in mind … Read more