Warning: You’re Losing Money by Not Using Psychological Pricing

Prices go up, sales go down, everybody knows that, right? Not so fast. While true for most of the product categories, it is not always the case. Cigarette sales aren’t very affected by price changes because they’re addictive. Similarly, iPhone lovers won’t be very sensitive to change in price because of brand loyalty and the … Read more

Introducing Sellfy Product Feed

Here at Sellfy we’re constantly in pursuit of new ways to make selling experience for creators better. Our latest quest involved figuring out a way for customers to stay in touch with creators. Introducing Feed. Feed allows you to discover more awesome products made by your peers. And in turn provides greater visibility for your own … Read more

How I Created Anticipation For My eBook Before Writing a Single Word

This is guest post by Tomas Laurinavicius, Founder at Despreneur. You can follow him @tomaslau. I am traveling the world and working from all kinds of places. At this time I focus on creating projects that teach, encourage and inspire people to change their lifestyle and follow their dreams. Creating products and launching them is … Read more