Price Strategies to Use When You Have No Clue How to Price Your Product

You made your most important decision when you decided to sell digital products. Now you have another important decision. How to price your product? What price strategy to use? Before you reach for an arbitrary number, pause and do some thinking. As you move toward the potential big-buck business of digital sales, you need to … Read more

Top 10 stunning responsive website templates

Responsive web design has been the way to create websites for optimal viewing across devices in recent years. One site for every screen. I know that’s what you need. This collection of the best** responsive website templates **found on Sellfy will help you. #1 Music Maker This highly customizable website template will help you or your client market their music … Read more

50 Top-Drawer Websites to Learn Web Design and Development

You don’t need me to tell you that online education has obvious benefits over traditional education, such as affordability, ability to learn at your own pace, immersive communities and in most cases tangible end results. What you may not know is that designers who are skilled in HTML/CSS/JS earn more and live longer and happier lives … Read more

Why Your Description and Product Image Never Work as Well as You Plan

A lot of times, product creators and sellers underestimate the importance of description and images. They tend to focus more on generating quick sales. Leaving the creation of description, product image and search engine optimization as an afterthought.. which often results in a subpar quality of product offering. What they fail to realize is that presentation … Read more

13 Blood-Chilling Halloween Flyer and Poster Templates

Halloween is closing in. You know what this means, right? Trick-or-treating, costume parties, making jack-o’-lanterns. More importantly though, it means you guys will need Halloween design resources. No worries though, we got you covered with this collection of 13 blood-chilling flyer and poster templates. 1. Halloween Party This hairy zombie in feathers wearing headphones with speakers … Read more

Warning: You’re Losing Money by Not Using Psychological Pricing

Prices go up, sales go down, everybody knows that, right? Not so fast. While true for most of the product categories, it is not always the case. Cigarette sales aren’t very affected by price changes because they’re addictive. Similarly, iPhone lovers won’t be very sensitive to change in price because of brand loyalty and the … Read more